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Mobile brain health with Couchbase – Connect Silicon Valley 2017


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Speaker: Daniel Beeler, CIO, SyncThink

SyncThink recently released its next-generation brain health platform – EYE-SYNC. EYE-SYNC is a mobile, cloud-connected eye tracking device with FDA clearance. SyncThink evaluated the marketplace for reliable database solutions that could adapt to unpredictable environments, but mature enough for relatively painless HIPAA compliance. Couchbase was our solution for EYE-SYNC. This presentation will cover SyncThink's requirements, the options we evaluated, and our implementation decisions.

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Mobile brain health with Couchbase – Connect Silicon Valley 2017

  1. 1. Couchbase Connect October 26, 2017 Mobile Brain Health Analytics
  2. 2. SyncThink® Led development of EYE-SYNC platform Your Speaker 2 Daniel Beeler, CTO SyncThink Joined the SyncThink research team in 2010 Background in optical astronomy Expertise in image analysis Likes things with two wheels
  3. 3. We have a Problem With Brain Health
  4. 4. SyncThink® Epidemic of Brain Health Conditions 4 1 in 4 Americans suffer from brain health conditions Current methods are • subjective • inaccurate • time-consuming • easily learned or gamed The need for a better solution is obvious… • 3.8 Million sports-related concussions annually • 2015: $900M NFL settlement • 6.4 Million children diagnosed with ADHD • Increasing 5% per year • 47 Million dementia cases annually • $1T market by 2025 • Concussion • ADHD • Alzheimer’s / Dementia • Fatigue • Autism
  5. 5. SyncThink® 5 SyncThink Monitors Eye Movement to AssessVisual Attention Ernest Santin // 978.621.4142 // Concussion Performance During Concussion Recovery Normal Circular Eye Tracking Performance Eyes following circular target Eyes relative to target Concussion injuries present distinct eye tracking abnormality Eye movement variability analysis can be applied to measure disorientation or performance
  6. 6. SyncThink® Our Solution is a Window to the Brain Fast, Objective Testing Mobile 60-second assessment cleared for use by the FDA. 6 Proprietary Cloud Based Analytics Platform HIPAA-compliant cloud Identify risk, impairment, and monitor recovery Easily identify eye tracking impairments and treatments
  7. 7. SyncThink® SyncThink’s Broad Advantage 7 Analytics Cloud for brain health monitoring First to Market in eye tracking assessment Only with FDA Clearance for eye tracking impairment World Class IP 12 patents issued Proven Science from over 23 publications Reliable No learning or effort effects Mobile platform using Android hardware Objective metrics for visual attention Normative Database from 10,000 subjects
  8. 8. SyncThink® 8 Decade-long Clinical and Technology Development 2006 - 2012 Clinical Research 2013 - 2016 VR Platform 2017 - Mobile Delivery Clinical Utility Custom Hardware FDA Clearance Cloud Sync Oculus DK2 GearVR
  9. 9. SyncThink® Distributed Workflow Connects Stakeholders 9 Automated AnalysisTest IndividualSelect Assessment Smooth Pursuit 0s 30s 60s Training room / Office / Sidelines Cellular Sync EMR Team physician EYE-SYNC Advanced analytics ˘˘ Measurement History Radial Variability Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Good PoorGood TangentialVariability Eye Movement Traces Left Eye Right Eye Radial Var 0.55 Tangential Var 0.51 Mean Phase Error - 0.60 Eye Movement Metrics Tangential Variability Mean Phase Error Radial Variability Mean Radial Error Metrics Better Eye 0.51 0.55 -0.60 -0.09 Right Eye 0.71 0.59 -4.07 0.05 Left Eye 0.51 0.55 -0.60 -0.09 Circular Visual Tracking Report Filename: Assessment%20Jul%2010,%202017%2010_10_35%20PM_hc.json Date of testing: 21 July 2016 Disclaimer: The eye tracking information on this report is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Replication
  10. 10. SyncThink® EYE-SYNC Has a Unique Set of Cloud Requirements 10 HIPAA Compliance Robust Mobility Azure Scalability Audits and Logging Backup and Recovery End-to-end encryption Role provisioning Android SDK Two-way sync Offline functionality Partitions and permissions Startup credits Scale sets Key vault Operational Insights
  11. 11. SyncThink® Deployment Was a Team Effort 11 Professional Services Couchbase Partners 4 Months: Implementation, Testing, Documentation
  12. 12. SyncThink® NCAA Professional Sports Sports Medicine SyncThink Has Added Over Two Dozen Mobile Accounts in 90 Days 12
  13. 13. SyncThink® Case Study: University of Texas 13 Baseline assistance Gameday Availability SyncThink brings in several EYE-SYNC units for pre-season player evaluation. All units sync to one account and one unit is left with team physician Stadium capacity is over 100,000 with unreliable cellular connectivity. EYE-SYNC is immediately available at the medical tent to provide fast, objective insights - later shared throughout the organization
  14. 14. SyncThink® Case Study: Massachusetts General Hospital 14 Ultra-mobile Professional Security MGH serves most professional teams in the Boston area. EYE- SYNC allows their sports medicine clinicians to provide evaluation in the clinic or training room at multiple locations Sports medicine can collect sensitive data with elite players under secure and reliable conditions
  15. 15. SyncThink® Next Steps: Automated QA and Advanced Analysis 15 Usage Dashboard and Automated Alerts Gateway-to-gateway replication of de-identified data allows QA to construct usage / performance statistics in real-time and alert customer success teams proactively Powerful, Performant Data Aggregation Advanced python analysis suite uses N1QL to query and compile, advanced SyncThink metrics, visualizations, aggregations, and classifiers N1QL
  16. 16. Questions