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Microservices: Delivering Nimble Business Solutions for High Growth – Connect Silicon Valley 2018


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Speaker: Sanjay Saraf, CTO, YapStone

No two marketplaces are identical, which makes payment technology increasingly complex. Dynamic microservices are the secret ingredients that enable YapStone’s industry-tailored technology to accommodate $20 billion in annual online payments.

In this session, YapStone CTO Sanjay Saraf will discuss their microservices deployment and how his leading fintech company utilized Couchbase to expand its roster capabilities for deep vertical markets.

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Microservices: Delivering Nimble Business Solutions for High Growth – Connect Silicon Valley 2018

  1. 1. Powering Global Payments: Nimble Business Solutions for High Growth SEPTEMBER 2018
  2. 2. AGENDA ▪ Yapstone: Who We Are ▪ Technology Challenges ▪ Technology & Platform Vision ▪ Yapstone Global Platform ▪ Why Couchbase & NoSQL ▪ Monolithic to Microservices ▪ Use Case: Scenario ▪ Q&A
  3. 3. POWERING PAYMENTS Global Marketplaces Large Vertical Markets 3
  4. 4. 4 GLOBAL MARKETPLACES #1 IN VACATION RENT PAYMENTS APIs / Self Service Sandbox Compliance | Licensing | Tokenization | Security Certifications Merchant Onboarding Trust & Safety Pay-In (Card/ACH/APM) Fraud Protection Pay-Out (Disburse) Chargeback Management 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. 5. 5 LARGE VERTICAL MARKETS #1 IN RENT PAYMENTS Compelling Benefits to Property Management Companies (PMCs) and Renters Robust Reporting Capabilities PMC Accounting Software Integrations, Over 40+ Marketing Support To Drive Adoption Dedicated Account Management Secure, PCI Level 1 Platform User-Friendly, Intuitive User Interface Multiple Payment Channels (Online, Mobile App, Text, Email, Phone, Cash) Multiple Payment Methods (Credit Card, Debit Card, eCheck, Cash, APMs) Live Customer Support, 365 Days Per Year Partnerships to Help Renters Build Credit Through Rent Payments ~1,000 PMC’s; 20K+ properties 5M+ transactions; $5B+ annual payment volume PMC Renters
  6. 6. Deep Vertical Expertise Has Driven Success is well-positioned to work with 1 Million + Merchants Onboarded $100 Billion Processed to Date $18 Billion 2018E Volume Strong YOY Revenue Growth Top Notch Customer Retention Strong Business & Financial Metrics Well-positioned for growth and diversification Deep Vertical Expertise $1,000 Average Ticket Size <10 bps Fraud Losses Investors:
  7. 7. Yapstone Platform Transformation 7 • Challenges • Technology Vision • Use Case - Couchbase
  8. 8. 8 TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES Complex & monolithic application Complex schema changes Difficult health monitoring and debugging Time consuming regression testing Database layer vertical scalability issues Redeployment of entire application on each update Extensive manual testing Lack of continuous deployment
  9. 9. 9 YAPSTONE TECHNOLOGY & PLATFORM VISION Modular Architecture Micro-Services & Decoupled Components Global & Multi-Tenancy Platform Independent Scalability Continuous Deployment Cloud based Active-Active Architecture
  10. 10. 10 Yapstone Global Platform Micro-Services Based Global Platform
  11. 11. Why Couchbase / NoSQL? 11 DIFFERENT DATA TYPES IN DIFFERENT DOMAINS ▪ Trust & Safety ▪ Merchant onboarding data ▪ Sub-merchant data ▪ Fraud & Risk data (device finger print data, CNP fraud management heuristics & link analysis) ▪ Payment Transaction Life cycle data o Pricing & line item data o Orders/transactions o Chargebacks o Refunds ▪ Settlement, Invoices, Activity Dashboards ▪ Analytics ▪ Log Data DOCUMENT STORAGE AND ACCESS ▪ Distributed caching ▪ Structured data (JSON) ▪ Semi structured (Images, documents for KYC/KYB) ▪ Unstructured data for Risk ▪ By country, by marketplace, by business ▪ Multi-tenancy DYNAMIC SCHEMA CHANGES SEGMENTATION & PARTITION▪ Multiple verticals ▪ Persistence ▪ Risk & fraud models
  12. 12. 12 HIGHLIGHTS ▪ Couchbase gave us a scalable architecture for varied data types ▪ Couchbase simplified onboarding data management and provided flexibility to store JSON documents ▪ As our micro-services are setup for a truly global deployment, Couchbase XDCR provided an effective bi-directional replication across datacenter ▪ Key to be successful in payments business is having rich datasets and powerful risk models Use Case: Couchbase in Trust & Safety Ecosystem REGUL ATORY & COMPL IANCE AML KYC OFAC Data & Third party Services APIs (Buyer / Seller Fraud) Internal Yapstone Systems Payments Fraud Check Onboarding Fraud Check Risk & Compliance Vendor Integrations 70+
  13. 13. 13 Yapstone / Couchbase Cluster Footprint ▪ Two parallel clusters ▪ Each cluster has 12 machines in 2 AZ’s ▪ 8 data nodes – projected to increase to 20+ ▪ 4 query/index nodes ▪ 16 CPU, 128 GB of RAM per machine ▪ 4 buckets in each cluster ▪ XDCR enabled for bi-directional replication ▪ Over 15 million documents and growing.. Data Size → Growing from Tera to Petabytes
  14. 14. Outcomes & Results 14 • Acceleration • Transformation • Competitive Edge
  15. 15. 15 Results – Technology Couchbase as a Key Foundational Technology Enabling Next Gen Capabilities Foundational Cloud Native Micro Services Serverless APIs Security Compliance
  16. 16. Results - Business Increased Sales Opportunities by Offering Customers What They Need VERTICAL Platform FROM • Legacy • One Size fits all • Limited Sales Flexibility • Limited Currencies TO One Global Platform Pay-In Pay-Out Risk Services Chargeback Mgmt Fraud Protection Micro-Lending Sell End to End Platform OR Sell Any One or Combination of Products
  17. 17. CONNECT WITH US 17 Sanjay Saraf CTO, YapStone @YapStone/YapStone/YapStone-inc
  18. 18. Thank you!