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Metanautix Quest and Couchbase: Scalable Analytics Across NoSQL, RDBMS, and Hadoop: Couchbase Connect 2015


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Enterprises are increasingly faced with a variety of data silos, each optimized for specific workloads and data types. For example, product catalogs may reside in Couchbase as JSON-structured documents, sales transactions may be stored in an RDBMS as flat relational tables, and web logs may be stored in Hadoop’s HDFS. Business analysts must combine data from these disparate silos quickly, at scale, while leveraging years of investment in standard SQL. This session will present a new approach that makes it easy to quickly read and write big data from Couchbase, RDBMS, and Hadoop HDFS; use standard SQL for extract-transform and load (ETL); run standard machine learning algorithms like clustering, prediction, and classification; support nested repeated data in Couchbase; perform visual, interactive analysis using leading BI tools like Tableau and Excel; and deploy in virtualized environments like VMware.

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Metanautix Quest and Couchbase: Scalable Analytics Across NoSQL, RDBMS, and Hadoop: Couchbase Connect 2015

  1. 1. Metanautix Quest and Couchbase: Scalable Analytics Across NoSQL, RDBMS, and Hadoop Jim Adler, VP Products & Marketing, CPO
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  3. 3. “Data, data everywhere, How all the drops to drink?” with apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge Rime of the Ancient Mariner OR
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  9. 9. 9 ©2014 METANAUTIX. On Prem NFS/NetApp RDBMS/Oracle Excel Tableau Microstrategy Cloud AWS/S3 HDFS/QFS Tableau Online GoodData Quest Data Compute Engine Standards-based Solution for End-to-End Analysis Storage ETL Ad-Hoc In Memory Visual Analysis Gather Analyze Share Integrated, Managed, Scalable NOT: transactional, OLTP, CEP
  10. 10. 10 © 2015 METANAUTIX. SQL Declarative Processing • SQL Literacy – Reads like English – Venn diagrams – Sufficiently precise to execute • Optimizers can distribute computation • JSON support in a standard way SELECT I.category AS category, sum(SS.sales_price) AS sales FROM StoreSales AS SS JOIN Items AS I ON SS.item_sk = I.item_sk WHERE SS.sold_date = extract( QUARTER FROM current_date()) GROUP BY I.category ORDER BY sales DESC HAVING bookings > 20000000 -- $2M category sales Jewelry $78,862,109 Shoes $42,026,958 Books $24,349,021
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  12. 12. 16 © 2015 METANAUTIX. Uncoupling Compute From Storage • Next generation analytical applications combine data from many sources • Storage system options are multiplying • Where the data is stored matters less than what you’re doing with it
  13. 13. 17 ©2014 METANAUTIX.CONFIDENTIAL. ©2014 METANAUTIX. Before Metanautix Quest Tableau Server Data Query Single Server Join Teradata Couchbase Server No Couchbase Support ODBC Tableau Server Data Query Distributed Join Teradata Couchbase Server VMware/vCloud Size of cluster tunable from VMware/vCloud After Metanautix Quest TPT N1QL
  14. 14. 18 ©2014 METANAUTIX. Demo Setup Store Sales ItemsCustomers Tableau Server Data Query Distributed Join Teradata Couchbase Server TPT N1QL Standard SQL Smart Flatten™
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