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Full-blown native BI everywhere you use Couchbase – Couchbase Connect New York 2017


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Couchbase has grown beyond its operational roots -- it now powers applications that touch every aspect of customer engagements. SlamData delivers an unprecedented analytics and reporting platform for Couchbase. Simply connect SlamData to Couchbase and start exploring your buckets or query it with SQL. Once you start understanding your data you can visualize it, build interactive reports and even embed the insight into applications anywhere.

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Full-blown native BI everywhere you use Couchbase – Couchbase Connect New York 2017

  1. 1. Overview Powerful Native Analytics for Couchbase
  2. 2. What is SlamData SlamData is an open source software application that allows users to build and deploy complex analytics applications to any target data source using only a browser SlamData is 100% data model agnostic SlamData pushes computation to the data source SlamData allows you to build analytic workflows visually while still retaining the full power of SQL.
  3. 3. Complementary to Couchbase Whichever Couchbase service you use, SlamData supports it seamlessly As a Couchbase partner we are working with product teams to ensure smooth integration Operational Analytics Service
  4. 4. Why is SlamData unique in the market? Native support for JSON, XML, Logs - does NOT require data to be mapped, flattened or homogenized to perform analysis Is NOT a service, no data relocation or replication required. 100% cloud ready, runs anywhere Allows for visual exploration and manipulation of complex data easily Eliminate virtually ALL data prep
  5. 5. More Than Just Analytics: Build Data Applications Right In Your Browser. No Coding.
  6. 6. SlamData offers unprecedented ease, sophistication and agility in one solution. Build complex analytical workflows, create interactive reports, scale to all your users.
  7. 7. No Prep = More Analysis
  8. 8. 80% of enterprise analytics is data prep, ETL and trying to make legacy BI tools do things they aren’t designed to do. SlamData gives that 80% back.
  9. 9. Solutions
  10. 10. Free Yourself From the Latency, Limitations & Cost That’s Been Holding You Back. Generate powerful insights on complex data without mapping or copying any of your data. Ad-hoc or flash analytics for your whole team. Don’t over invest in monolithic analytics solutions. With SlamData you get 10x the power at 1/10 the price. Insight Agility 10x for 1/10
  11. 11. Data Hub Combine multiple disparate data sources and connect SlamData. You’ll get immediate insights without complicated data prep.
  12. 12. The Better and Faster Alternative to the Data Lake A Data Warehouse In A Day. No Mapping. Really.
  13. 13. IoT Analytics Powerful interactive and embeddable reporting on live IoT data. No mapping. No data extract.
  14. 14. The Fastest, Most Scalable Way To Report On IoT Data Search, Query and Visualize Your IoT Data. Build Interactive Reports, Then Embed Them In Your App.
  15. 15. SaaS Analytics Build entire dashboards on live data in minutes. No mapping. No data prep.
  16. 16. Add Powerful Analytics To Your SaaS App Instantly Embed Reports and Entire Dashboards Right Now. Skip Mapping. Skip ETL.
  17. 17. Healthcare Analytics The most powerful and agile way to combine patient, diagnostics, payer and provider data.
  18. 18. Agile Analytics for Healthcare. No IT Required. Healthcare Data Is More Complex Than Ever. SlamData Radically Simplifies Healthcare Reporting.
  19. 19. Security Analytics Effortlessly analyze scan data, log files and system performance metrics without prep or mapping.
  20. 20. Powerful, Customizable Business Intelligence for Security Analytics Collect, Analyze and Report On Your Security Data. No Coding. No Mapping.
  21. 21. Fintech Analytics Get immediate insight into complex data, including transactions, trades and more. No mapping. No moving data.
  22. 22. NoSQL Analytics For Fintech Applications The Fastest Way To Rich Reporting On Your Most Complex Financial Data
  23. 23. Why SlamData Is the #1 Solution
  24. 24. Existing solutions force users to make the data fit their relational analytics tools using ETL, mapping or drivers.
  25. 25. SlamData is built on a powerful post relational foundation that allows it to work with your data as it is! Say goodbye to maintaining mappings, ETL or stale data extracts! Get insights on your live data in 10 minutes, without coding or any technical skills.
  26. 26. Scalable, Flexible, Interactive, Embeddable, White Label, Open Source
  27. 27. Roadmap/Vision