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Enrich Customer Experience, Increase Profitability – Connect Silicon Valley 2018


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Speakers: Amarpratap Ramamurthy, Head of Architecture, Infosys Open Source CoE
Rajib Deb, Senior Practice Manager, Infosys Open Source CoE

Offline first is the new progressive enhancement and our clients are rapidly adopting this approach to remain competitive and relevant. According to Forrester research, “Offline capability will be a consideration for nearly every future modern application…and is often the most expensive (and valuable) infrastructure service mobile dev teams will implement.” Tune in to learn how Infosys and Couchbase are helping their clients adopt an offline-first approach.

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Enrich Customer Experience, Increase Profitability – Connect Silicon Valley 2018

  1. 1. Modernizing Field Force Applications - Using Couchbase Mobile
  2. 2. Navigating your next with Infosys… 2 200,000+ Employees globally $10.9 Billion in revenues 1,204 Clients in over 45 countries 168,000+ Employees trained in Design Thinking World’s largest Corporate University
  3. 3. Infosys has a dedicated Open Source COE OPERATION SUPPORT Platform currency and upgrades NoSQL capacity planning NoSQL cluster administration Open Source Database administration IMPLEMENTATION Application modernization and development on Open Source Stack Migration to Open Source Stack (Databases, Content Management) Micro services based development on OpenShift Monitoring and search solutions on Elastic ADVISORY SERVICES Open Source Roadmap definition Open Source COE setup Open Source governance setup Open Source enablement and training NoSQL Assessment ARCHITECTURE CONSULTING Monolithic to micro-services transformation NoSQL Data Modelling Application migration to open source databases
  4. 4. Offline-First is the new progressive enhancement Lack of connectivity should no longer be an error condition
  5. 5. Native apps are evolving to support offline-first solutions… CRM Orders Surveys Synchronize from local device Field force solution providing mobile synchronization capabilities to a sale rep to keep up with the remote connectivity challenges. Master data, store visits Must stock lists Product pricing Access store surveys Schematics Verify latest order status Synchronize data from database End-to-End Security, Availability, Data Integrity
  6. 6. And this need is common across many industry verticals… Sales reps for store calls Product catalog Mobile POS systems Mobile wallet Fleet tracking Field services Media, content catalog Content streaming Real time viewer tracking Crew services Reservation & PNR Mobile Wallet Device management Inventory management Asset tracking Remote care centers Medical record management Work order management Mobile patient treatment Retail / CPG Energy and Media / Entertainment Travel / Hospitality Manufacturing Healthcare & Insurance Financial Services Loan application processing by agents Account management
  7. 7. Edge Readiness Flexibility and Agility 85% of data will be unstructured by 2020 Blob data, multiple channels, customer personalization needs No Edge computing capability. Most enterprise grade databases are not capable of running workloads on the edge—on mobile devices Increasing Cost Heavy engineering required to deliver offline capabilities at the edge including search and query capability …but traditional solutions don’t measure up to the challenge
  8. 8. Lightweight embedded NoSQL database with full CRUD and query functionality. Secure web gateway with synchronization, data access, and data integration APIs for accessing, integrating, and synchronizing data over the web. Highly scalable, highly available, high performance NoSQL database server. Built-in enterprise level security throughout the entire stack includes user authentication, user and role based data access control (RBAC), secure transport (TLS), and 256-bit AES full database encryption. Couchbase Lite Sync Gateway Couchbase Server EMBEDDED DATABASE SYNCHRONIZATION DATABASE SERVERClient Web Tier DatabaseInternet Intranet Security Couchbase Mobile brings end to end capability for the enterprise adoption
  9. 9. ….Provides features for a typical Mobile application – Guiding Requirements Sync Data Change Events One Way /Bidirectional Routing Rules Transform Shared Repository Authentication/Auth orization SDK for Mobile Apps Structured/ Unstructured Prioritization Offline Continuous/ On Demand/ Schedulable Secured Transit & Persistence Low Latency Bandwidth Efficient Notification
  10. 10. Reference Architecture 11
  11. 11. Infosys is the right partner for implementing Couchbase solutions
  12. 12. …that has built a strong capability in Couchbase Labs and POC environments for carrying out demos 100+ resources with core Couchbase expertise Training and certifications for Couchbase on-demand Joint investments with Couchbase in GTM campaigns, pre-sales, PoC/Pilots and IP development Tools and accelerators to speed up development, migration and testing of apps using Couchbase 1 23 4 5 Couchbase COE
  13. 13. • Global implementation Partner • Dedicated Alliance & technical support • Investments in Joint Solutions & Frameworks • Centre of Excellence for showcasing Joint solutions. • Joint Field Force app modernization, Datacenter Transformation, Database Modernization & Open Hybrid Cloud, Reference Architectures. Infosys & Couchbase — a strategic relationship
  14. 14. We have helped multiple clients on this journey… Large US Manufacturer Flexible data management and processing options enable fast, easy support for a wide variety of customer applications Offline access and automatic syncing empower field workers regardless of location or connectivity Integrates with existing customer systems: data flows smoothly without impacting the user experience Leading Global Airlines Company Supports 41,000+ pilots attendants & crew responsible for 4,500 daily flights Foundational Platform to build FAA-approved mobile applications Cloud-enabled for AWS & Azure Adding customer information synchronization Connects multiple mainframe data silos Large US Based Cable Service Provider Real-time crew management scheduling, and resources Reducing latency in VOD pipeline Powering the software platform for the industrial internet There was large latency in linear/VOD data pipeline with existing infrastructure Infosys refactored the existing infrastructure to identify and remediate performance bottlenecks Considering the exponential growth in data and the need for high performance, Couchbase was chosen as the caching layer Post implementation, we were able to reduce the data ingest pipeline latency from 3hrs to 30mins
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