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Enhancing the BT TV customer experience - Connect Europe 2017


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Mritunjay Singh explains how Couchbase has helped BT TV improve its customer experience journey at Connect Europe 2017.

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Enhancing the BT TV customer experience - Connect Europe 2017

  1. 1. Enhanced BT TV Customer Experience Using Couchbase
  2. 2. © British Telecommunications plc About BT UK • BT in UK is leading communications services provider selling products and services to consumers, small and medium sized enterprises and the public sector. • BT UK Organisation • BT Consumer is – UK’s largest provider of fixed-voice and broadband – Delivers TV offering, exclusive sport channels and mobile services
  3. 3. © British Telecommunications plc
  4. 4. © British Telecommunications plc Enhanced BT TV User Experience Objective to reinvigorate the BT TV user experience – bring closer to our BT values Personal, Simple, Brilliant
  5. 5. © British Telecommunications plc Enhanced Experience - Personalized Catalog Discovery 1. Discover VoD Items in Carousel to be reduced from 2 Hours to 15 Minutes Non Hierarchial Catalog Structure with Personalized discovery supported by a Thick Client 2. Hierarchial Catalog Structure Discovering top level items Brands, Collection with Ways to Consume ( Rent/Buy/Subscribe) at Top level Old UI New UI 3. Personalized Catalog discovery for a Thin client
  6. 6. © British Telecommunications plc Enhanced Experience (Personalized Anchoring) Peaky Blinders in CarouselUser Clicks on Peaky Blinders in Carousel Un-Entitled User Entitled to Catch Up User Watching an Item in Series 3
  7. 7. © British Telecommunications plc Enhanced Experience – ( Shared User List) Share activity from one device in the account to other device associated to the account
  8. 8. © British Telecommunications plc Backend Architecture – Old UI Device and User Authorization Service User Fav and Currently Watching User Authorizations (SVOD, TVOD, EST) VoD Catalog Web Portal VoD Catalog Generator Device Authorization Token, SVOD, TVOD , EST Authorizations Non – Hierarchial Catalog Generated Every 2 Hours User Action on the UI Store Items in Fav and Currently Watching VoD Catalog Publishing Service UnPersonalized Non Hierarchial VoD Catalog Authorize Device UnPersonalized Catalogue Personalization User & Device Store Entitlement Store Catalog Store My SQL Client
  9. 9. © British Telecommunications plc • Build a Brand new hybrid cloud-ready BT TV platform with personalisation at scale • Catalogue and Customer data remodelling • Support existing STB UI while building the Backend BT TV Platform for the enhanced user experience • Optimised , dynamic, web centric application delivery - migration - from installed app to dynamic, targetable browser delivery - faster deployment of updates (minutes not weeks), A/B testing / test and trials groups Technical Challenges – Enhanced User Experience
  10. 10. © British Telecommunications plc Couchbase - Platform for the BT Backend supporting the Enhanced User Experience Flexible Data Model supporting the Hierarchial Catalog Structure with support for Personalized and Unpersonalized anchors Distributed cache with Persistence with memory first write architecture supporting writes at peak load with Millisecond latency - VoD Catalog update every 15 Minutes rather than every 2 Hours - Backend to keep a store of User favourites and Currently watching shared across devices - Currently watching information Updated at frequent intervals by client as user is watching the Video Key-value pair reads at Peak load with millisecond response time for the Personalized Catalog service High Availability :- Replicate Data across two data centers using XDCR for Geo-Replication supporting multi-master and active-active deployments resulting in high availability Scalability : Deploy a new cluster OR increase the number of nodes within a cluster or memory of each node Partitioning : Logical partitioning of data using Buckets Operational dashboard in-built and ability to integrate external monitoring system using REST API
  11. 11. © British Telecommunications plc Backend Architecture – Enhanced Experience Device and User Authorization Service VoD Catalog Generator Device Authorization Token Hierarchial Catalog Generated Every 15 Minutes VoD Catalog Publishing Service Authorize Device User & Device Store Entitlement Store Catalog Store My SQL List Service User Fav and CW Personalized VoD Catalog Service Personalized VoD Catalog Client Couchbase Remodelled User and Device Remodelled Entitlement Remodelled Catalog User Device Entitlement List Update Fav and CW
  12. 12. © British Telecommunications plc Couchbase Topology Couchbase Cluster Data Center 1 Personalized VoD Catalog Service List Service Device and User Authz Service Personalized VoD Catalog Service List Service Device and User Authz Service Client Site LB Site1 Site2 Couchbase Cluster Data Center 2 XDCR
  13. 13. © British Telecommunications plc Key Factors for the success • PoC to prove Couchbase perform reads and writes at scale • Socialize within BT TV Architecture community and Operations on use of Couchbase • Upfront engagement with Couchbase solution architect to explain the use case and verify the data modelling • Be within the sweet spot of couchbase for the first use case ( Key Value access) and then adopt other features of the product as it is established and Proven within BT TV
  14. 14. © British Telecommunications plc Future Roadmap • Couchbase topology change with two primary sites running active – active and three read only sites which will have uni-directional XDCR from the primary site • Use of N1QL for Catalog Generation • Capture mutations of documents in Couchbase and drop into Kafka and take action on the mutation and pass it to HAAS for audit • POC on FTS ( Full Text Search) looking at replacing current SOLR Search with Couchbase search