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Solving for data grid and persistence at scale - Connect Europe 2017


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Phillipe Poirier and Damien Cuenot reveal how Couchbase has helped La Banque Postale and Accenture solve data grid and persistence issues at Connect Europe 2017.

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Solving for data grid and persistence at scale - Connect Europe 2017

  1. 1. 26/09/2017
  2. 2. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 2 Philippe Poirier Head of IT Architecture La Banque Postale QUI SOMMES-NOUS ? Damien Cuenot Tech Arch Manager
  3. 3. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 3 LA POSTE 5 BUSINESS UNITS Services-Courrier- Colis La Banque Postale Numérique Réseau La Poste GeoPost LE GROUPE LA POSTE € 23bn turnover 253 158 employees 17075 point of contact 96,6% of population < 5km of a point of contact Express delivery of parcels worldwide 864 million parcels transported in 2014 22,000 relay points in Europe 23 billion folds distributed per year 1st Parcel Operator in France 85,000 smartphone-equipped postmans 10.8 million active customers €78bn of outstanding Livret A, LDD, LEP 46% of contacts go through digital € 153 million in online sales 1.6 million Digiposte chests 25 million visitors per month
  4. 4. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 4 • Streamline / Simplify link chains • Use Web standardsstandards du Web (IaaS / x86 / Open Source) • Export the software-level resilience principles to use Commodity Hardware • Ensure better decoupling Application / Middleware / Infrastructure • Improve productivity throughout the project cycle • Enable non-disruptive service changes • Dynamically adapt infrastructure to real transactional activity • Releasing SI business use cases of limiting technical standards ARCHITECTURAL PRINCIPLES RETAINED IN ALL NEW TECHNICAL CHOICES
  5. 5. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 5 WEB ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE TO BUILD THE NEW ARCHITECTURE OF « SI DISTRIBUTION » IHM MVC Client API Restful Stateless Hypermedia Intranet Internet IaaS PaaS BD noSQL
  6. 6. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 6 As well as : • Cost reductions in relation to our historical DBMS (license, infra) • More agility (schema less), more performance, horizontal scalability WHY COUCHBASE ? 2 uses cases A unique Technical solution Data Grid (distributed cache) Database (Persistence)
  7. 7. Sept 2014 Launch of Tender COUCHBASE @ LA BANQUE POSTALE CHRONOLOGY AT A GLANCE Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 7 Feb 2015 Choice of Couchbase Aprill 2015 Delivery of the STnoSQL base May 2015 Development Environments & Testing June 2015 Installation in production environment May 2016 Deployment in productionof the new SI Distribution (R1)(with Data Grid) A strategic program context strongly constrained by delays Nov 2016 Deployment of the R2of the new SI Distribution (Data persistence) May 2017 Deployment of the R3 of the new SI Distribution Nov 2017 Deployment of the R4 of the new SI Distribution …
  8. 8. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. The data grid is implemented in order to: • Ultra-performing read / write access in key-to-data mode • An economy of backend resources (LDAP, application services) • The distribution of data between different applications The WOA architecture relies on a data grid to: • Realizing stateless services • Benefit from horizontal scalability Examples of use cases of Data Grid for LBP 1. Les objets java sérialisés sont stockés en mode clé / valeur dans les buckets 2. Application / User Session 3. LDAP profiles cache 4. Caching tables of nomenclatures (SPITAB) 5. Cache Mainframe calls to limit z / OS calls Serialized java objects are stored in key/value mode in buckets FOCUS ON USE CASES DATA GRID CAS D’USAGE GRILLE DE DONNÉES 8
  9. 9. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. Why choose Couchbase to persist data? • Free from a DDL: Schemaless • Benefits of a query language: N1QL • Reduces development costs by bringing agility • Switches from a centralized data architecture to a distributed architecture Couchbase is used for: • Persisting the production distribution base contracts • Store the offers and commercial products of La Banque Postale (see next slide) Capacities in place: • Backup on a second cluster synchronized at night in XDCR • Extracting documents in batch mode for other consumers FOCUS ON USE CASES DATA PERSISTENCE CAS D’USAGE PERSISTANCE DE DONNÉES 9
  10. 10. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 10 Relational Catalog From a JSON Schema model and basic bricks, HMI generation to assemble the bricks and generate JSON documents products and offersTemplates and documents are stored in Couchbase and accessed via N1QL and joins Catalog documentary mode Once the relationships are declared, a process transforms the documents into a document template in order to simplify the reading Some numbers 2000 basic bricks 5000 Relationships1 50 Products & 300 Offers in document mode FOCUS ON USE CASES CATALOG OF OFFERS AND PRODUCTS CAS D’USAGE PERSISTANCE DE DONNÉES 2 differents relational models  1 unique solution
  11. 11. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. 11 Shared production architecture • 6 servers : 8 vcpu / 32 GB RAM / 100 GB HDD • 4 Buckets with Couchbase v. 4.5.1 • Persistence cluster saved once per day • Some numbers :  Next? Couchbase is the standard solution for new projects that require data grids or persistence New projects outside the Cap Client 3.0 program rely directly on Couchbase to meet their expectations UP TO DATE SITUATION AND PROJECTION FOR FUTURE PROJECTS LA SUITE… Bucket Op / Sec Nb doc. Persistence 1 800 2 000 000 Users essions 600 Nomenclatures Table 450 Cache call Mainframe 450
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  13. 13. 26/09/2017