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Couchbase_for mobile_Couchbase_SF_2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Couchbase_for mobile_Couchbase_SF_2013

  1. 1. Couchbase  for  Mobile   Dip2  Borkar  –  Director,  Product  Management   J.  Chris  Anderson  –  Mobile  Architect  
  2. 2. Couchbase  Lite   The  only   Na2ve  NoSQL   Database  for   Mobile  
  3. 3. The  Complete  Mobile  Solu2on  
  4. 4. JSON  Anywhere     JS N Lite Couchbase  Server   Sync Gateway Server JS N JS N •  JSON  on  the  device   •  JSON  on  the  wire   ­  Developers   increasingly  prefer   NoSQL  database   ­  No  need  for  data   transforma<on   •  JSON  in  the  cloud   ­  Flexible  data  model   ­  High  performance   ­  Easy  scalability  
  5. 5. Architecture   On Premise In the cloud Couchbase  Server   SERVER  1       Sync  Gateway   SERVER  2       SERVER  3       Sync  Gateway       Channel     Channel Channel Channel Couchbase  Lite  for  iOS  and  Android  
  6. 6. Couchbase  Lite   The  only  NoSQL  Database  for  Mobile  Devices   Couchbase   Lite     iOS   Couchbase   Lite     Android   Lite •  Features   ­  Ultra-­‐lightweight,  secure  JSON   database     ­  Na<ve  support  for  iOS,  Android   and  REST/HTML5   ­  Full  document,  index  and   querying  and  sync  capabili<es   ­  Powerful  conflict  resolu<on  
  7. 7. What  you  get   Couchbase   Lite     iOS   Couchbase   Lite     Android   Lite ­  Enable  new  class  of  rich  data   intensive  local  applica<ons     ­  Rapid  development  using   na<ve  JSON  data   ­  Highly  responsive  interac<ve   applica<ons   ­  Always  available  -­‐    online  or   offline  
  8. 8. What  you  get   JSON JSON JSO JSON N JSON          JSON  Everywhere   Easy  Sync     •  Flexible  JSON  on  device  lets  you   •  Effortlessly  sync  local  data  with  a   work  with  local  data  &  modify   database  in  the  cloud  for  updates,   your  data  structure  on  the  fly   replica<on  or  collabora<ve   without  impac<ng  your  back-­‐end.   sharing.   •  Your  users  can  count  on  having  an   •  In  addi<on,  scale  your  data  <er   amazing  app  experience  with  a   horizontally  and  reliably  as  your   fast  and  unbreakable  local   data  and  sync  needs  grow.     database      
  9. 9. Couchbase  Sync  Gateway   Easy,  Reliable  Data  Sync  to  the  Cloud   •  Features   •  Dynamic  sync  capabili<es  via   Sync  Func<on  APIs   •  Easy  Administra<on   •  Seamless  scaleout   Sync Gateway •  Benefits   ­  10x  reduc<on  in  development   <me   ­  Scales  to  support  millions  of   users  
  10. 10. How  does  sync  work?  
  11. 11. Collaborate  using  Channels   •  For  each  document,  you  specify  a  set  of   channels  it  belongs  to   •  For  each  user  or  device,  you  control  which   channels  they  can  access   •  Replicate  only  a  subset  of  documents  down  to   the  device   ­  User-­‐defined  filter  func<ons     ­  Simply  lets  you  know  whether  a  document  should  be  replicated   •  And  you  can  authen2cate  users      
  12. 12. Data Data Data Routing
  13. 13. Data Routing Data Data Data
  14. 14. Data Routing Data Data Data
  15. 15. Data Data Data Routing
  16. 16. Data Routing Data Data Data Data
  17. 17. Data Data Routing Data Data
  18. 18. Zero to sync in 5 minutes !!! How  do  I  get  started?  
  19. 19. A  liVle  deep  dive   •  Get  familiar  with  Couchbase  Lite  through  looking  at  an   applica2on   •  Introduce  the  app  with  a  demo   ­  ­  ­  ­  create  a  list  /  live  query  my  lists   create  some  tasks  /  live  query  tasks   sign  in  to  the  cloud   collaborate  via  the  cloud   •  Show  the  code  for  the  features  as  we  use  them  
  20. 20. Couchbase  Lite  -­‐  Features   Collaborate  via  Cloud   -­‐  social  network  login    JSON  /  REST  interface     -­‐  CRUD  opera<ons  use   HTTP  verbs   -­‐  Works  with  libraries  like   Live  Query   jQuery  and  Backbone   UI  Updates     -­‐  UI  updated  to  reflect   database  changes,  even   for  remote  changes   -­‐  HTTP  long  poll  API  to   support  quick  redraw   -­‐  programmable  sync   func<on  for  update   valida<on  and  channel   rou<ng  
  21. 21. JSON  Document  Schema  
  22. 22. All  Todo  Lists   •  Rendered  with  HTML   and  JavaScript   •  View  query  to  show  all   the  lists  on  a  device.   •  Form  submit  event   creates  a  document   represen2ng  a  list.  
  23. 23. Task  List  -­‐  Items   •  Toggle  a  checkbox   •  Add  a  photo   •  Live  update  
  24. 24. Toggle  a  Task  Checkbox   by  upda2ng  the  JSON  Document   Uses  a  familiar  REST  paradigm.  GET  and  PUT  used  here.  
  25. 25. Live  Update  UI   Local  and  remote  updates  both  trigger  a  database  event,  used  for  redraw.  
  26. 26. Sign-­‐in  to  sync  and  collaborate   •  Example  uses  Facebook,  we   support  a  wide  variety  of   authen2ca2on  op2on   •  Pick  from  the  list  of  signed  in   users  when  sharing  
  27. 27. Photo  AVachment  
  28. 28. Sync  Func2on   Your  cloud  in  one  page  of  code.   •  Applica2on  code  run   in  the  cloud   •  Access  control   •  Channel  rou2ng   •  Update  Valida2on  
  29. 29. Get  Started   Sample  App   •  hVps://­‐PhoneGap