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Bring on the Revolution – Connect Europe 2018


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Speaker: Matt Cain, CEO, Couchbase

Matt Cain, CEO, will discuss the massively interactive enterprise and how customers are using our Engagement Database to solve their hardest business problems.

Published in: Technology
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Bring on the Revolution – Connect Europe 2018

  1. 1. BRING ON THE REVOLUTION Matt Cain | President, Chief Executive Officer
  3. 3. The disruptive effects
  4. 4. 37% of organizations have already started executing a ‘digital-first’ approach. Yet 45% of IT and business leaders say their companies are in the very early stages of becoming a digital business. IDC, 'State of Digital Business Transformation 2018’ 45%
  5. 5. For 52% of executives, "becoming a digital business means enabling worker productivity through tools such as mobile, data access and AI-assisted processes." IDC, 'State of Digital Business Transformation 2018’ 52%
  6. 6. The Massively Interactive Enterprise
  7. 7. Massively Interactive Enterprises For the connected world e-Commerce CUSTOMER Supply Chain EMPLOYEE Internet of Things MACHINE
  8. 8. Massively Interactive Enterprises For the connected world Tesco BD CUSTOMER EMPLOYEE MACHINE Amadeus United Tommy Hilfiger Verizon
  9. 9. Problem: • Support ~1 trillion search requests per day and 7 million requests per second – 300,000:1 ‘look’ to ‘book’ ratio Solution: • Availability engine • Ultra-high availability for booking/reservation • Ultra-scalable public cloud deployments w/ data replicated from on-premise • Public cloud orchestration with OpenShift Outcome: • Over 600 million bookings per year processed on Couchbase • High performance: 8m ops/second, 99% < 2.5 millisecond response time • > 30 billion items, 100% in memory • 4-5x growth with zero downtime in 4 years
  10. 10. Outcome: • Single source of truth for 41,000+ pilots, attendants, crew, and schedulers • Real-time crew management, scheduling and resources • 18 use cases deployed and in development – true platform for digital transformation • Reliable, accurate real-time data with low latency and concurrency • Out of the box DR and multiple nodes protect critical ops systems Problem: • Empower world’s third-largest airline to support 4,500 daily flights with better, more accurate data Solution: • Foundational platform to build FAA-approved mobile applications • Cloud-enabled for AWS & Azure • Adding customer information synchronization • Connects multiple mainframe data silos
  11. 11. Problem: • Overcome sheer volume of individualized medical data and connectivity challenges to minimize the impact of a total $327 billion in estimated costs related to diabetes Solution: • IoT enables patients to share health data with doctors who can provide real-time diagnostics and care, radically changing the traditional patient/doctor relationship Outcome: • Seamless data collection without reliance on a steady network • Enabled diabetic patients to track real-time health data with insulin shots & mobile app • Doctors receive real-time access to patients’ health data • Security of patient information supported without sacrificing speed, scalability or ease of use
  12. 12. Why do you need Couchbase?
  13. 13. 84% Limitations of legacy database caused problems 90% DX projects fail
  15. 15. SOLVING PROBLEMS DELIVERS REAL BUSINESS IMPACT 21 Confidential and Proprietary. Do not distribute without Couchbase consent. © Couchbase 2017. All rights reserved. Improving customer experience & engagement Faster innovation & time to market Reducing infrastructure & operations costs SolutionsCustomers
  16. 16. Analytical Database Transactional Database THE TRADITIONAL APPROACH
  17. 17. A DIFFERENT TYPE OF DATABASE IS NEEDED Transactional Database Analytical Database Engagement Database
  18. 18. Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, the Couchbase Data Platform, architected to support massively interactive applications. Engagement Database The Couchbase Data Platform Unmatched agility and flexibility Unparalleled performance at any scale The easiest platform to manage
  19. 19. Real solutions to hard business problems