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Batting a Thousand With the Cincinnati Reds – Connect Silicon Valley 2018


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Speaker: Steve Wyant, Enterprise Data Architect, Cincinnati Reds

Top-tier sports teams like the Cincinnati Reds craft superior customer experiences to create fans for life – and they do it with the Couchbase Data Platform as their real-time solution for managing and presenting customer, ticket, game, weather, and concessions data. Join Enterprise Data Architect Steve Wyant to hear how the Reds will use NiFi to ingest ticket scan data, run analytics against real-time game data from the MLB, and leverage Eventing to allow Concierge team members to offer white-glove stadium service to Reds VIPs.

Steve has over 15 years of experience building customer-centric data platforms. Throughout his career, Steve has been primarily focused on customer initiatives like loyalty and personalization programs that drive business value through a data-first approach to understanding customer behavior. Prior to joining the Cincinnati Reds, Steve has worked for Macys, Panera, Office Depot, Fifth Third Bank, dunnhumby, and The Kroger Co.

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Batting a Thousand With the Cincinnati Reds – Connect Silicon Valley 2018

  1. 1. Classification: Internal Use Steven Wyant Data Guy Cincinnati Reds September 2018
  2. 2. Classification: Internal Use Cincinnati Reds – Stats Sheet Year Founded 1881 National League Central Division IT FTE~20 minor league teams and facilities including 2 in the DR 9 World Series Rings Player numbers retired11 9National League Pennants 10HOF Players (not including Pete Rose)
  3. 3. Classification: Internal Use Enterprise Data Warehouse OLAP Cubes Advanced Analytics Staging Dashboards EDW – Single source of truth for analytics ODS – Business rules and lookup tables Staging – Consolidated source data Data that can help the sales teams (TM, HOF, CC, etc) will be migrated from Staging into CRM member track Basic Data Flow 3 ETL
  4. 4. Classification: Internal Use Scouting Department – The Search is on . . . Integration Schema-less Data Ingestion Innovation Open New Avenues for Fan Interaction Results Faster Analytics/ Dashboarding Easy Utilize Pre-existing Data Skills Constraints: • Vendors not data experts • Changing technologies Benefits: • Customer centric interaction Benefits: • Ability to respond to change • Visbility Constraints: • Small IT Department • SQL Oriented Org
  5. 5. Classification: Internal Use Calling Couchbase to the Big Leagues Ease of Administration SQL capabilities React on contact Immediate Analytics Extendable Quick Reaction No connection woes
  6. 6. Classification: Internal Use No Transformation Data Store Data Near real time data flow without transformation Various ways to ingest/digest
  7. 7. Classification: Internal Use Analytics and Dashboarding In Real-time Data Analytics Eventing Data available as it happens for dashboards and additional fan interactions
  8. 8. Classification: Internal Use Immediately Actionable Data Analytics Take action on data flowing into system Joanna, Its raining, ponchos are for sale @ Gate 20 Eventing
  9. 9. Classification: Internal Use Everything In A Single System Query Couchbase Analytics Eventing Ingest, Evaluate, React, Interact, Digest all within seconds Offers Total Sent Total Purchases Poncho 250 100 Seat Upgrade 100 5 Twitter Interactions: 5 RTs: 400
  10. 10. Classification: Internal Use Enterprise Data Warehouse member track Data Flows 10 Batched Data Real-time Source Data Staging Streaming through nifi Standardization, Checks & Balances, Transformations Near real-time Analytics, Reporting, Data Interchange Historical Analytics/Reporting Responses Available within seconds ETL
  11. 11. Classification: Internal Use Marketing At Speed Who? When? Where?What? How? Bob – Joanna Redlegs has arrived at the stadium and will be in suite 133
  12. 12. Classification: Internal Use Lets See It In Action
  13. 13. Classification: Internal Use Time to hang up the cleats? NO!  Push forward to find new ways to interact and consume data to help better serve the Cincinnati Reds fans!
  14. 14. Classification: Internal Use New Acct d Data Index N1QL/ Query Analytics Eventing Real Time Household Engine ETLRDBMS
  15. 15. Classification: Internal Use Thanks!