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GrowingStyle '12 Spring & Summer Edition


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GrowingStyle is a digital magazine that caters to the new generation of gardeners.

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GrowingStyle '12 Spring & Summer Edition

  1. 1. PATIOPANACHE3 Looks YouCan PlantYourselfBIG COLOR!Tropic-inspiredhibiscusFlower-filledprivacy screensPLANT A PARTY• Tablescaping tips• elebratory C centerpieces• rowing gift bags G ! PLUSak As kane t pea rends t c olor 013! f or 2 Join our online community and share WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  2  this with your friends now.
  2. 2. GrowingStyle CONTENTS Spring | Summer 2012 0003........ ood Dirt G Garden fresh tips: healthful houseplants, best balcony bloomers, hot color trends and more! 0005........ ropical Punch T Huge flowers, bold colors— hibiscus offers instant-impact patio décor. Meet the new Tropic Escape hibiscus varieties. 0007........ lan(t) a Party! P Tablescape a party theme with mini succulents, cacti, orchids and lucky bamboo. 0009........ ream Screens D Improve the view (or grow a little privacy) with fast-growing mandevilla vine. 0011........ hat’s Your Plant Personality? W Get happy with flower Are you a Fashionista or a Minimalist? Discover the perfect plant for you! and foliage color! 0013........ he Color Report T Spring garden shows from around the world give a sneak peek look into When you surround yourself with plants, you feel happier. garden color trends. Whether you pack your patio with tropical flowers or fill your house 0015........ resto! Patio Style P with leafy and blooming beauties, you’ll find yourself smiling. Create the patio of your dreams! Three In this issue of GrowingStyle, we’re bringing you many shades of happy. different looks you can replicate in your New plants, vibrant colors, big, bold blooms. Bring the vibe of the own backyard. tropics to your deck or porch with the NEW Tropic Escape™ Hibiscus. See the wild selection of big blooms on page 5. Do you have a party coming up? Graduations, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day—there More Photos More Blooms are so many reasons to celebrate this season! See our collection of festive If you can’t get party ideas using succulents, orchids, cacti and lucky bamboo on page 7. enough of gorgeous And there are so many more ways to color your world with plants flower photos, check in this issue. out the behind-the- Be social: Find us on Facebook, scenes slideshow of Twitter, YouTube and Flickr bonus images from Happy planting! our spring photo Karen Weir-Jimerson shoot in Miami. Editor, GrowingStyle 1  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  2 
  3. 3. GS ~ Good Dirt Good Dirt Dig into these garden trends for a colorful spring. Get a (Decorating) Clue Take your inspiration for outdoor décor from Mother Nature (the original Exterior Decorator!) Let plants, such as this showy red aglaonema, guide the palette for outdoor furnishings and accessories. Air Repair {Pink} {Green} {Cream} {Red} Your peace lily wants you to breathe easier. Add just one plant for every 100 square feet of living space and you’ll have cleaner air. According to a Plump up pink Create cool shade Cover cushions with Plant red ceramic NASA study, indoor pillows on benches with a green canvas creamy color. containers with houseplants remove and chairs. umbrella. foliage and flowers. up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the home— including tobacco smoke, carpet glue and other yucky stuff you don’t want in your lungs. Plants are overzealous air Flowing Flowers scrubbers, working day and night, 24/7. Cascading, tendrilous, flower-filled annuals bloom their hearts Which plants best out from spring through fall--dressing up boring balconies and nuke toxins? Take a jazzing up porches with their lush and verdant charms. Meet some deep breath and plants that want to hang out with you this summer: click here. Red aglaonema Nature’s Best Say “so long” to controversial peat soil mixes and hello to eco-friendly coir (pronounced CORE). Made from coconut husks, this byproduct is essentially coconut husk dust. Plentiful Petunia Calibrachoa Osteospermum and sustainable, coir is used to make rugs, ropes—and is an Light: Full sun Light: Full sun Light: Full sun ideal potting soil mixture. It holds water like a sponge (7 times its Grows: Up to 16 inches Grows: Up to 4 feet Grows: Up to 2 feet weight), is lightweight, easy to wet down and provides excellent Container BFF: Container BFF: Container BFF: aeration so plant roots can wiggle their toes. Verbena Angelonia Scaevola 3  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  4 
  4. 4. GS ~ Tropical Punch Tropical Punch Give your garden a blast of eye-popping color with a citrus-y selection of Tropic Escape Hibiscus. Hibiscus Care You don’t need to live in the tropics to enjoy the big blooms and leafy foliage of tropical hibiscus. Here are care tips: 1. Choose a location that receives full sun. 2. Clip off faded flowers to encourage more flowering. 3. Keep soil moist, but not wet; hibiscus don’t like wet feet. 4. In frost-free areas, plant in the ground; hibiscus make colorful hedges. 5. In areas that receive frost, protect plants (or bring Seven-inch-wide them indoors) when Snip off plate-size blooms flowers add big color! to use as table decor. temperatures drop below 50 degrees. Perk up color-starved patios and porches with vibrant container plantings inspired by the tropics. New colors, bigger size The buzz in the world of blooming Go for big blooms Add tropical flair Orange is in! tropicals is all about the NEW Tropic For instant impact on patios and One of the fastest transformations Tropical colors are in this year Escape Hibiscus line. New for 2012, these porches, choose plants with big, from winter-weary bare patios to says the Pantone Institute wildly colored varieties were once raised showy flowers. Tropic Escape™ tropical delight is with color. Add of America who named only by hibiscus collectors—but now they Hibiscus is a shrub that grows in flower color at all levels: in the “Tangerine Tango” the color of are available to everyone. The series, the ground in USDA Zones 9-11 ground surrounding patios and the year. Trendy gardens are named after tropical drinks, offer some of or in any type of container, even porches, as tabletop centerpieces, wearing this citrusy hue this the most amazing color combos ever seen large hanging baskets. It offers and in hanging baskets. Easy-to- spring in petal form. Try in hibiscus. Plus, if you are looking for flower one of the largest blooms around. grow hibiscus bloom in all the orange-hued Tropic Escape longevity, this new hibiscus doesn’t Each plant produces huge, showy hues of a tropical sunset and ‘Mandarin Mojito’ or ‘Tiki disappoint. Tropic Escape Hibiscus flowers with ruffled, overlapping grow fast in summer’s heat and Temptation’ to infuse tropical produce huge flowers that stay in bloom petals that seem to swirl in place. humidity. Their tubular buds festivity on porches and patios. twice as long as regular hibiscus. Plants Flowers measure up to 7 inches unfurl into oversized, stunning are sold in citrus-colored containers so you across, so you can see them from flowers. And plants bloom like don’t need to repot them. Just set them on far away (count on curb appeal). crazy from spring to frost. the patio and enjoy the tropical vibe! 5  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  6 
  5. 5. GS ~ Plan(t) a Party Plan(t) a Party Create a lush and colorful centerpiece that pulls double- duty as party favors. Spring is the season for parties: graduations, incorporate plants in my table settings.” birthdays, weddings, and showers (not to Create gorgeous tablescapes with orchids, mention Easter and Mother’s Day!). With so cacti, succulents, and lucky bamboo. Dish many things to check off your party to-do list, them up for a gorgeous centerpiece. Then, why not let plants handle the décor details? like a smorgasbord of bloom, let your guests “Plants are so easy to decorate with because self-serve individual plants into gift bags and they are naturally green, lush, and gorgeous,” boxes and take them home. says garden designer and plant-scaper Here are tips from Calvert for creating a Laura Calvert of Orlando, Florida. “I always beautiful (and easy!) table setting using plants: Follow a color theme. “I love using succulents Think small. Use plants, such as adorable mini lucky because of their versatile colors—grays, blues and bamboos, as place settings. Insert a lucky bamboo greens,” says Calvert. “They’re perfect for a tropical into a footed glass filled with green gel beads and party because they mimic a coral reef,” she says. top with a paper umbrella. Party guests love leaving with a growing piece of the party. See more party centerpiece and favor ideas! Meet the Minis! Mini plants make easy centerpieces. Group them together in a basket, then encourage guests to take them home as party favors. Lucky Bamboo Insert lucky bamboo plants into colorful gel beads in a small cup or glass and use as a place setting decoration. Cool Cacti Textural and symmetrical cacti look lovely in a line-up down the center of a table. Miniature Orchids Go for the bold. “Big splashy flowers make a big Offer party favors. Size up the plants and get gift Pint-size orchids make elegant centerpieces when statement on the table,” says Calvert, who uses containers that encourage guests to take a piece of grouped together on a cake stand. Or add a single potted flowering plants such as Tropic Escape the centerpiece home (and a growing memory of mini orchid to each place setting. Hibiscus in centerpieces—just as one might use cut the party!). Use colorful boxes with wire handles, clear Super Succulents flowers. “They’re so easy and practical,” she says. plastic bags, or see-through “buckets” from party- or Preorder Succulents offer organic textures and earthy hues. Another fast party tip: set around bowls of citrus fruit; craft-supply stores. Add a flounce of tissue paper to Minis Individual plants (or a clustered group) add natural, they’re colorful—and edible—table decorations. add to the festive look. Now! simple beauty. 7  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  8 
  6. 6. GS ~ Dream Screens Dream Screens Use climbing, upwardly mobile Sun Parasol mandevillas to create a flower-filled wall of bloom. If the view from your back patio is, well, your wall of blooms. They grow well in the pots they neighbor’s back patio, you need some privacy. were purchased in or can be inserted into larger Sure, you can erect a fence, but there’s a more decorative containers. Make sure they have floral solution: use fast-growing vines, such as adequate drainage. mandevillas, to create a green foliage screen Scale new heights. Plant several mandevillas studded with gorgeous blooms. into a long low planter and add a climbing structure, such as a piece of lattice or wrought Fill in the blanks iron, to create height. Like roses, clematis and “Mandevillas offer big blooms and glossy other climbing vines, mandevillas will climb Screen the view. leaves,” says Dr. Kate Santos, Director of (and cover) whatever structure is available. A line-up of mandevillas make a floral Research and Development at Costa Farms, Plant a skyline. Plant mandevilla vines in screen that improves the view with gorgeous blooms and glossy foliage. grower of Sun Parasol® mandevilla vines. “We alternating tall and short containers to create a sell these fast-growing vines in gallon pots that staggered effect—a sort of floral skyline. come with their own trellis,” she says. In warm climates, you can also plant With several oversize containers of mandevillas directly in the ground where they Growing tips mandevillas, you can create a wall of flower can live all year; they are hardy in USDA Zones Here’s how to keep and foliage that screen out any view— 9-11. Anywhere else, treat them like an annual your Sun Parasol making a beautiful backdrop for your own or bring them indoors once the temperatures mandevillas looking patio entertaining. drop to 50 degrees. If you plan to overwinter great all summer: Here are some ideas for screening the view: your mandevillas, don’t allow them to grow Light: Mandevillas Create a conga line of bloom. Place pots of through a fence or other stationary object do best in full sun, but will tolerate mandevillas—shoulder to shoulder—to make a because they are nearly impossible to untwine. partial shade. Water: Keep soil damp, not wet. Add versatile mandevilla to patios, Water slowly to give porches and landscapes the soil time to soak 1. Fill hanging with graceful upward in the ground and train up moisture. Spray baskets. What goes sweeps of color. onto a fence—then leaves to keep up, also grows down. One of the fastest stand back and watch them clean and Mandevilla’s vining growing vines, it take off. shiny. Pots should growth habit makes it mandevillas thrive in have drainage holes ideal for filling hanging the hot and humid 4. Enhance porch so plants don’t sit baskets. The vines trail summer temperatures. and patio color. in water. downward, cascading Mandevilla is a tropical Fertilizer: Feed every over the planter sides. 3. Cover up and beauty that grows other week using a No trellis is needed! disguise. Mandevilla’s exuberantly in hot 10-10-10 (equal twining nature makes weather, making it an parts nitrogen, 2. Smother arbors it a perfect cover-up ideal summer plant for phosphorus and and pergolas in plant for utilitarian patios and porches— potassium) water- bloom. Mandevilla barriers such as chain from Miami to Maine. soluble fertilizer. easily scales structures link fences. Just plant9  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  10 
  7. 7. GS ~ Plant Personality What’s your Plant Personality? Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. The Traveler The Fashionista The Procrastinator The Minimalist Your profile: You like clean consistency and good lines. Best plant: Sansevieria Why you are meant for each other: Also called Snake Plant, this agave relative offers easy care and sculptural good looks. The tall, thick, spearlike leaves impart color, texture, and a consistent verti- cal growth habit. No Wow Your Landscape flopping, no drama, just gorgeous controlled performance. It’s clean modern architecture in plant form. Line them up SunPatiens® is a super impatiens that loves the sun as on a window in match- ing containers and en- much as the shade. SunPatiens flourishes everywhere! joy the quiet symmetry. Easy-care, Big blooms, Non-stop, Color your landscape— maintenance-free vivid colors, lush leaves three-season bloom in all light conditions Want to know more SunPatiens are the ideal SunPatiens bloom in a A hybrid between wild Impatiens used to be about Sansevieria? plant for gardeners who range of glowy colors— impatiens and New the stars of only shady want to admire their pink, coral, orange, Guinea impatiens, spots in the yards. But landscape, not work in red, fuchsia, and white. SunPatiens is a versatile SunPatiens can grow it. SunPatiens stand up Foliage is robust and landscape and con- anywhere! Sun, shade— (and look gorgeous) colorful too—ranging tainer plant that offers and everywhere in during the hot, humid from bronzy to varie- gorgeous blooms from between. summer days. Plus, gated, depending on spring through fall. You the flowers are self- the variety. get full, rich color for cleaning, so there’s no three seasons! deadheading. 11  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  12 
  8. 8. GS ~ Plant Personality What’s your Plant Personality? Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. The Traveler The Fashionista The Procrastinator The Minimalist Your profile: It’s not that you’re forgetful—you just have the tendency to put off things. Best plant: Succulent Why you are meant for each other: Fleshy, colorful succulents are engineered to be easy care. Their tolerant nature means they’ll forgive your forgetful watering ways. Succulents store their own hydration in their leaves, stems and roots, which gives them their distinctive thick-leafed, fleshy appearance. This humble houseplant will become an instant family member because it exudes so much laid-back personality. Although succulents don’t need the spotlight, they do like high-light locations. Want to know more about Succulents? 13  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  14 
  9. 9. GS ~ Plant Personality What’s your Plant Personality? Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. The Traveler The Fashionista The Procrastinator The Minimalist Your profile: You love fashion and a little flirty fun. Best plant: Moth Orchid Why you are meant for each other: This long- flowering houseplant offers a flirty spray of exotic flowers that stay in bloom for up to three months. (Can cut flowers do that?) Flowers bloom in a range of glowy colors: white, light pink, fuchsia and yellow. Some have showy splashes and spots. Beautiful! Moth orchids are the perfect accessory for any décor style—from Miami modern to New York eclectic. She likes indirect sunlight and regular watering. For all her beauty, Moth Orchid isn’t a prima donna. She’s one of the easiest orchids to grow. Want to know more about Moth Orchid? 15  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  16 
  10. 10. GS ~ Plant Personality What’s your Plant Personality? Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. The Traveler The Fashionista The Procrastinator The Minimalist Your profile: You’re on the road (or in the air) for business or pleasure. So you have a hard time keeping up with your Ad friends—much less your plants. Best plant: The Zamioculca, also known as the ZZ plant. Why you are meant for each other: No matter where your travels take you, this patient plant will welcome you home with a fanfare of foliage. ZZ won’t ever send you on a guilt trip for being left alone so long. He’s one of the strongest plants on the market. He thrives in low light and requires sporadic watering—but isn’t needy and demanding. Whether you are there or not ZZ grows, flourishes and is a true survivor. Want to know more about ZZ? 17  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  18 
  11. 11. GS ~ The Color Report The Color Report Discover what trendy container gardens are wearing this season. Spring garden shows around the world give fortune-telling glimpses into emerging trends. Intrepid travelers from Costa Farms attended spring shows to suss out what’s hot in the United States, Europe and China. Here’s a sneak peek: Fashion for Plants Houseplants flaunt their stuff with fashionable new pots. Organic and earthy. Bright and chic. Romantic. Modern. Classic. Whatever your indoor/outdoor décor calls for, Scheurich makes a container to add instant panache to potted plants. Pick a plant, pair it with a container and ta-da! you have a dining room cen- terpiece, a living room accent, or a patio focal point. Horticultural fashionistas will be thrilled with the spring line of container colors. 19  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  20 
  12. 12. GS ~ The Color Report The Color Report Discover what trendy container gardens are wearing this season. Spring garden shows around the world give fortune-telling glimpses into emerging trends. Intrepid travelers from Costa Farms attended spring shows to suss out what’s hot in the United States, Europe and China. Here’s a sneak peek: {Plants+Pots+Bling} The best-dressed containers feature a cool pot, gorgeous foliage and bling-y add-ons such as colorful underplantings, showy mulches and quirky stick-ins. Trend Takeaway: Infuse your personality in your containers by adding things you love: jeweled toppers, swirls of ribbon, {Eye-popping color} foam flowers. Bright bold colors—for containers and plants—add instant impact to patios and porches. Garden tools and containers sport sporty colors too.{Act natural} Trend Takeaway: Orange, red, purple— everything bright goes well with green.Natural materials—bark, stones, shells—are still the rage in garden interiorsand exteriors.Trend Takeaway: Add natural elements {Fun with fiber}to containers by mulching with small Containers are slipping into somethingshells, smooth stones or sea glass. more comfortable. Pots clad in clothContainers that mimic natural elements coverings—denim, knits, crochet,and colors are hot. cheesecloth, burlap—dress up patios and porches. Trend Takeaway: Soften hard containers by slipping them into cloth gift bags for a fast wardrobe change. {Be in the pink} Sugary sweet or sultry sexy: Pink can Fashion for Plants Houseplants flaunt their stuff with fashionable new pots. swing several ways. From formal to tropical gardens, pink plays starring Organic and earthy. Bright and chic. Romantic. Modern. Classic. roles. Hibiscus, kalanchoe, anthurium, Whatever your indoor/outdoor décor calls for, Scheurich makes a petunias, pansies; they all come in container to add instant panache to potted plants. Pick a plant, romantic to sizzling shades of pink. pair it with a container and ta-da! you have a dining room cen- Trend Takeaway: Punctuate outdoor terpiece, a living room accent, or a patio focal point. Horticultural spaces with pink pots, pink plants, pink fashionistas will be thrilled with the spring line of container colors. accessories. 21  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  22 
  13. 13. GS ~ Presto! Patio Style Presto! Patio Style What’s your patio wearing this spring? Try on a cool new look this season. Step out this spring with a new look for your patio. We’ve created three looks with different patio furnishings, plans and plants. What’s your patio style? Click on the garden—then copy the look! What’s cool for 2013? You tell us! Here are three cool new plants for next year’s gardens—which do you like the best? Vote for your favorite! ‘Cool Wave’ Pansy arpet’ ‘Golden C Mercad onia {Formal Garden} {Mi Terraza} {Tropical Shade Garden} ‘Phloxy Lady ’ Phlox Create a traditional formal garden using plants A colorful sun-loving garden is filled with bright Light up any shaded spot with colorful tropical that deliver structure and color. color and the soothing sounds of trickling water. plants. Plant a piece of paradise with these bedding beauties. • Hedge: Podocarpus • Hedge: Clusia • Borders: Ilex vomitoria • Pink and Red Aglaonema • Border: Begonia ‘Solenia Orange’ • olor quadrants: Ornamental Kale, Nemesia C • Draceana Song of India • Fountain containers: Senetti Purple Bicolor and Snapdragons • Croton ‘Norma’ • Trellis base: Yellow Calibrachoa • Anthurium • Trellis base (to climb up): Bougainvillea • Tropic Escape Hibiscus • Blue containers: Heliconia, Tropic Escape Hibiscus • Chlorophytum ‘Thai’ • Arboricola ‘Mini’ • In trees: Phalaenopsis Orchids 23  GROWINGSTYLE  |  WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM WWW.GROWINGSTYLEMAG.COM  |  GROWINGSTYLE  24