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Evaluation Question 1 - Poster Analysis


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A2 Media Studies

Published in: Education
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Evaluation Question 1 - Poster Analysis

  2. 2. My Poster
  3. 3. My Style Model  I took into account the following advert for my Newspaper. I used this poster to create mine because I liked the design of the poster and the use of images and text to create a well-rounded advertisement.  Below is an example of the poster I based my work on:
  4. 4. Similarities  A similarity between my poster and my style model is that both posters have little colour and are prominently black and white.  Both posters also have images that relate to what is being featured, e.g. my poster features theTyne Bridge because it is about Newcastle and I believe it is important to have an image that is relative to Newcastle.
  5. 5. Differences • My poster includes social media links which is something that my style model does not. I felt it was important to include social media links on my poster because it shows convergence between different platforms of media but also encourages individuals to ‘connect’ with my paper. • Another major difference is that my poster is portrait while the style model is landscape, I did this because it was easier to work with a Photoshop document that is portrait as it allows it to be a lot more organised, when completing my first draft I did a landscape version of the poster to replicate the actual style model but found it unorganised.