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Facebook Open Graph Overview

A look at Facebook's updated Open Graph protocol, including what it is, how it works, the benefits, and what you can do to start taking advantage of what Open Graph provides to enhance your marketing and advertising.

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Facebook Open Graph Overview

  1. 1. Facebook Open GraphImage:
  2. 2. "Our goal is not to build a platform; it’s to be across all of them." - Mark Zuckerberg Image:
  3. 3. What Is Open Graph?
  4. 4. What is Open Graph? At Facebooks core is the Social Graph: People and the connections they have to everything they care about. With Open Graph, arbitrary actions and objects created bythird-party apps become a part of the user’s social graph, integrating that app deeply into the Facebook experience.
  5. 5. How Does Open Graph Work?
  6. 6. Let’s say you had a recipe website...Image:
  7. 7. Let’s say you had a recipe website...Image:
  8. 8. Let’s say you had a recipe website...Image:
  9. 9. Let’s say you had a recipe website...Image:
  10. 10. Let’s say you had a recipe website...Image:
  11. 11. Open Graph BeforeImage:
  12. 12. Open Graph Before Liked ObjectImage:
  13. 13. Open Graph After Took PhotoImage:
  14. 14. Open Graph After Read BookImage:
  15. 15. Open Graph After Spotted DishImage:
  16. 16. Physical Objects Can Trigger ActionsImage:
  17. 17. Physical Objects Can Trigger ActionsImage:
  18. 18. Retain Your Own Branding
  19. 19. Retain Your Own Branding
  20. 20. Retain Your Own Branding
  21. 21. Timeline AggregationImage:
  22. 22. Timeline AggregationImage:
  23. 23. App ViewImage:
  24. 24. Benefits of Open Graph
  25. 25. Benefits of Open Graph Frictionless Sharing Users only need to approve the app once, and then every additional action is automatically shared. Control Of Branding Facebook allows apps to use their own branding, and let users speak the language they define. Deep Timeline IntegrationApplication data is treated equally with a user’s other data, giving Open Graph apps huge reach within the Facebook system.
  26. 26. Results
  27. 27. Results Pinterest: 60% increase in visits Artfinder: 60% increase in time spent 50% increase in trafficFoodspotting: 3X increase in activities shared
  28. 28. ResultsUSA Todays Super Bowl Ad Metergenerated an additional 200,000 views from 2,000,000 organic views. For every 100 pieces of content that were shared through the app, 120 users checked out the app. Four weeks after the app launched, 97 percent of its traffic, or more than5 million referrals, came from Timeline. Image:
  29. 29. But...
  30. 30. Facebook Still Holds The Keys800 120600 90400 60200 30 0 0 5/7 5/14 5/21 5/28 5/7 5/14 5/21 5/28Washington Post DAU (1000s) The Guardian DAU (1000s)
  31. 31. What Now?
  32. 32. Focus On Core Principles of Social Design Identity Help users express themselves and gain personal value by using your application. Community Make it easy for users to connect with the people they know and trust. Conversation Allow users to share actions and engage with each other.
  33. 33. Best Practices for Permissions 1. Do not ask for permissions until proving some value. 2. Use images and a clear call to action to give users an idea of what they’ll gain by granting permissions.3. Do not ask for more permissions than necessary to provide the intended experience. 4. Always offer an alternative experience for users who do not authorize the app. 5. Use the “persistent ask” or “intermittent ask” methods.6. Thank users for authorizing the application and be clear about how their activity is being shared throughout the experience.
  34. 34. Sample User FlowImage:
  35. 35. Thank You! @CoryOBrien