Should steroid users be in the hall of fame


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Should steroid users be in the hall of fame

  1. 1. Should Steroid Users Be in the Hall of Fame? Cory Higginbotham
  2. 2. Book  I read Game of Shadows by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams.  It was about an investigation that the authors did on BALCO labs in San Francisco.  They were searching to see if the lab may have something to do with steroids in baseball.
  3. 3. Interaction
  4. 4. Interaction (cont.)  For my interaction I went to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.  While I was there I noticed several things: there were no players in the Hall that took steroids and there was also no reference to them when talking about other players.
  5. 5. Interaction (cont.)  Also for my interaction I conducted a survey asking people if they thought cheaters should be in the Hall of Fame and if so how should it be handled.
  6. 6. What I Have Learned  Throughout this project I learned of many experts opinions on how the Hall of Fame should handle the players who were suspected or admitted to using steroids.  In the article I read by Zev Chafets called “Let Steroids in the Hall of Fame”, obviously he thinks that all players should be allowed in the Hall of Fame because there is no way to tell who did what.  In the article “Steroids, Baseball, and the Hall of Fame” by Robert Schlesinger, he interviewed Hall of Famer Jim Bunning who says that the Hall of Fame should set an example and not let any players suspected or who confessed to using steroids in.  In the article “Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame” by Jon Heyman, he discusses how he will judge the players case by case on the questions: Did the player take steroids? And Did the steroids make him a Hall of Fame player?
  7. 7. Favorite Part  My favorite part of this project was definitely the interaction.  I really enjoyed going to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, it was great to find out what the Hall of Fame is actually like and the players in it.  I also enjoyed conducting the survey because it was interesting to see what normal people’s opinions were about the issue as opposed to the sports writers and baseball experts.
  8. 8. What I Now Believe  After my research and finding all sorts of information on the topic, I have come to the conclusion that steroid users should not be in the Hall of Fame at all.  Yes they did achieve great things but it was not without cheating so they should not be rewarding by being in the Hall, but I think that they could be honored in some other way and recognized with all of the other steroid users.
  9. 9. What I Should Have Done Differently  I would have chosen a book that was more related to my topic.  The book I read was too much about the science of steroids and the investigation of BALCO and it had little to do with the actual game of baseball and the Hall of Fame.
  10. 10. What I Should Have Done Differently (cont.)  I also should have tried to interview a player actually in the Hall of Fame to get a first hand opinion from them to see their thoughts on the issue.