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Parent Prep iPad Take Home Trial


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Parent Prep iPad Take Home Trial

  1. 1. Prep iPad Take-Home Trial 2012
  2. 2. Mobile Learning‘Take a look around and chances are youll see a mobile device. Phones, iPods,laptops, netbooks, iPads, USB drives, and handheld games seem to beeverywhere. Combine these ever-present gadgets with educational andproductivity uses and youve got mobile learning.Mobile learning can happen anywhere: in a classroom, at the dining room table,on a bus, in front of a science exhibit, at the zoo…anywhere! Portability is not asimportant as the ability of the learner to connect, communicate, collaborate,and create using tools that are readily at hand.’(Tony Vincent
  3. 3. What we hope to see....• Students engaged and excited in their learning!• Breaking down the barriers between learning at school and learning at home... Learning is simply Learning!• Relevant teacher created content being available to students and parents at home via the iPad, not just app play.• Students coming to school with a greater understanding of current learning foci due to accessing relevant media and apps on iPad.• As they arrive with a greater understanding of content, chance at school to further extend student’s understanding in conferencing and explicit teaching.
  4. 4. How you can use the iPads at home.
  5. 5. Prep Blog• Teacher created (yes, they were created by an educational professional) tutorials relevant to literacy and numeracy units.• Gives students a ‘head start’ prior to seeing content in class or, a chance to revisit content they might not be sure of or missed.• Blog does not have to be accessed via iPad, if you don’t have internet and still want the tutorials, see Sam armed with a USB.
  6. 6. Drop Box• High frequency word mini books available.• Sharing of photos to create movies, texts etc (don’t be alarmed!)• Uploading of created work to share.
  7. 7. Bingo Baker• Beginning to use in class• Fun way to practice words, numbers etc.
  8. 8. LAZ Readers• Leveled texts, familiar to students as part of independent reading.• Ability to access high number of ‘just-right’ texts at once.
  9. 9. Publishing• Currently use Storyrobe to publish texts.• Opportunity to use based on special events that occur at parties, weekends, sporting events that may be forgotten about in school, or maybe share some expert knowledge
  10. 10. Housekeeping
  11. 11. Do• Take your iPad home every night and charge if you have an apple charger at home (chargers will not go home with iPads)• Bring it back to school every day in your communication bag. iPads that are not returned may not be allowed to go home!• Use them at home on a regular basis, but do not overdo it!• Have lots of fun when you are using your iPad!• Be very careful with your iPad. If an iPad is damaged at home your child’s access will be limited to school hours only
  12. 12. Do Not• Add/delete/purchase apps. iPads are synced to accounts at the school and apps will be added at school as seen fit. Apps added at home will be deleted.• Forget to bring your ipad to school. They are still a valuable tool for learning in the classroom!• Due to privacy issues, photos and student work are not to be removed from the iPads. If you would like a copy of photos or work that is on the iPads please see your classroom teacher for assistance.
  13. 13. • Safe use of iPads At school, all students have earned an iPad license which means they use and handle their iPad with care. This means:• iPads are carried with two hands against their chest• iPads are used on a flat surface such as a table or in their lap.• when they have finished using their iPad it is to be put away in a safe place (ideally back into its case or communication bag).• They are never to be left lying on the floor or used around food and drink.• The iPad is a learning tool for the Prep students. While they may like to share their iPad with their siblings it should be predominately used by the Prep student.
  14. 14. Questions????
  15. 15. Still Interested??• Permission forms regarding photos, work content and safe use to be signed.• Yippee… your iPad is going home!
  16. 16. Thank You!