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Time Management Tips


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Visit this site for more information on Time Management Tips. Systematizing and prioritizing your tasks is the least difficult way to do in getting the track of your Time Management Tips. One other beneficial tips learning is being able to understand that it is most wonderful for you to do the task with the tightest of all deadlines.

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  • Nice Presentation! These time management tips can help us to get productive and stay balanced at work as well as outside the office. Thanks for sharing.
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Time Management Tips

  1. 1. The Productivity Zone The Productivity Zone
  2. 2. Runners High…
  3. 3. Productivity Zone?
  4. 4. Where Efficient and Effective meet.
  5. 5. The Productivity Curve Effective Efficient PerfectionismProcrastination Stress Stress Productivity Zone
  6. 6. Lets get something straight Day in flow.. Day out of flow.. What does this have to do with time?
  7. 7. Language of Productivity 10 essential elements that define productivity
  8. 8. Self -Assessment
  9. 9. How much time would you have more of if you saved 1 hour per day? 11
  10. 10. No time? Cant afford to take the time? Can you really afford Not to? What will things look like in 1 year, 5 years if they continue status Quo?
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