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Solomons | Technology Case Study


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Published in: Business
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Solomons | Technology Case Study

  1. 1. The birth of Company HausRegistry reform in Solomon Islands Hence Vaekesa, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Commerce Joseph Leve Malanga, Deputy Registrar of Companies Veronica Manedika, Assistant Registrar of Companies Aaron Levine, Consultant, ADB
  2. 2. Outline • Who are we? ( Joseph)•jklggjjk ( Joseph) • Short Video • How it was before ( Veronica) • The Reform ( Aaron, Veronica) • Company Haus today ( Joseph- Demonstration, Aaron- Results)
  3. 3. Who are we?•jkggjjk
  4. 4. Short Video Play•jklggjjk
  5. 5. How was it before?•jklggjjk
  6. 6. How was it before?•jklggjjk
  7. 7. The Reform1. Establishing a 2. Education oncompanies office the new laws3. Designing an 4. Launch andelectronic registry perseverance
  8. 8. 1. Establishing a Company HausOffice
  9. 9. 2. Education on new laws
  10. 10. Publicity R istration  e-reg Th C pany e om is compulsory Hausisnow fo a e is gc m a ie . r ll x tin o p n s online p yh .g v.s m an aus o b It is E  free very C pan ust re-reg om y m ister by · Incorporateanew company ·R e-register anexisting 30 M arch 201 as part of the new  1 company C panies A om ct and to im ve  pro ·S ubmit your annual return registry services . ·C hangeyour company details ·S earchfor company, director There is no fee for re-registering. andshareholder detailsasfrom Y m simply complete a form and provide ou ust 1J 201 uly 0 some basic documentation. · G informationabout what a et Failure to re-register means that your company will company is, includingthenew be removed from the register and you will ha tove community company andsingle pa a fee to restore it to the register. y F more information call the company haus on or shareholder company. 2681 email esaramo@ 2‚‚ visit the Note: company haus on M endana A in front of the ve · P aymentsaretobemadethroughthe D epartment of C ommerce offices in H oniara‚ or treasury countersinH oniara, G izoor visit your provincial Department of C ommerce A uki. office . · B usinessN amesandC haritableTrusts registrationsarenot managedaspart of theC ompany H ausonlinesystem. · There-registrationperiodisopen Information and forms will also be distributed until 31M arch201, therefore 1 through various industry associations. detailsonlinearenot a recordof all companies. P B (mark a O ox ttention Registrar of Companies): G26 C ompany H aus D phone line: 2681 irect 2 Enquiries recommends F number (mark attention R ax egistrar of Companies): 25084 D phoneline: 2681 irect 2 undertakingphysical Email: searchesof records duringthistransitionperiod.
  11. 11. 3. The Electronic registry
  12. 12. 4. Launch (and perseverance)
  13. 13. Company Haus today-Demo
  14. 14. Company Haus today- Impact
  15. 15. Company Haus today- Impact
  16. 16. Company Haus today- Impact
  17. 17. Company Haus today- Impact
  18. 18. Company Haus today- Impact
  19. 19. ConclusionSo why haven’t you set up a company hereyet?