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Russia | Registry Scorecard

  1. 1. Registry Scorecard Russia
  2. 2. About Us• The Federal Tax Service administers registration of businesses & individual entrepreneurs.• Throughout the country 765 local tax offices do the registration.• Filing can be hard copy directly with FTS or via mail or via the Internet.• Registers can be searched by the public via the internet.
  3. 3. Statistics• As of January 1, 2013:• The Unifyed State Register of Legal Entities contained information on 4 539 349 active legal entities;• The Unifiyed State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs contained information on 3 912 158 active individual entrepreneurs• Total number of legal entities registered in 2012 – 436 751• Total number of individual entrepreneurs registered in 2012 – 578 436• Approximately 1 800 legal entities and 2 300 individual entrepreneurs are registered every day
  4. 4. Staffing• FTS has 150,000 staff• Directly involved in registration of businesses • Front office personnel – 1 200 • Back office analysis and decision making personnel – 1 100 • Data input into Unified State Register of Legal Entities/ Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs – 970 • Compilation and maintenance of files on legal entities and individual entrepreneurs - 690
  5. 5. Latest Features• Introduction of e-filing via internet, using mobile applications (for individual entrepreneurs) and through multifunctional centers for municipal and government services.• In 2012 individual entrepreneurs registration software has become available through App Store as an I-pad application.• Automatic exchange of information between registration authority and other governmental bodies.
  6. 6. Risks/Concerns• Simplification of registration procedure for legal entities requires implementation of additional safeguards / liability for abuse in this area