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Australia | Technology Case Study (Kathrine Morgan Wicks)


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Australia | Technology Case Study (Kathrine Morgan Wicks)

  1. 1. Technology Case Studies, new online registers – The Australian Business Names RegisterPresentation to the Corporate Registers ForumKathrine Morgan-Wicks,Senior Executive Registry Transformation13 March 2013
  2. 2. Australia: Quick Facts *New Zealand is about here somewhere
  3. 3. Welcome to the Business Names Register
  4. 4. What is the Business Names Register?• Register of names under which businesses trade in Australia• Key objective to ensure the public can identify the person/entity behind a business name• Consolidation of 8 State & Territory registers• System is 100% online
  5. 5. How does it compare to other ASIC registers• One of ASIC’s largest registers with 1.8M business names• Built on a new technology platform• System 100% online with almost all interactions online• Compare to companies register – 22 years old and only 75% online
  6. 6. Registry Transformation VisionDevelopment of the ASIC businessname system guided by vision:• Customer centric• Simple• Adds value to the Australian economy• 100% Online• High performing
  7. 7. Registry Transformation Journey2009/2010 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014April 2010: July 2010: December 2010: January 2012: 31 March 2012: 28 May 2012: 1 July 2012: January 2013*: To be To be To beOnline Margin New online Improved ASIC migrates New online New Online Carbon New SMSF Auditor confirmed*: confirmed*: confirmed*:Lending Credit Customer Charges Register search services National Credits Registration New online Registry RegistryLicensing Licensing Enquiry Service to the new & ASIC Connect Business Names New financial Service company replacement replacement system (Migrate National Personal launched (1st Service (2nd product Register online as registration complete – complete – Customer Property Securities ASIC Connect ASIC Connect authorisation an SMSF Auditor service and companies other registers Relationship Register, supportin service) service) for Carbon (Stronger Super registry register management g a Whole of Conduct free and Search, register Credits. Reforms). maintenance system) Government paid searches of and maintain a portals ASIC’s legacy mainframe registryApril 2010: New July 2010: initiative. ASIC’s public national systems (e.g. ASCOT) migrated October 2012: 1 July 2013*: Register aonline Credit New online registers via business name to new technology. Unlock new Business name Online service company viaRegistration financial ASIC’s new with ASIC. value from our public renewals to licence ASIC’ssystem reporting via online registry registers, allowing ASIC to move Accountants website, paying XBRL (SBR) website, paying November 2012: to a customer- providing by Credit Card. by Credit Card. Business names financial Maintain centric, simple, 100% June 2011: New maintain and cease advice (Future your details online, high-performing registry Revenue of Financial simply across business that adds value to the Management November 2012*: Australian economy. Advice registers. System (FSS) Joint ABN / Reforms) impacting registry business name services & unclaimed registration 1 July 2013*: 2013-2014 * monies. Register in one New Tax Agent Insolvency reform: transaction for an Registration New and changed ABN and national Service for registry reporting business name via financial planners requirements linked transaction Register online as between a financial Australian planner providing Business Register limited taxation and ASIC. advice. December 2012:* Australian Charities & Not for Last updated 6 March 2012 Profit Commission * Dates to be confirmed
  8. 8. Designed for customers• Online o Transact at a time and place convenient for you• Cutting red tape o Quicker, cheaper, easier o Applicants or their agents can transact directly• Customer focused o Pre-populated information from government databases• Help tools o ASIC can answer your queries along the way o Screen help, website, call centre, expert staff
  9. 9. Challenges of 100% online• Merger of paper-based registers• Built on a new untested technology platform• Designing new national processes while legislation still in development• Migration of unreliable data• Legislative uncertainties and political factors• Certain sectors resistant to doing business online (maybe 5%)
  10. 10. Where are we now?• 1.6M grandfathered business names transferred to register• 190,000 new registrations• 5M free online searches conducted• 92,000 maintain & cease transactions e.g. change details• 240,000 renewals issued
  11. 11. Registering a business name• An Australian business number is needed• Check name availability of proposed business names• Choose registration period (1 or 3 years)• Business holders details• Eligibility and declaration• Payment• Confirmation
  12. 12. Mia Kelly – sole trader• Small retail fashion business run from home in Perth• Growing national online trade• Registers a business name• Checks her details on the public business names register
  13. 13. Sign up toASIC Connect
  14. 14. Sign up toASIC Connect
  15. 15. Sign up toASIC Connect Enter details
  16. 16. ABNStep ABN Look up
  17. 17. Name step Prefilled ABN detailsEnter proposed name
  18. 18. Name resultsTraffic light result Similar names
  19. 19. Registration periodSelect 1 or 3 years Cancel your Save and come Save your work and application back later move to next step
  20. 20. Business name holder details – sole traderEnter• Birth details• Residential address• Email address
  21. 21. Business addresses– sole traderEnter• Address for service• Principal place of Business• Email• Mobile for SMS Address table
  22. 22. Eligibility step Declare anydisqualifications, convi ctions etc.
  23. 23. Declare step Declarations Authorisation to apply
  24. 24. Payment step Fee to be paid Pay now or pay later (within 10 days by invoice)
  25. 25. Confirmation step Congratulations! Record to keepOther things you can do
  26. 26. Searching thebusiness name indexMia’s business name
  27. 27. Searching thebusiness names index Free information about Mia’s business name
  28. 28. Support available• Customer Call Centre• Significant web content – Business names tab• User guides• Social media – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube• Subscription service• Business names booklet
  29. 29. Customer Call Centre• Enquiries well above forecast and funded levels – Currently 3,000 calls per day – Funded for 500 per day• More phones lines needed• More staff needed• New strategies for customers to transact electronically
  30. 30. User guides User guides
  31. 31. Facebook
  32. 32. YouTube
  33. 33. Twitter
  34. 34. Tips to going online• Stick to your online vision• Adapt it to your customer group• Be prepared to move on the detail when you get it wrong• Focus on technology stability (challenge this before deployment)• Define exceptions justifying paper and manage them as exceptions