Asset Management and Social Media: A Guide to Social Marketing


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This presentation is based on research from our recent guide – Asset Management & Social Media: A Guide to Social Marketing. The guide focuses on how asset management firms use popular social media platforms to connect directly with investors and financial advisors.

Inside, we examine LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ and discuss ways that firms can best leverage these networks. The slide deck concludes with a set of recommendations to help you optimize your firm’s social media marketing strategy.

Asset Management and Social Media: A Guide to Social Marketing

  2. 2. ABOUT CORPORATE INSIGHT2ABOUTUSConnect With UsCorporate Insight provides competitive intelligence and user experience research to the nation’s leadingfinancial institutions. For over 20 years, the firm has tracked technological developments in the financialservices industry, identifying best practices in online banking and investing, online insurance, mobilefinance, active trading platforms, social media and other emerging areas. There are no assumptions inCorporate Insight’s work – we use live accounts at all of the firms we research, providing our clients withunparalleled, unbiased intelligence on the competition.Corporate Insight welcomes the opportunity to speak with the media. If you are interested in citing ourresearch or would like to schedule an interview with our analysts, please contact IntermarketCommunications at 212-888-6115 or LAPOLLASenior Research Associate212-832-2002 x-121flapolla@corporateinsight.comBEN POUSTYMarketing Manager212-832-2002 x-134bpousty@corporateinsight.comMedia Inquiries
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS3TABLEOFCONTENTS Introduction Leveraging the Leading Social Networkso LinkedIn: Advisor Networkingo Twitter: Leading the Conversationo Facebook: Engaging Consumerso YouTube: Branding & Commentarieso Google+: What Does it Add? Five Takeaways for Asset Management Firms Corporate Insight Thought Leadership About the Author
  5. 5. 5INTRODUCTION BACKGROUNDThis presentation is based on researchfrom our recent guide – AssetManagement & Social Media: A Guideto Social Marketing. The guide focuseson how asset management firms usepopular social media platforms toconnect directly with investors andfinancial advisors.Inside, we examine LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook, YouTube and Google+ anddiscuss ways that firms can best leveragethese networks. The slide deck concludeswith a set of recommendations to helpyou optimize your firm’s social mediamarketing strategy.
  7. 7. TOP FIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS7LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSLinkedInToday’s business professionals turn to LinkedIn as a go-to resource for professionalnetworking. The site offers a strong resource for individuals hoping to network and finddiscussions on professional topics.TwitterTwitter offers asset management firms an opportunity to release brief blasts ofinformation, offering real-time insights on emerging issues and engaging with thebroader conversation about markets and investing.FacebookWith over a billion users worldwide, Facebook has wide visibility and entices marketerswith the promise of reaching huge swaths of people while they read updates fromfriends and family.YouTubeYouTube offers a platform for firms to upload streaming videos and create unique,corporate channels for individuals to peruse.Google+The second largest social networking site in the world with 359 million active users,Google+ remains largely ignored by the asset management industry. The network’svideo conferencing features and SEO qualities are enticing.
  8. 8. LINKEDIN: ADVISOR NETWORKING8LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSNetworkingAn American Century study finds that 90% of financialprofessionals have a social media account; 66% use LinkedIn.CommentaryLinkedIn offers firms a strong platform for delivering andpromoting commentaries and thought leaderships pieces.Product PromotionThe platform offers space where firms can market theirproducts and services, using images and explanations ofdifferent reasons to work with them.ProfessionalismLinkedIn’s strongest features is its reputation forprofessionalism and it’s users can be sure that the platform isused for addressing their professional identities.
  9. 9. LINKEDIN: ADVISOR NETWORKING9LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSiShares LinkedIn PageLinkedIn Leader: iShares The iShares LinkedIn company page presents followers with recent marketinsights currently being discussed on the firm’s blog . iShares promotes individual offerings while also highlighting educational resources onETFs, tools and customer service.
  10. 10. TWITTER: LEADING THE CONVERSATION10LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSConversationTwitter allows firms to spread current events, news,updates from a firm, engage with other market expertsand respond directly to comments made by clients.PromotionAsset management firms use Twitter to promote sitefeatures, services and fund products.Thought LeadershipTwitter lets firms promote thought leaders and industry experts and provides a strongchannel to increase their profile.Developing TrendsThe instantaneous nature of Twitter makes it the ideal platform for discussing emergingmarket issues. The hashtag system allows posts on a specific topic to be easily searchable.Twitter B2B Marketing Statistic from optify
  11. 11. TWITTER: LEADING THE CONVERSATION11LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSInvesco Twitter AccountTwitter Leader: Invesco Invesco has 70k+ followers and features links to commentaries, thoughtleadership pieces and articles from the financial press while promoting insightsfrom industry experts. Invesco posts streaming video pieces and articles from outside sources on itsfeed, allowing for an interactive experience.
  12. 12. FACEBOOK: ENGAGING CONSUMERS12LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSConsumer OrientedInvestors are likely not visiting the site to learn about business opportunities, thereforefirms work to connect with consumers using engaging ads, offers and other online content.SponsorshipsFacebook is used by many firms to promote corporate sponsorships such as sports teamsand charities in an effort to generate good will and get their name out.GamesFirms also leverage the visual layout ofFacebook by including games and appsfor users to enjoy during their sparetime. This practice helps build brandassociations and draws in a broaderaudience of visitors.
  13. 13. FACEBOOK: ENGAGING CONSUMERS13LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSPutnam Investment Facebook PageFacebook Leader: Putnam Investments Putnam does an excellent job of utilizing the image-based layout of Facebookthrough several large, eye-catching images which promote the firm’s commitmentto local communities. The firm also frequently promotes sponsorships of sports stars and teams onFacebook, broadening their visibility with the general public.
  14. 14. YOUTUBE: BRANDING & COMMENTARIES14LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSChannelsTop firms offer a dedicated channel which allows all of their videos to be accessible fromone location. This increases the chances visitors will watch multiple videos.PlaylistsFund firms offer specific playlists which allow the viewer to gain a comprehensiveperspective on the firm’s view on a given issue.Consumer FocusFirms messages on YouTube tend to be consumer-oriented advertisements andpresentations that include visually stimulating content. Popular topics include retirementand college savings.Special FeaturesFirms often overlook special YouTube features. These include customized presentationswith embedded videos, text and photos to provide a complete multimedia experience.
  15. 15. YOUTUBE: BRANDING & COMMENTARIES15LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSOppenheimerFunds YouTube PageYouTube Leader: OppenheimerFunds OppenheimerFunds’ channel features a strong consumer-oriented focus. The engagingvideos include graphs that move as the hosts explains concepts. Several playlists are also offered and the firm’s social media presence is well-branded tohelp consumers associate them with global investing.
  16. 16. GOOGLE+: WHAT DOES IT ADD?16LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSAestheticsGoogle+ shares many similarities with Facebook, offering a visually-oriented feed thatfocuses on social connections.PrivacyThe platform tries to set itself apart with “Circles” where users can separate theirconnections into groups such as friends, professional acquaintances, etc.Video ConferencingMany experts are enthusiastic about Google+Hangouts. This feature enables up to ninepeople to participate in a video conference withthe ability could be useful for advisor incommunicating with clients and pitchingto prospects.
  17. 17. GOOGLE+: WHAT DOES IT ADD?17LEVERAGINGTHELEADINGSOCIALNETWORKSFranklin Templeton Google+ PageGoogle+ Leader: Franklin Templeton Franklin Templeton primarily promotes thought leadership pieces and commentariesfrom the firm’s experts. The firm uses colorful imagery in promoting the firm’s products and services.
  19. 19. FIVE TAKEAWAYS FOR ASSET MANAGEMENT FIRMS19FIVETAKEAWAYSFORASSETMANAGEMENTFIRMS#1 Focus on Individual Platform Strengths & Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Approach#2 Capitalize on LinkedIn’s Abundant Business NetworkingOpportunities#3 Engage in Consumer Promotions on Twitter, Facebook,YouTube, and Google+#4 Maintain a Visual Focus When Appropriate#5 Remember: Social Media is a Two-Way Street
  21. 21. CORPORATE INSIGHT THOUGHT LEADERSHIP21CORPORATEINSIGHTTHOUGHTLEADERSHIPWhitepaper: Millennials Opportunity WhitepaperThis whitepaper examines the marketing tactics, strategies and online resourcesleading financial institutions are using to connect with Millennials. This is alsoavailable as a slide deck.Slide Deck: Apple iOS 7: Ideas for Financial Services FirmsApple iOS 7: Ideas for Financial Services Firms explains how firms can leverage thenew features in iOS 7 to make their mobile apps more user-friendly.Mobile Infographic: Android vs. Apple App Development Across FinancialServicesMobile Trend Infographic compares Android and Apple iOS app development acrossthe financial services industry.Slide Deck: Brokerage iPhone apps: Examining the Mobile User ExperienceThis study examined the brokerage industry’s most popular mobile apps focusing ondesign and core features like trade order entry and stock quotes.
  22. 22. ABOUT THE AUTHOR22ABOUTTHEAUTHORFRED LAPOLLASENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATEMUTUAL FUND MONITOR AND ADVISOR MONITORFred LaPolla is a Senior Research Associate on Corporate Insight’s Mutual FundMonitor and Advisor Monitor teams. He has conducted extensive research in thefund space, focusing on the asset management industry’s use of the Web, socialmedia and other technologies to reach investors and service clients and financialadvisors. This study is the result of Fred’s ongoing research into the social mediapresences offered by leading fund companies and the social strategies they employ.Fred graduated from George Washington University in 2008 and is currentlypursuing a master’s degree. He has been a member of the Corporate Insight teamsince 2011.CONTACT FRED:T: 212-832-2002 x-121E: