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Apple iOS 7: Ideas for Financial Services Firms


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Apple’s announcement of iOS 7 has fans and the tech world buzzing. Apple claims iOS 7 to be “the world's most advanced mobile OS” with its brand new design and a comprehensive list of new features.

Regardless of whether iOS 7’s features are actually new or playing catch up to the Android, there are a number of capabilities in the update that financial service firms may be able to use to make their apps more user-friendly.

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Apple iOS 7: Ideas for Financial Services Firms

  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS2TABLEOFCONTENTS Introduction iOS 7 Ideas for Financial Services Firmso Automatic Updates: Intelligent Schedulingo More Powerful Passbook: The Next Digital Wallet?o Apple Maps: Walking Directionso Notification Center: Today is All About You About Corporate Insight
  4. 4INTRODUCTION APPLE iOS 7Apple’s announcement of iOS 7 has fans and the tech world buzzing. Apple claimsiOS 7 to be “the worlds most advanced mobile OS” with its brand new design anda comprehensive list of new features.Regardless of whether iOS 7’s features are actually new or playing catch up to theAndroid, there are a number of capabilities in the update that financial servicefirms may be able to use to make their apps more user-friendly.
  6. AUTOMATIC UPDATESINTELLIGENT SCHEDULING iOS 7 will make the users’ lives easier by allowing them to intelligentlyschedule updates and downloads. Users will be able to initiate automatic updates when the device is on andconnected to Wi-Fi. This will not only save time but also help with data andbattery consumption.6APPLEIOS7IDEASiOS 7 Update Features
  7. AUTOMATIC UPDATES IDEASINCREASE CONTENT VISIBILITY If a financial service firm releases a newsletter or daily briefing after themarket closes each day, they can offer push notifications to let clients know anew edition is available for download. Users can then set the firm’s app to download the new item to their phonebefore their commute home.7APPLEIOS7IDEASiOS 7 Automatic Updates
  8. MORE POWERFUL PASSBOOKSMALL BUT SIGNIFICANT ADDITION8APPLEIOS7IDEASiOS 7 Passbook Passbook is an iOS app for iPhone users to storecoupons, airline and train tickets, event tickets,rewards cards, and other forms of mobile payment. With the new iOS 7 update, Passbook can now scanQR codes where previously it could only downloadfrom email, web or other iOS apps. This update will make acquiring Passbook-compatible merchandise like tickets, coupons anddeals significantly easier.
  9. IDEAS FOR PASSBOOKTHE NEXT DIGITAL WALLET?9APPLEIOS7IDEAS Passbook’s expanded options for acquiring offers, deals and other items is agreat marketing opportunity for financial services firms, particularly creditcard issuers and banks with rewards programs. If financial service firms allow users to link a checking account or a creditcard, Passbook could serve as a full-fledged mobile payment system.iOS 7 Code Scanner
  10. APPLE MAPSWALKING DIRECTIONS The history of iOS navigation apps is long andunfavorable. From Google Maps to the Wazebidding war, previous iOS versions haven’t beenable to make users completely happy. iOS 7 now offers walking directions: turn-by-turnnavigation and inclinometer support to feedinformation on hills and such into the app. Maps also gets a night mode which makes iteasier on your eyes when driving in the dark.10APPLEIOS7IDEASiOS 7 Walking Navigation
  11. APPLE MAPS IDEASCATER TO URBAN USERS This new feature allows financial service firms to better support citycustomers who often walk to financial institutions or ATMs. With local search support, reviews and photos of the locations, firms canalso provide additional information such as operating hours and services.11APPLEIOS7IDEASiOS 7 Location InformationiOS 7 Walking Navigation
  12. NOTIFICATION CENTERTODAY IS ALL ABOUT YOU The Notification Center has been completelyredesigned and is easier to access, making itmore convenient for users to scroll throughtheir latest messages, emails, photos andother notifications. iOS 7 also includes a new Today tab which listsactivities scheduled for the day and contains aMissed tab displaying missed calls.12APPLEIOS7IDEASiOS 7 Notification Center
  13. NOTIFICATION CENTER IDEASTIMELY REMINDERS Financial services firms could offer to syncalerts, reminders and due dates with theToday tab. If customers have a credit card bill due, or atransaction set to be executed at a specifictime, they could receive mobile alerts thatare timely and highly visible.13APPLEIOS7IDEASNotification Center: Missed TabSample Notification
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