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2016 Monitor Awards Gold Winners: Mutual Funds


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Corporate Insight is delighted to unveil our fifteenth annual Mutual Fund Monitor Awards, offering a broad benchmarking of the asset management industry across five key sectors. Within each of these categories, we award Monitor Awards in gold, silver and bronze, assessing how firms meet our criteria.

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2016 Monitor Awards Gold Winners: Mutual Funds

  1. 1. Mutual Fund Monitor 2016 Gold Medal Winners
  2. 2. Corporate Insight provides competitive intelligence, consulting and user experience research to the nation's leading financial, health and education institutions. For more than two decades, the firm has tracked technological developments in the end-user online experience, identifying best practices in online financial services and investing, mobile finance, social media and other emerging areas. Corporate Insight offers subscription-based Monitor services in 14 verticals, including banking, healthcare and alumni relations, along with custom research, digital capabilities audits, special studies, user research and other consulting services. The firm helps its clients— including 70% of the financial services firms in the Fortune 500—to remain at the forefront of industry trends and improve their competitive position. About CI 2 Connect with CI
  3. 3. Corporate Insight is delighted to unveil our fifteenth annual Mutual Fund Monitor Awards, offering a broad benchmarking of the asset management industry across five key sectors. Within each of these categories, we award Monitor Awards in gold, silver and bronze, assessing how firms meet our criteria. As in past years, we assign the Gold Medal to firms that present exceptional offerings within given categories. We award a Silver Medal for firms that offer similar value but lack some of the outstanding attributes and functions of the best offerings. We give the Bronze Medal to firms that offer a unique or noteworthy service or functionality but do not meet the highest standards for a given category. Changes to rankings and awarded medals from previous iterations of the same category were predominantly influenced by this year’s site revamps. Additionally, we have adjusted the grading criteria weights in order to reflect industry best practices. Mutual Fund Monitor Awards 3 Connect with CI
  4. 4. Medal Chart 4 Connect with CI
  5. 5. Category Overview Public Site Homepages Private Site Landing Pages Fund Screeners Educational Resources Product Launches and Campaigns Promote Your Firm’s 2016 Monitor Awards! Corporate Insight is happy to assist all award-winning firms in promoting their honors. For more information and for examples of past promotions, contact us at
  6. 6. The public homepage is a website’s face to the world—the place where investors form first impressions. Homepages play a critical role in in engaging clients and prospects. As such, it is essential for firms to provide a well-balanced, responsive, attractive homepage that incorporates a solid selection of quick links to popular pages and features. Promotion of products and commentary helped firms get graded more favorably. We evaluated homepages on the design elements, links to features, readability, visuals and promotions. Public Site Homepages 6 Franklin Templeton retains the gold medal for its public investor homepage. The public homepage was revamped in December 2015 and includes responsive design, intuitively placed links and increased emphasis on product promotions. © CORPORATE INSIGHT
  7. 7. Private Site Landing Pages 7 Private homepages showcase important account information and provide a portal to key investment figures. Account holders are looking to quickly access pertinent account details, transaction histories and fund performance. The content, functionality and design of the private site landing pages are pivotal to the user experience. This category rewards firms that employ a concise, well-organized layout that includes a summary of important account information. Private homepages that afford users the ability to view portfolio balances, display a visual representation of account performance and directly retrieve statements were highly rated. © CORPORATE INSIGHT Following a site revamp in January, T. Rowe Price significantly enhanced its private site landing page and earned the gold medal. The revamp introduced a mobile- and tablet-friendly design to the private homepage, allowing users to quickly access balances, statements and account maintenance tasks.
  8. 8. Fund Screeners 8 To compete with the plethora of fund research available online, many asset management firms provide fund screeners allowing users to input data that fits their specific needs. In our analysis, we focused on the breadth of editable criteria, favoring firms with in-depth search filters, sortable tables and links to buy funds directly from the results page. Specifically, we scored firms on findability, criteria available, presentation of results and other value- add features. © CORPORATE INSIGHT Fidelity retains the gold medal for outpacing competitors with its comprehensive fund screener that merges an effective variety and complexity of inputs with a simple, dynamic and user-friendly interface. In addition to comprehensive tool inputs, the firm displays the results alongside the search criteria and successfully promotes Fidelity funds by displaying matching funds at the top of the results view.
  9. 9. Educational Resources 9 Financial literacy is an ongoing struggle in the United States, so it is in the best interest of asset managers to offer their prospects the necessary tools to improve. In this category, we look for firms that offer engaging educational resources that span a variety of investing topics through different formats, as well as content that caters to different investor segments. Educational resources were evaluated based on the range of topics, content format, printability, sharing options, findability and presentation. © CORPORATE INSIGHT American Funds enters the educational resources category and is awarded the gold medal. The firm presents content in a clear way and covers a wide range of topics spanning from retirement planning, college savings and investor resources.
  10. 10. Product Launches and Campaigns 10 This category explores how firms promote new products and educate investors about their new offerings through campaigns. A strong introduction when unveiling new products and services is key to outlining its functions and advantages. We reviewed firms that launched new campaigns this year and assessed their promotion methods. Our analysis examines the depth of content in the campaigns and also the different ways firms publicize product launches through press releases, emails and promotional images on the homepage. Campaigns with robust materials, interactive features and strong promotions were highly rewarded in the grading process. © CORPORATE INSIGHT Fidelity earns the gold medal for its Fidelity Go campaign. The robo-advisor platform, which is monitored by investment professionals, allows investors to construct a strategy, asset allocation mix and portfolio. The firm offers a page on the investor site that features a video and an accompanying FAQ page introducing the service. Users can access the robo-advisor tool from a microsite, which thoroughly explains the associated fees and application of the tool.
  11. 11. 11 Connect with CI Senior Analyst Advisor Monitor and Mutual Fund Monitor 646-929-5158 Erika Fazekas Contact Us