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Employee Engagement Across Cultures, Countries and Companies


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Christine Uber Grosse: Employee Engagement Across Cultures, Countries and Companies

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Employee Engagement Across Cultures, Countries and Companies

  1. 1. Employee Engagement across Cultures,Countries & Companies Christine Uber Grosse Thunderbird, School of Global Management
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Employee Engagement across Cultures• Cultural Dimensions• Transnational Engagement• Global Companies & Engagement
  3. 3. Introduction• From Burnout to Engagement• New York to Helsinki• From Thunderbird to Aalto
  4. 4. Employee Engagement Across Cultures• Engagement & the psychological contract• Do languages & cultures matter?• Globalization vs localization• Research & cultural understanding• Perceived breach of promise
  5. 5. Engagement across Cultures• Engagement theory• Psychological contract• Cultural differences• Reciprocal and mutual exchange • Voluntary action and choice
  6. 6. Cultural Differences• Hiring practices• Contracts (length, written, breach)• Definition of high performance• Feedback• Group vs individual performance
  7. 7. Game Changers• Globalization• Immigration• Diversity• Multiculturalism
  8. 8. Cultural Dimensions• Individualism vs Collectivism• Power Distance & Hierarchy• Risk Aversion• Time Orientation• High vs Low Context
  9. 9. Trust• Doing business with people you know• Building the business relationship• Breaches of psychological contract & trust
  10. 10. Promises, Promises• A promise made is a promise kept• Is the promise “we’ll do it” or “we’ll try to do it”?• “In Spain, when we say something, we have to do it.”
  11. 11. When Yes Means No• Courtesy• Indirectness• Face saving• Keep negotiation open• Ex: planner in Peru, negotiation in Japan
  12. 12. When No Means Yes• Invitation to eat or drink: Chinese• Politeness• Indirectness
  13. 13. When Maybe Means No• Invitation: Indonesia, Mexico• Interest in product or service• Face saving• Hierarchy• Indirectness• Courtesy
  14. 14. Contracts• Written vs oral contracts • “Put everything in writing” • “Put nothing in writing”• Mexico & Spain • permanent employment & oral contract• US • written contracts & for specific term• China • Ongoing negotiation
  15. 15. Transnational Engagement• Brazil• India• Mexico• South Africa• China
  16. 16. Brazil• Video Clip and Commentary
  17. 17. India• Video Clip and Commentary
  18. 18. Mexico• Video clip and Commentary
  19. 19. South Africa• Standard Bank• Zulu & Ndaba Ntsele• Nelson Mandela
  20. 20. China• Appliance Company
  21. 21. Global Companies & Engagement• Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For• Google• Marriott
  22. 22. Google• Google in Finland• Hiring 6,200 employees
  23. 23. Marriott• Employee of month• Global practices
  24. 24. Conclusions• Competitive advantage of language and cultural knowledge• Local and global best practices in engagement• Power of research• Intercultural communication skills • Awareness, attitude, knowledge, skill
  25. 25. Kiitos!