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Corporate Spirit Newsletter 01/2013


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Corporate Spirit Newsletter 01/2013

  1. 1. Corporate Spirit CS Ltd | HR Intelligence to support business success. | 1/2013Corporate Spirit sets its sights on SwedenCorporate Spirit, an HR Intelligence house specialising in international employee surveys and “I cherish this opportunity to be part of an international research company that is about to establish a competitiveleadership assessments, is expanding its operations in the Swedish market by opening a subsidiary position in Sweden.” Helena explains her motives to joinin Stockholm. Having already carried out employee survey projects for Swedish companies over Corporate Spirit: “There are obviously larger domesticseveral years, setting up a new company is a clear sign of Corporate Spirit’s increasing commitment and international players out there, but having seen theto the highly competitive Swedish research market. Helena Fernström, an experienced quality of our research tools and the exceptional attitude of our people, I am certain that Corporate Spirit has whatspecialist within the fields of human resources research and organisational development, it takes to succeed”.has been appointed as Country Manager from April 1st, 2013. Having executed hundreds ofinternational employee surveys incorporating value-adding insights and interpretation, Juha Ala-Lipasti, Managing Director of the SwedishHelena thinks Corporate Spirit has what it takes to get a firm foothold in her native country. subsidiary, agrees. Corporate Spirit aims to make an impact, counting on its abilities to create added value for client investments in organisational and leadership development projects. “Our objective is to provide employee engagement surveys, 360° leadership assessments and utilisation services of the highest quality, tailored to fit the individual needs of our Swedish customers. Following our company values of customer values, an inspiring atmosphere, high quality and constant development in everything we do, I am sure that we can make a difference.” There is plenty of work at hand, but with a clear roadmap and positive atmosphere, Helena and Juha are determined to succeed. Being the challenger with new ideas and an advanced, practical service package is something that has already raised interest: it all comes down to emphasising the benefits and presenting them in an attractive way that is relevant to the customer. “Combining a new kind of approach with thorough knowledge about the Swedish market gives us an excellent platform for positioning ourselves in a way that makes sense to the customers,” Helena explains. “In times of constant change, human resources have become an essential success factor. The development of HR should not be treated as a one-off effort: it needs to be included in all strategic thinking. In Sweden, organisations have realised that – and it is also an area in which Corporate Spirit can really help them.” Country Manager Helena Fernström and Managing Director Juha Ala-Lipasti are ready to take the next step to help Corporate Spirit establish a firm foothold in the Swedish employee survey market.
  2. 2. EDITORIAL Talent Management EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTPossibilitiesof growthDuring recent years, Corporate Spirit has madesystematical investments in new survey conceptsand systems. At the same time, we have had thepleasure of attracting several new, significantclients. While our development efforts haveproven to be important and prominent, theyhave also taken us closer to the limits of domesticgrowth.Consequently, new strategic leaps require newdimensions. Strengthening our position inneighbouring markets and increasing our marketshare, there is a natural growth direction. Thesurveys that we have carried out show thatboth the time and the place are right for ournext significant move.Corporate Spirit grows and internationalises in aprofitable way. Possessing long-term experienceand a clear view about how we want to developinternational employee surveys, we aim to leadthe way in Sweden, too. Nowadays, traditional How to create asatisfaction surveys are not able to meet evolvingdemands of successful companies; neither canthey support business strategies sufficiently.An engagement-focused employee survey,however, provides substantial support for workplace where people can flourishbusiness strategies. An experienced partner canhelp a company to focus its operations on theright issues and reach its objectives effectively, and be able to showso that success can be achieved even underchanging market conditions. Corporate Spiritprovides professional help in these matters; their bestalong with Sweden, we plan to establishourselves in other Nordic countries, as well as inselected markets in Central Europe.I would like to wish our readers a sunny springand hope to meet you on 16th April at our An enabling workplace engages Turning engagement into actiontraditional Back-to-Basics seminar! people to really boost the company Commitment, Leadership and Performance In 2011, Corporate Spirit conducted one of Culture are the most essential drivers of Kind regards, the most extensive employee engagement engagement. While these drivers interact Jukka Pohjola Managing Director base surveys in 21 countries (N=ca. 40,000). with and affect one another, creating a Based on the results, we were able to foundation for actual performance, potential define the most important factors driving does not turn into results automatically. The employee engagement globally. The eventual platform for actual performance must be outcome of the survey was the design of built in a professional manner, considering a completely new employee engagement engagement drivers and individual company survey concept. It is common knowledge features, such as its organisational culture, nowadays, backed by a large amount of values, working methods and atmosphere. scientific evidence, that engagement strongly drives the Actual Performance of almost any Sometimes, organisations that have substan- organisation. For example, John Macleod’s tially improved the quality of their leadership report to the UK Government (2009) states: and have paid plenty of attention to increas- “Employee engagement is the most important ing their employees’ commitment succeed in factor in creating outstanding organizational improving their actual performance only mar- performance.” ginally. This is where paying attention to daily
  3. 3. Talent ManagementEngagement and its main drivers Commitment Actual, observable performance Leadership Engagement Customer satisfaction, sick leaves, personnel turnover, Performance culture Enabling workplace EBITDA comes in. Being able to dis- their daily tasks efficiently while having the which, in addition to engagement, also measurecover and remedy small details that prevent independence to re-think and innovate new the highly necessary issues of enablement.employees from unleashing their full potential ways to flourish. Our concept also features open-endedmay lead to a wide variety of substantial benefits. questions, answered in the participant’s native Usually it does not take that much to turn language. After all, the particular issues aroundThe quality of actual performance engagement into action. The walls may seem enablement are, for the most part, best dealtis in the details high at first, but all it may take to send them with locally. tumbling down is a couple of observationsEven employees who in principle are ex- and ideas. So, to build a successful workplace where peopletremely enthusiastic and engaged may find can flourish and can and will show their bestthe prerequisites to do their job nonexistent, PeoplePower® – from engagement requires both an enabling workplace – “can”–or seemingly irrelevant issues hindering them to enablement and a high level of engagement – “will”.from performing as they would really like to.To fully utilise a high engagement level, the It is often said: “What you measure is what you The ability to see this big picture is one of thecompany must offer an enabling workplace. get”. But it also goes the other way round: most essential success factors for any organisation.Employees must feel that they have sufficient “What you don’t measure is what you won’t get”. With Corporate Spirit’s comprehensive set ofinformation, relevant materials and proper advanced tools and our expertise in utilisingequipment to do their job in an effective way. Knowing this, we have built questions into them in an effective manner, we can help you toAn encouraging atmosphere needs to be es- our PeoplePower® employee engagement turn your employees’ potential into uncontestedtablished in order to enable them to carry out survey (mainly under Performance Culture) competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Faces & Places Corporate Spirit has appointed the following specialists: Johanna Keränen Leena Antikainen Helena Fernström Researcher Project Assisstant Country Manager Espoo Espoo StockholmMeet us in MEET US ATStockholm! 16.4.2013 Back-to-Basics 2013 seminar, Espoo, Finland You are welcome to visit the brand new 21.5.2013 600Min HR, Oslo, Norway Corporate Spirit office in the heart of the Swedish capital and to discuss new 29.5.2013 600Min HR, Copenhagen, Denmark opportunities to measure and improve your employee engagement. 5.6.2013 600Min HR, Holland, Bussum Corporate Spirit in Sweden, Birger Jarlsgatan 2, 6.6.2013 600Min HR, Switzerland, Zurich 5th floor, 11434 Stockholm. Feel free to drop by! 16.10.2013 600Min HR, Sweden, Stockholm Tuesday 16th April at Innopoli 1, Espoo, Finland Specialist views and case studies on how to support future leadership by measuring and utilising employee engagement. For further information and registration, please get in touch with your Corporate Spirit contact person or your nearest office. Editor-in-chief: Jukka Pohjola | Editor: Piia Aalto | Layout: Mainostoimisto Dynastia | Printed by: TEMA-TEAM 12554-13 | Circulation: 12 000Corporate Valkjärventie 7 A, 02130 Espoo, Finland, ☎ +358 9 452 0730 Läntinen Pitkäkatu 33, 20100 Turku, Finland, ☎ +358 2 274 3100 Employee surveys 360° leadership assessments Spirit Birger Jarlsgatan 2, 5 tr, 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden, ☎ + 46 8 505 65 171 Internal co-operation surveys Dronning Eufemias Gate 16, 0191 Oslo, Norway, ☎ +47 2 389 8880 CS Ltd Management team assessments 20 Broadwick Street, Soho, W1F 8HT, London, UK, ☎ +44 870 366 93 35 Solutions for utilising the surveys