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Corporate Spirit Newsletter 3/2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Corporate Spirit Newsletter 3/2013

  1. 1. Corporate Spirit has carried out employee engagement surveys for Tamro for several years. To further improve the overall convenience and encourage employees to participate, an online survey was introduced for Tamro’s warehouse personnel in 2012. Human Resources Director Jenni Kosonen says that the change was inspired by both the ease and by the environmental aspects. Since switching to a paperless survey also meant better cost efficiency, the change was just about inevitable. “As half of the people participating in the survey work in warehouses, they donothaveregularaccesstocomputers.So,weprovidediPadsespeciallyfor this purpose. We worked together with Corporate Spirit to adjust the visual elements a bit just to make it look good and work perfectly on the iPad. All in all, implementing the online survey was also extremely convenient from the IT department’s point of view.” The Cixtranet® survey system is browser-based, which meant it required practically no preparation work from Tamro’s IT department. Tapio Kuosma,Tamro’s IT specialist, says that the only task was the quick iPad configurations to prepare the tablets for the survey. “We have been discussing with Corporate Spirit about introducing an online survey for the whole company. Since environmental issues play a significant role in Tamro’s daily operations, we wanted to see how that might work in our warehouses in practice. Obviously, answering the questions online makes it easier to participate, as all the participants needed to do was to follow the link to the survey website.” Special events were held at each location to encourage participation, but employees also had the opportunity to fill out the form whenever and wherever it suited them best. Throughout the survey, Cixtranet® operated flawlessly. No technical issues emerged, while both the simple layout and the whole idea of doing the survey online were praised. The participation rate climbed to 74.2, which meant a slight increase from previous paper surveys. All in all, Jenni Kosonen was very pleased with how smoothly the project ran. “Multilingual survey system was one of the further benefits of the online survey. Analysing and reporting took place in the usual reliable way. The online survey also proved to be a cost-efficient way to collect data – even taking the price of the iPads into account, it was competitive against the old paper surveys.” The next employee survey is already planned. Together with Corporate Spirit,Tamro aims to refine and develop methods to ensure that evolving needs and requirements are met in the best possible way. After testing Cixtranet® online data collection, one thing seems permanent: the age of old-fashioned paper surveys seems to be over for good. Tamro develops first-class services for the promotion of wellbeing. The company’s wide range of services includes various information, logistics, marketing, sales and registration expert services. Employing approximately 400 people, Tamro is part of the PHOENIX Group, one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical distributors. Corporate Spirit CS Ltd | HR Intelligence to support business success. | 3/2013 Noreturntopaper:onlinepersonnel surveyinwarehouseenvironment Jenni Kosonen, Human Resources Director, Tamro Finland LOOKING GOOD! Tamro'sTapio Kuosma and Jenni Kosonen like the outcome of their online personnel survey.
  2. 2. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTChanging environmentsEDITORIAL In my ten years in employee and leadership research I have worked with different kinds of companies, representing a wide variety of industries. However, it still strikes me how many similaritiestherearewhenitcomestochallenges related to business performance. What are the “right” ingredients, or the key success factors, for a company to remain a high-performing organisation, with strong customer loyalty and financial success?That seems to be the universal questioninmostcompaniesandorganisations. We all know that there are no magic tricks guaranteeing automatic success. At the end of theday,basicthingsmakeaworldofdifference. Achieving and maintaining a competitive edge requires hard work and ongoing processes for continuous improvement. Withthisinmindit’sinterestingtoreflecton someofthefuturechallengesforbusinesses In times of economic uncertainty businesses that can quickly adapt to change and competition are the successful ones. The need for agile organisations and flexible processes will become moreandmorevital. Leaders hold the key to empowering their people and the organisation.Therefore, understanding and preparingforfutureleadershiprequirementsandskills isessentialinordertokeepdevelopingthebusiness. The war of talents – recruiting and retaining the right employees with the right skills – is won by attractive organisations. Employer branding should be carefully designed, but at the same time it only comes about through genuine action from individual employees. A strong company culture is the platform that employees and leaders can rely on while the environment is swirling with changes. Shared values and the will to work hard for these are important cornerstones in the future success of any organisation. Helena Fernström, Country Manager, Sweden Future Challenges forBusinesses In leadership workshops, it is rather easy to get managers to talk about what kind of qualities they expect of their own bosses. It turns tricky, though, when they start analysing themselves in the light of their own expectations. Am I the kind of manager I wish my boss would be? Have the features of good leadership been identified in our company? Have managerial tasks been defined explicitly so that I can compare my know-how against them? Even in changing situations, good managers must be able to strengthen the employees’ understanding of the common primary task of their team and each individual’s primary tasks – the things that entitle them to their pay. A performance appraisal once or twice a year is not enough. This interaction has to be present in everyday working life and a manager needs to pay attention all the time. This is why agreeing on, complying with and, where necessary, updating common rules is becoming more and more important, especially in terms of ensuring that business operations are both timely and relevant. Changes in the internal or external operating environment may force organisations to change structures and procedures abruptly, thus raising several questions. How do you engage and motivate your supervisors? What managerial input is needed to implement the desired changes? How do you ensure that employees do exactly what they’re supposed to do, regardless of general uncertainty both within the company and outside of it? Good leadership contributing to an organisation’s success only comes about if all members of a work community understand their responsibility. Even an excellent manager is not able to turn sour grapes into fine wine by merely doing or saying things. A good manager doesn’t shy away from intervening constructively in challenging situations in the work community, before Leadership in a constantly changing environment Theworldis notenough
  3. 3. Corporate Spirit has concluded an agreement with Airports Council International Europe (ACI) to provide a new global, industry- specific employee engagement survey for European airports. The ACI Europe AirPeople™ Employee Engagement Survey is specifically targeted at the global airport industry. Its main objective is to help leaders create a high-performance airport culture, regardless of the airport’s size, location or business model. The AirPeople™ engagement survey is a new initiative that aims to foster higher levels of engagement among airport personnel. Engagement, in turn, is strongly associated with better business results. AirPeople™ is available in over 40 languages. It works as a three-stage tool: employees receive personal links to the questionnaire, data from answers is saved in a database and reported in a web-based system. The questionnaire contains both standard and industry-specific structured questions, as well as open-ended questions. The open- ended questions can be tailored for each organisation’s specific needs . ACI Europe represents over 450 airports, as well as numerous airport operators, national airport associations, educational establishments and world business partners in 44 European countries. The ACI engagement survey concept has been designed by industry and survey specialists and developed in cooperation with Corporate Spirit and This Is Ltd. The two companies will also conduct the surveys. Creatinga high-performance airportculture Changing environments they become too massive to address in a result-oriented way. Members of the work community can be taught to receive feedback and to see their own actions and behaviour as part of a bigger picture. Flexibility, the ability to tolerate uncertainty and adaptability are skills that constantly need development in all personnel groups in an organisation. The age-old saying“Treat others as you wish others would treat you”is still one of the most important rules in any work community. The expectations placed on leadership are continually increasing. Studies tell us that less and less people are willing to become managers. Yet, if you take it as a possibly rewarding challenge, being a manager can be a wonderful expedition into oneself. After all, who would not want to become a bit wiser in the course of this lifelong journey? Soile Brushane, Senior Consultant, Corporate Spirit
  4. 4. Valkjärventie 7 A, 02130 Espoo, Finland, ☎ +358 9 452 0730 Läntinen Pitkäkatu 33, 20100Turku, Finland, ☎ +358 2 274 3100 Birger Jarlsgatan 2, 5 tr, 114 34 Stockholm, Sweden, ☎ + 46 8 505 65 171 Dronning Eufemias Gate 16, 0191 Oslo, Norway, ☎ +47 2 389 8880 20 Broadwick Street, Soho,W1F 8HT, London, UK, ☎ +44 870 366 93 35 Av.GolfdeManquehue9750,LoBarnechea,Santiago,Chile,☎+56956288292 employee surveys 360°assessments Internal co-operations surveys solutions for utilisingthe surveys and assessments Editor-in-chief:JukkaPohjola | Editor:MariKaarnavaara-Puutio | Layout:MainostoimistoDynastia | Printedby:TEMA-TEAM12374-13 | Circulation:7000 Corporate Spirit CSLtd Faces & Places Corporate Spirit has appointed the following specialists: Veronica Gustafson RegionalDirector SouthAmerica, SantiagodeChile Anna-Mari Fagerström ResearchManager Espoo Terhi Giorgiani ResearchManager Espoo Nina Rokala Assistant Espoo Corporate Spirit opened an agency in Santiago de Chile in August. Veronica Gustafson has been appointed Regional Director for South America. Veronica has been the representative of a client of ours for years. She has conducted several PeoplePower® employee engagement surveys together with Corporate Spirit. Her knowledge and experience of our services and people will certainly help her to establish a firm foothold in an interesting market area full of opportunities! A new research industry ISO 20252:2012 certificate has been granted to Corporate Spirit’s quality system, also covering the operations of our Swedish subsidiary. The certificate covers management of our research activities, data collection, information management, data processing and our reporting system. As proof of the quality and reliability of our operations, our quality system has been awarded a recognised, impartial ISO certificate every year since 2010. Corporate Spirit has been audited four times in a row without any deviations or comments. CorporateSpirit entersSouthAmerica! Arenewedcertificate forourqualitysystem 16.10.2013 600min HR, , Stockholm, Sweden 23.–25.10.2013 Airport Leadership and Change Management Forum & Exhibition, Bologna, Italy 14.11.2013 600min HR, Munich, Germany 29.1.2014 600min HR, Helsinki, Finland MEETUSAT