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Corporate Spirit CS Ltd | HR Intelligence to support business success. | 1/2012            Ian Barclay, Deployment Leader,...
EDITORIAL                                                                                                    Cixtranet3® t...
Cixtranet3® technologyThe five ways Cixtranet3®adds value to your research1. Continuous support at all phases             ...
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Corporate spirit newsletter 1/2012


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Leadership Assessments, Cixtranet3 Survey System is one of the world's most advanced survey systems

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Corporate spirit newsletter 1/2012

  1. 1. Corporate Spirit CS Ltd | HR Intelligence to support business success. | 1/2012 Ian Barclay, Deployment Leader, Clariant International Ltd”Successful performance management meansgoals, support and two-way feedback” Clariant International Ltd is a world leader in colours, sur- face effects and performance chemicals. Headquartered in Muttenz near Basel, Switzerland and employing more than 22,000 people, Clariant is represented by more than 100 group companies on all five continents. The company’s Clariant Excellence program includes a spe- cific program of People Excellence, led by Ian Barclay, to enhance its organisational performance. Corporate Spirit’s 360° feedback leadership assessment tool is being used by the entire Executive Committee and all Global Managers to develop a culture of feedback and continuous improvement. Corporate Spirit worked closely with Clariant to create a sur- vey aligned with their Values. The Values express how every- body in Clariant can contribute to sustainable value creation. Ian Barclay emphasizes that every company striving for long-term success must be able to set the right kind of goals – goals that stretch the comfort zone and encourage employees to make the most of their capabilities. The staff’s role in the big picture needs to be clarified and fully explained. Sufficient support must also be provided to help employees go the extra mile. A productive organisation is a team that strives for common goals. Improving efficiency begins by listening and paying atten- tion to employees’ ideas and views about their work. The key is to create an atmosphere favouring giving and receiving feedback and to develop a company culture based on this. “During the 360° assessments which have been carried out for 1,200 Clariant leaders after the initial People Excellence leadership programme, a positive attitude has been clearly visible within the groups”, Ian Barclay mentions. “This is being further encouraged. The 360° Leadership Assessment tool has been an extraordinary success. Its value lies in working as a trigger for regular, specific and purposeful feedback. Partner- ships with companies such as Corporate Spirit are essential in providing measures and insights about where Clariant is, as well as helping the company make real improvements and build successful practices for giving and receiving feedback.”
  2. 2. EDITORIAL Cixtranet3® technology EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTThe future ishere and now Cixtranet3® – redefining2001: A Space Odyssey, the Avatar 3D movie, thePureview mobile phone with a 41 MP camera... all glimpses of the future that our generationhas seen. To me, another vision of my generation competitivehits me whenever I log onto the next-generationresearch system developed by Corporate Spiritcalled Cixtranet3®. advantageCixtranet3® is a system that covers the entireresearch process, all the way from initial plan-ning stages to data-gathering, from analysisto reporting and follow-up. For our clients, thismeans less working hours and a whole new kindof added value. Furthermore, the system has theintelligence to send timely reminders of loomingdeadlines – with discretion, but also with the As a leader in human resource management surveys andrequired determination. The SAP integration assessments, Corporate Spirit takes pride in being able tofeature can save users dozens of hours at the ini-tial organisational mapping stage. The system provide our clients with state-of-the-art tools and reportinghas a unique ability to produce not only graphi- systems. Not only do we want to create solutions thatcal but also text summaries with clear recom-mendations for every business unit or team support and facilitate the entire process, we also pay specialof the organisation, in 40 languages – whichsounds like modern-day science fiction to me. attention to that our tools should be convenient and practical to use for all managers and supervisors.The upgraded, in-depth research reports focuson producing the kind of added value that The latest example of our continuous development work is Cixtranet3® – a tool that brings a wholeour clients want the most, supported by new range of new opportunities to human resource survey processes. While it aims to make the client’sbest-practice libraries. The reports come with job easier at all stages, Cixtranet3® also manages to speed up the actual research process andcarefully considered recommended actions, as make it more efficient. Furthermore, thanks to its easy operation and ability to recognise the needswell as clear instructions for action planning for of various user groups, Cixtranet3® is extremely flexible in adjusting to different, evolving needsevery supervisor and manager. of our global clients. Add to that uncompromising operational reliability and security, and there is little doubt that we are entering a whole new dimension in getting more out of any HR survey.I would like to express my warmest thanks to ourclients and to everybody at Corporate Spirit whohave participated in creating this marvellous A common effortinnovation. Special acknowledgements go to ourIT department for having turned an impossibletask into reality.I hope all our clients will be able to benefit fromthis awesome research system as soon as possible! for improved usability Cixtranet3® has been developed by Corporate Jukka Pohjola Spirit and its clients. Fazer Group is a long- CEO standing client of Corporate Spirit. Kenneth Corporate Spirit CS Ltd Söderholm, VP Human Resources at Fazer Bakeries & Confectionery, has been using Corporate Spirit’s previous reporting system for several years and is looking forward to the benefits of the further improved Cixtranet3®. “Cixtranet3® enables follow-up and manage- ment of research processes in a whole new way. Making improvements based on client feedback is remarkable and I appreciated the opportunity to provide input based on what I find essential in my role. At Fazer, more than 400 people in managerial positions or top management are actively using the system.”
  3. 3. Cixtranet3® technologyThe five ways Cixtranet3®adds value to your research1. Continuous support at all phases • light pulse surveys can be conducted locally • results available to HR for deeper analysis• new drag-and-drop tool for easier with extreme ease, yet professionally with with versatile tools (cross-tabulation, organisational mapping the new ingenious pulse-generator multi-level filtering, free combinations• pre-survey forum enables global HR of organisational units etc.) networks to be connected to planning 2. Faster and more efficient survey process • in addition to corporate-level executive and idea generation • integration with SAP HR can dramatically cut summary, senior management has access• data collection follow-up tool provides resources needed for organisational mapping to analyse the entire organisation with tools online data about the progress of the • communication and other support material, such as Index Overview. Dashboard function process, as well as about fast and slow time schedules and contact information are enables additional data to be combined response units available for all research coordinators 24/7 with the research results, even from• possibility to set target levels for response in 8 languages external sources. rates and indexes • smart to-do listings guide the survey process• dynamic tooltips and context-sensitive 4. Instant result monitoring even with user guides online 3. User group-specific information generation organisations with 100,000+ employees• The Action Plan feature, solution-focused • clear and concise team reports for team • load-balancing ability for optimal scalability workbook and links to best practices for leaders, including graphs with essential • multiple calculation capacity compared to utilising survey results complement a results (trends, external and internal the previous Cixtranet® version highly comprehensive system benchmarking), along with a text summary• the same survey system works with all in 40 languages. This can be easily printed 5. State-of-the-art reliability and security Corporate Spirit products, such as employee or converted to PDF or PowerPoint format. • SSL secured system surveys, 360° assessments, internal • results for each function/area (marketing, • duplicated system – possible breakdowns of co-operation surveys, management team HR, country etc.) visible for respective individual parts do not impair the system’s self-assessments etc. managers working in a matrix operational abilityNext Steps We already have a clear roadmap to develop the new system further. However, we are very flexible on this and appreciate our clients’ ideas and feedback according to their ever-evolving needs.
  4. 4. Faces & Places Corporate Spirit has appointed the following specialists to the company’s offices in Espoo and Turku: Jaana Juska Pirkko Kapri Outi Sivonen Esko Piekkari Head of Domestic Operations Director of Research Unit Consultant Director Senior Manager Espoo Espoo Espoo Espoo Piia Palomäki Maarit Ahvenainen Johanna Haapamäki Anna-Mari Fagerström Communications Manager Research Manager Research Manager Researcher Turku Espoo Espoo Espoo Terhi Giorgiani Marianna Väre Tarja Kaunisto Researcher Research Assistant Project Secretary Espoo Espoo TurkuA full circle EVENTSof opportunities 17.4.2012 Back-to-Basics seminar in Helsinki, FinlandThe 360° Leadership Assessment 17.10.2012 600Min Human Resources in Stockholm, SwedenThe modern corporate world is characterised by constant and rapidchange – thus the leadership path is not always easy to determine. Soliddata about the leadership culture helps companies find the right actionplans and direct leadership activities towards its chosen priorities.Corporate Spirit has designed and developed a highly sophisticated360-degree leadership assessment tool to provide supervisors with use-ful feedback on their strengths, skills and behaviour. The 360-degreeleadership assessment helps organisations build a business culturewhere open feedback is given and actively used for learning.In the assessment process, leaders’ targets are effectively linked intoorganisational objectives and leadership culture. The results arereviewed with a consultant, with special attention being paid to in-dividual strengths relative to the person’s organisational position. As theassessment is directly linked to the company and its specific objectives(especially leadership competences defined by the company), it worksto build a solid foundation for achieving company objectives and todevelop organisational leadership.Find out how your organisation can get our tool to develop andprepare for new challenges: visit Editor-in-chief: Jukka Pohjola | Editor: Piia Palomäki | Layout: Mainostoimisto Dynastia | Printed by: TEMA-TEAM 12554-12 | Circulation: 5 000Corporate Spirit CS Ltd Employee surveys 360° leadership assessments Highest CreditworthinessValkjärventie 7 A, 02130 Espoo, Finland, ☎ +358 9 452 0730 Internal co-operation surveys ©Soliditet 2011Läntinen Pitkäkatu 33, 20100 Turku, Finland, ☎ +358 2 274 3100 Management team assessmentsCorporate Spirit CS Ltd, Great Britain, 20 Broadwick Street, Soho, W1F 8HT, London, UK, ☎ +44 870 366 93 35 Solutions for utilising the surveys