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An updated version of Katie Moffat's presentations on how to use Facebook for your business in an effective manner.
Covers most of what you need to know from how to get started to the type of content to posts, how to manage your community and an insight into Facebook Insights!
With thanks to Katie for letting us share her slides and her invaluable tips and advice.

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Facebook For Business Updated

  1. 1. Facebook for BusinessCornerhousehttp://prandsocial.com@katiemoffatlinkedin.com/in/katiemoffatAll  material  copyright  Ka1e  Moffat  2013,  not  to  be  reproduced  without  permission  
  2. 2. Tonight•  Context•  Benefits to business•  Starting off•  Management of your page•  The most important thing you need to know•  What to post & content•  Apps & competitions•  Promoting your page & Advertising•  Is it working? Insights & Analytics•  Key future developments
  3. 3. 1 BILLION!
  4. 4. Facebook’s challenge
  5. 5. Businesses: Why bother?1.  It’s FREE MARKETING (is it really?)2.  Build brand loyalty3.  Keep up with the competition4.  Instant feedback5.  Increased sales6.  Engagement = word of mouth7.  Insight into your customer base8. Fish where the fish are
  7. 7. Types of pages
  8. 8. Setting up
  9. 9. Facebook Page– http://www.facebook.com/pages•  Choose your admins (different roles available)•  Custom Facebook URL– http://www.facebook.com/username/•  Post initial updates to give the page somepersonality•  Considerations of time – resource to maintainand update
  10. 10. Set up & timelineh?p://bit.ly/TO7jte  (inspired  cover  photos)  h?p://bit.ly/RX7qQS  (brand  cover  photos)  
  12. 12. Considerations•  Who will update?•  Need more than one admin•  Social media guidelines for the team?http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php
  14. 14. http://www.whatisedgerank.com/http://edgerankchecker.com/blog/2012/04/what-is-edgerank/http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/9770-facebook-edgerank-what-marketers-need-to-know
  15. 15. With Edgerank in mindWhat shall I post on our page?1.  Post a variety of content & avoid automatedupdates2.  Don’t just broadcast – add value3.  Photos, videos, links (to your own assets butalso other interesting things you come across)NB. The new format newsfeed displays visual contentmore prominently4.  Ensure you engage and reply to comments5.  Ask questions/run polls6.  Show that you’re human!
  16. 16. What makes good social content?•  Connects on an emotional level “We share feelings notfacts”•  Resonates with the end user (it’s about them not you)•  Tells a story•  Makes us want to be a part of it•  We talk about the things that surround us
  17. 17. Content strategyConsiderations:1.  Tone-of-voice2.  What’s your company’s ‘story’ & USP?3.  Do you understand your target audience?4.  What sorts of content are you routinelyproducing?5.  Create a content calendar – need aregular flow of updates
  18. 18. Become a great content curator
  19. 19. Page featuresHighlight or ‘pin’ posts
  20. 20. Posting toolsScheduled Updates & Promoted Posts
  21. 21. Posting toolsTargeted postsPages with5000+ fans
  22. 22. Threaded comments
  24. 24. Facebook Appshttp://www.facebook.com/about/timeline/apps
  25. 25. Facebook competitionsGreat for improving visibility/increasinglikes but you are not allowed to runcompetitions on the timeline.All competitions have to be run through a3rd party app like offerpop.com orinvolver.comSome creative examples
  26. 26. Facebook competitionsBuild your own app oruse something likeWildfire or Shortstack
  28. 28. Facebook Connect & Social plugins
  29. 29. Cross promotion•  Add Facebook URL to all offline & onlinemarketing material•  Include in customer newsletters•  Advertise it in your venue
  30. 30. Marketing the page•  Incentivise people to share your socialnetworks
  31. 31. Make it easy for them to share
  32. 32. Work it both ways•  Use Facebook to boost your emailnewsletter sign-ups
  33. 33. Other simple marketing ideas…•  Use Facebook as your page to comment &like other pages•  Mention other pages in your post•  Put your Facebook URL on your emailsignature and on all other marketingcollateral•  Occasionally ask current fans to mentionyou in one of their updates
  34. 34. Facebook advertisinghttps://www.facebook.com/about/ads/Objective?Grow yourfanbase ordrive traffic toyour website?
  35. 35. Types of Facebook ads•  Cost per click•  Cost per view•  Drive traffic to page or to external website•  Sponsored stories work best
  36. 36. Facebook advertising•  Facebook provideslots of resources tohelp you https://www.facebook.com/advertising/•  It’s good practice totest different versionsto see which isperforming best•  Use the ad managertool to monitoreffectiveness
  38. 38. Take care of your community•  Be clear about how you are using.•  Interaction – ask questions, respond to comments.•  Exclusive content for Facebook.•  Say hello to new likers & be supportive of yourbiggest fans.•  Remember: they can ‘unlike’ asquickly as they liked.h?p://www.allfacebook.com/why-­‐2-­‐in-­‐5-­‐facebook-­‐users-­‐click-­‐unlike-­‐2011-­‐09  
  39. 39. Dealing with negative comments•  Recognise that there are different types ofnegative comment.•  Have guidelines in place so all admins know howto respond.•  Respond quickly, transparently, authentically.•  Deal with it publically at first then privately ifnecessary.•  Accept that you’re never going to win everybattle.
  40. 40. IS IT WORKING?
  41. 41. Focusing on the right numbers
  42. 42. Insights
  43. 43. Suggested metrics to checkKey Facebook Metrics to MonitorWeekly People Talking About this (work out at the averageover a month)Weekly Total Reach (keep an eye on the numbers, they shouldbe going up over time)Lifetime Negative Feedback (you’ll find this it the ‘post level’spreadsheet). Don’t need to focus on this too much but morethan 10-15 negative clicks a month and you should examine, inmore detail, what type of updates are causing the problemVirality (post level). To work this out you the formula is:Lifetime Talking About This / Lifetime Post Total Reach x 100
  44. 44. Other FB analytics tools
  45. 45. Google Analytics
  47. 47. It’ll keep changing…
  48. 48. The Facebook of old—well, of a year ago—isalmost irrelevant to the company that existstoday, which not only is set to change the worldof social networking, but could herald thebiggest transformation in American advertisingsince the advent of television.~Vanity Fair, April 2013
  49. 49. Open Graph Search
  50. 50. Open Graph Search
  51. 51. Open Graph Search - Business•  Early days (still in limited beta) but potentiallyvery significant for businesses/organisationswith page•  Facebook recommends:– Ensure ‘about’ section of page is up to date and youhave a FB vanity URL– If you have a location or a local place page make sureyour address is included and correct– Focus on attracting the right fans to your page andgive them a reason to interact with the page
  52. 52. Summary1.  Have clear objectives for what you want to achieve2.  Are you sure you understand your audience?3.  Is your content the kind your audience will want toshare?4.  Use insights & analytics to help you5.  Promote the page outside of Facebook6.  Keep track of latest developments
  53. 53. If still in doubt…Check out:http://theoatmeal.com/comics/facebook_likes forthe best advice on how to build an effectiveFacebook presence ;)
  54. 54. Thank you – Questions?All material copyright KatieMoffat 2013, not to bereproduced withoutpermissionhttp://prandsocial.com@katiemoffat