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ILooxs Tech, Deck ENG


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Published in: Technology
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ILooxs Tech, Deck ENG

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGIES No limits to creativity and beauty when you are kissed by the sun
  2. 2. Photovoltaic solar cells are a concrete answer to the need for generating energy from renewable sources. But they cover remarkable surfaces with ugly design.
  3. 3. Efficiently producing energy from the sun takes direct exposure … … how can we sustain the unaesthetic visual impact of photovoltaic panels when they cover such visible surfaces?
  4. 4. What if we could «dress» any surface with beauty and design, without any aesthetic compromise with the surrounding environment, while efficiently generating energy from the sun?
  5. 5. Through ILOOXS Technologies (patent pending) it is possible to create a fully integrated, custom design, photovoltaic surface and maintain high energy efficiency (80% of the standard solar panel).
  6. 6. ILOOXS Technologies manufactures customized photovoltaic surfaces with aesthetic design of impressive impact. A mix of creativity, Made in Italy design and technology that enhances the beauty of surfaces, creating energy and respecting nature. from colours to marble and wood to the moon!
  7. 7. spot the difference!
  8. 8. Such results have been possible through the collaboration with two partner companies, Solbian and Gioco Solutions, leaders in the production of photovoltaic panels. Our solution is based on the innovative P-SUN technology, that allows creating tailor made surfaces, masquerading photovoltaic cells. We still maintain an incredibly high efficiency, while we reproduce any type of texture, including bilboards, logos, whatever prints. P-SUN technology can be indifferently applied on both, traditional (rigid) and half- flexible, last generation panels.
  9. 9. Innovation in cosmetic solar panels: state of the art buildings accessories fashion automotiveboats MARKET R&D PERFORMANCE & AESTHETIC
  10. 10. 11 Roadmap request for Italian patent request for international patent setup of P-SUN#2 tech Solbian: R&D partnership Solbian: commercial partnership Gioco Solutions: R&D partnership POC MYS Montecarlo Solbian: new ISP product line POM: sales of flyers + notice for custom engineering projects POM: extreme sport eng. project (talisker challenge) Incorporated 2017 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 2016 Q2 Q3 ….. 2018 Funded by (early stage)
  11. 11. FABRIZIO CHIARA – Design - Graphic Arts at ITIS Bodoni, Turin – Blogger - Content Editor at Blaggando, focus on Fashion and Tech GIANCARLO CASELLATO – R&D - Electronic Engineer, Politecnic of Turin - Former Fiat Executive Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Fiat Research Centre: technical Manager of Electronic Design and Electrical/Electronic Architecture - Worked as Technical Manager for Common Rail Multijet projects, Start & Stop, Vehicle X-by-Wire, electric vehicles - Founder of GQUADRO Consulting, an R&D electronic company ANDREA DEMONTE – Production - Consultant and trainer for job safety and industrial installations, environmental impact and business management for FCA Group, Roland, FOWA-Nikon - Consultant for custom product and advisor on equipments and materials for Coca-Cola, Danone, FCA, CNH, Emilio Pucci, Sparc. o, Wilson, Mizuno and luxury companies SIMONA SANTORO – Sales - Degree in Political Science at Turin University - Business developer and Sales Manager at “Santoro for Luxury Yacht”, the Artisanal Italian company that makes Luxury and Yacthing accessory products DANIELE PES – Finance - Computer Science Engineer, Politecnico di Milano - Executive MBA, MIP Business School - Master of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation, ESADE Barcelona - Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Altromercato - R&D, AF&C, HC, Strategy, Innovation, Marketing for Honeywell, Fastweb (Swisscom Group), Axess TMC (Zucchetti Group) - Board Member of InnoVits (former President) - Co-Founder at Grycle srl
  12. 12. TECHNOLOGIES Meet ILOOXS Technologies Web: E-mail: