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Startup Experienceships - An Internship Revolution

Our unique Startup Experienceships aim to kick internships into the 21st century with a blend of practical training on business startup and real time work experience in innovative cowork spaces from the worlds most entrepreneurial capitals.

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Startup Experienceships - An Internship Revolution

  1. 1. Our Startup Experienceship series focuses on creating exactly the right environment to develop key professional skills, with a blend of an internship and study abroad within innovative coworking hubs in the world’s entrepreneurial capitals. StartupExperienceships: Arevolutionaryinternshipprogramforyourstudents 3 Years of Experience In Running This Program  Hundreds of Students Have Joined Us So Far  Over 20 College Partners Located Around Europe  EU Accredited Internship Program
  2. 2. Overview This program is for students looking to develop key professional and personal skills though international experiences. The program uses business startup to develop three key employability skills: creative problem solving, self-learning initiative and confidence in leadership. #CorkscrewThinking 1
  3. 3. KeyLearning Outcomes This highly practical four week business program develops students through structured workshops, challenges & exercises. Learn key business concepts including customers, competitors & marketing More confidence in public speaking, presentations and leading groups Improved use of business English and communication skills to present ideas Improved ability to create original solutions to challenging problems Improved creativity finding viable business opportunities and acting upon them appropriately Improved ability to teach oneself key skills using the latest technologies and publicly-available materials       Corkscrew Group 9, Daniel Beerstecher, Germany
  4. 4. Why Choose Us As Your Partner? Our unique approach has been developed to push the boundaries of traditional internships in order to deliver the best learning experience we can. Accredited through the EU, our programs have been shown to deliver peak performance results through our real time project work to the innovative approach of using business startup as a vehicle to deliver key employability and professional skills. Corkscrew can deliver the following: Boosting Technical Skills Learn design, presentation and practical business skills. Boosting Employability Learn valuable employability skills and build your resume. ModernisingEducation&Training Creative challenges, group projects and mentorship in a real business environment. Developing Entrepreneurship Learn every aspect of business start-up in an engaging way. EU Accreditation Backed by the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education      Corkscrew Group 17, June 2014
  5. 5. WHAT'S UNIQUE ABOUT CORKSCREW STARTUP EXPERIENCESHIPS? While traditional internships can provide first-hand business experience, they don’t always provide the best learning environment for an individual. Not only will those joining a Corkscrew program gain a higher level of practical experience and responsibility than if they had attended a similar internship program, they will also receive hands-on training in business start-up, full 1-to-1 mentorship throughout the program as well as access to an active community of like minded international individuals. Our program has a keen focus on supporting individuals in many ways that internships simply cannot. A Unique Internship - A Life-Changing Experience, Corkscrew Startup Experienceships
  6. 6. WhatisCorkscrewThinking? Corkscrew Thinking is about using three key skills: Creative problem solving, self-learning initiative and confidence in leadership. Many employers and educators are actively looking for these three skills in candidates over qualifications and experience. 3
  7. 7. WHERE THE TERM CAME FROM: HISTORICAL ROOTS The term was famously coined by Winston Churchill to describe creative problem solvers that could create innovative solutions. It quickly gained popularity after Corkscrew Thinkers launched Operation Mincemeat during the Second World War – one of the most successful military deceptions since the Trojan Horse! WHAT CORKSCREW THINKING MEANS TO US Corkscrew Thinking is about seeing the world differently: It’s about finding an original, creative solution to every situation. It’s about agile learning and being resourceful enough to teach yourself new skills as and when you need them. It’s about using courage and insight to lead others and fight against injustices. Corkscrew ThinkingBasics Corkscrew Thinking is like Design Thinking for business, combining problem solving, learning and leadership skills. We believe anyone can benefit from learning to act like a Corkscrew Thinker whether they are bound for education, employment or entrepreneurship. A Corkscrew Thinker is someone who can react to problems creatively, intelligently and with real passion and cultural insight. Facing an uncertain future, we need all of the Corkscrew Thinkers we can get. Corkscrew Group 13, Wendy Roberts, NL
  8. 8. CORKSCREW ORIGINS Corkscrew was founded in 2010 by a collective of passionate entrepreneurs who believe that the education system could benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset, and set about to develop a program that could inspire students to take action in vocational setting. We want our participants to learn more, do more and achieve more using the fundamental skills used by entrepreneurs and Corkscrew Thinkers everywhere - creative problem solving, self development and leadership. We’re passionate about the development of young adults and we believe in giving them the best future possible. We believe our programs are helping to do just that. Our Background Neil Finnie, Corkscrew Mentor & Founder, with Svenja Gliem, Germany
  9. 9. OUR EXPERIENCE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM We’ve been successfully running, developing and growing this program for the last three years, achieving EU accreditation and leading cultural learning experiences across Europe. Our focus has always been on empowering individuals to do more. We believe in creating entrepreneurial environments that help individuals to develop and grow. We believe in this program 100% and we are excited to be offering this opportunity to more students this year. So far we’ve helped over 200 students improve their thinking and go on to get great jobs, join prestigious educational institutes and to start their own amazing business projects. We believe in constantly improving and updating the program materials to keep them timely, relevant and to give the most worthwhile and rewarding experience we can provide. Any participants on the program will get access to our materials for ever afterwards, including new content and updates to our materials - a permanent learning resource to take them where they want to go. Our program is backed and accredited by the EU We’re currently working with over 20 educational partners  In three years we’ve worked with hundreds of students   Tom Brushwood, Corkscrew Mentor
  10. 10. Thisprogramindetail This program focuses on developing the three main skills of Corkscrew Thinking by helping students learn how to start a business. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, this program has something for everyone. 4
  11. 11. This is a four week program designed for students who want to learn how to create innovative ideas, present themselves with confidence, lead group situations and work with real clients. By using the concept of starting a business we’ve found we can instil the three key skills of Corkscrew Thinking and qualities into our students, while giving them tangible business and marketing experience in a variety of areas. Whether bound for further education, employment or entrepreneurship, this program is designed to benefit students from all backgrounds and interests. This is a free beneficial learning experience, fully funded for both students and colleges and we’re quite sure that it’s unlike anything else in existence. TheFocusof thisProgram “...We’re quite sure it’s unlike anything else in existence.” Corkscrew Group 9, Emilia Tornell, Sweden
  12. 12. This program is for students who are driven, curious, open-minded, looking for a challenge, and eager to learn about many aspects of business development, marketing, communication and international culture. This program is a collection of unique learning exercises, challenges and real client projects building towards an intensive and worthwhile experience. The program combines mentor lead learning, self-learning and peer to peer learning techniques and provides a compelling look into the world of business start-ups. Whoisthis programfor? Designed for students from any background pursuing a broad range of career paths  We’re looking for open minded students with a keen interest to push their limits  Corkscrew Group 9, Hanna Hartikainen, Sweden
  13. 13. Learnbusiness start-up This program offers students the opportunity to learn many aspects of contemporary business and marketing strategy including how to: Understand the key concepts of business Create your first feasible business idea Create a ‘Killer Pitch’ to impress any audience Build a website quickly and easily Develop your self- brand and resume Use business to solve problems & help others Finance a start-up in the age of the Internet Use social media to market your business Create a logo and brand for your start-up How to network without the trade fairs!          
  14. 14. AndConsult forabusiness On this program, students have the opportunity to work directly with a local client on a small consulting project to put their business knowledge to the test. This project is an important part of the program and gives our students the chance to gain real consulting experience, perfect for resumes and practical learning. They will gain experience working as part of a small team in a professional setting whilst learning about client management and project management skills. The type of project varies from program to program and could include a social media strategy, a competitor analysis, event planning, revenue research, customer research or small website project. Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on in the past: New Marketing Campaign For GiveMeTap Revenue Stream Research For Kaizen Adventures Brand Identity Design For Sign Up BSL   
  15. 15. Build your network and learn from inspirational startup founders. Work from cutting- edge coworking spaces known for their vibrant startup culture. All of our programs are run from innovative coworking spaces to provide a unique and inspirational working environment. Coworking spaces are breeding grounds for inspirational individuals from all types of backgrounds, so networking opportunities will come thick and fast. Why intern at one location when you can immerse yourself in multiple industries under one roof? WorkinInnovative CoWorkingSpaces Our Innovative German Coworking Space, Berlin Make career-launching international connections around your workspace and at networking events  Work from some of the world's leading award-winning coworking spaces 
  16. 16. Corkscrew Startup Experienceships are run by Corkscrew and delivered by local entrepreneurs who live and breathe startup and creativity in their local cities. By partnering with likeminded local partners we bring you the most immersing startup programs possible. Our locations are all renowned for their welcoming startup communities and rich blend of culture and inspiration. Living in a global, cultural capital will spark new ideas and concepts like never before. Barcelona, Spain A startup capital that draws in world-class global talent. Berlin, Germany A creative hub known for music, fashion and design. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Known for its artistic heritage, creativityandculturalopenness. Dublin, Ireland Learn every aspect of business start-up in an engaging way. Cape Town, South Africa Emerging as Africa's premier startup community inspiring a newgenerationofentrepreneurs.      SetinStunning culturecapitals Our Dutch Coworking Space, Set in the Cultural Capital of Amsterdam
  17. 17. Build Creativity & Problem Solving Skills We help to develop students’ freethinking and creative thinking abilities which help them to move into any career that requires creative problem solving skills. Build Initiative & Learning Skills Using the latest online resources and technologies, learn to trust your own instincts and teach yourself just about anything quickly and effectively. Learn to teach others using an assortment of engaging communication methods. Build Confidence & Leadership Skills We run creative learning exercises that promote presentation public speaking and leadership skills to sharpen anyone’s confidence. Build Practical Skills & Business Experience Students will be able to try many different areas of business, marketing, communications and management to find the direction that is right for them. They will also gain real consulting experience, great for a resume! KeySkill Takeaways Develop Networking Skills & Opportunities Each participant has the option join our active community of Corkscrew Thinkers based all over the world who are available for help, advice and collaboration. Our community have gone on to launch exciting business start-up ventures, enrol in exclusive university programs and have found some pretty amazing jobs. Now your students will be able to join their ranks.      Corkscrew Group 9, Birte Jetter, Germany
  18. 18. LEARNING STRUCTURE OF THE PROGRAM Each day focuses on a new topic that builds into an overall journey - everything you need to know about business start-up from start to finish. The program has a large emphasis on working in varied groups to create and present new ideas, supporting leadership and presentation skill development throughout. 1-to-1 support is given by mentors on a daily basis to encourage students’ own development of ideas. Online email support is provided out of hours and all program materials as well as various bonus learning materials will be accessible during and post-program.
  19. 19. All In-Country Travel Including airport transport and a local bus pass Safe Local Accommodation For the full duration of the program Training Fees All training and staffing fees are covered Online Access To Learning Materials Free online access to learning materials post-program Travel Insurance Travel insurance can be included by request Staff Access To All Materials You will be given a special staff login to view all of our online program content. We can also offer advice about including our program content within your education curriculum. Student Safety Assurance & Emergency Phone Line We will organize everything in-country, including travel, accommodation and training. We will even provide a 24 hour emergency phone line to deal with any problems swiftly and safely. OurSupport ServicesForYou Student Recruitment AssistanceForColleges Assistance with student recruitment can be provided. We can supply flyers, posters and forms to help promote the program in your college and make recruiting students easy.   Corkscrew Group 19, Marta K Dean, USA      
  20. 20. ProgramSuccesses We’ve had great success running this program. In the last three years alone, we’ve helped hundreds of students develop and grow, receiving excellent feedback across the board from students, colleges and partners. 5
  21. 21. Ian Leoneard, Ireland "I would recommend this opportunity to absolutely everyone. It has been an amazing and enlightening experience that I am so delighted to have been part of. The lessons and skills learned here were taught in a way that I have never experienced before, and that is a big credit to the Corkscrew team." Emily Li, Sweden "It's definitely been a great experience staying with a real British family and living everyday life with them, but my favourite things were the projects, presentations and lectures we've been given on the program. I feel so much more confident in myself and it’s been a real inspiration." Gregg Willcox, USA "Corkscrew was the best month of my life. I learned more than I thought I could in a month, both professionally in terms of business and presenting, and personally in terms of social skills and how to sell myself to others. I look forward to being a part of this awesome community in the future!" Olivier Choquereau, France "For me, working with Corkscrew was about cultural exchange, developing my knowledge in a range of areas and learning more about entrepreneurship. This program has helped me grow amazingly over the last few weeks and I will never forget such an amazing experience." Gulcan Akyel, Germany "It was definitely a great experience. It was good working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, giving me a better understanding of their working methods. The best thing about this program for me was building a great social network and meeting friends that I’ll never forget!" Wouldourparticipants recommendthisprogram?
  22. 22. Successful Start-upsLaunched For those students that do want to venture into entrepreneurship, we have a great track record for helping them start and grow. Here are a few of our favourite start-ups we've helped to launch: D.R.A.W. Offering graphic recording services for conferences and events, DRAW is already working at big events around Dublin and London. Soul Soup Like the Innocent Smoothies of the soup world, Soul Soup provides healthy, wholesome soup for the masses. Jolie Life Foundation Jolie Life organises events and support for those who develop eating disorders later in life, often during stressful times in their life. Bike Bug Creating an innovative new way of charging devices while riding a bike, we helped Bike Bug develop the concept and secure funding. Red Cauliflower Offering bespoke and customised vintage jackets and bags, Red Cauliflower is now being stocked in fashion outlets across Amsterdam.      Corkscrew Group 12, Cilia The (Red Cauliflower), NL
  23. 23. We'dliketoofferthisprogramtoyou We've had a successful few years and we now are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to more students. We're looking for more educational partners to join us and give their students the educational experience of a lifetime. 6
  24. 24. To give you an idea of what this program is all about, we've created a bunch of useful materials. Just email for your copy. Needmore information? Program Syllabus & Timetable We have a breakdown of all training topics covered on the program, as well as a rough timetable of how each of the four weeks break down into presentations, games, challenges and project work (working with a client). Welcome Presentation We can also provide one of the first presentations we deliver on the program which explains a little more about who we are and the ethos behind the program. We can also show you some of the advice we give to participants early on - no divas! Student Recruitment Posters & Forms We can send you these resources separately. If you would like support with student recruitment then please contact us on to find out how we can assist you.   
  25. 25. PleaseGetin touchwithus! If you love this program as much as we do and are interested in finding out more, please email Neil Finnie on He’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the possible partnership options. @nfinnie Neil Finnie, Corkscrew Mentor & Founder
  26. 26. © CORKSCREW 2015 11-15 Dix's Field, Exeter, Devon, UK. EX1 1QA WWW.CORKSCREW.IO