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Ac m group 1 aaa presentation

  1. 1. agency1FORU ItineraryFORLIFE
  2. 2. 8:00 am – 8:05 amItinerary for your familyA typical day of a typical family
  3. 3. 8:05 am – 8:06 amItinerary AgencyWe are the agency1FORU  Cori O’Brien  Diana Prado  Elise Fisher  Lucia Alexander  Raneshia Lawrence
  4. 4. 8:06 am – 8:07 amItinerary Assistance Let us be your ...let us assist you Our mission: We set the stage for our clients, we are role-players. We connect with the consumer through our unique IMC strategies. We know our clients and brands like the back of our hands, we are the agency to choose, and we are the agency1FORU. Our Philosophy: We are a small agency but small does not describe our drive, heart, and dedication. We have BIG ideas! We are diverse in our cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Our multicultural heritages shape our perspectives, which, in turn, will produce the best communication plans for your company.
  5. 5. 8:07 am – 8:08 amItinerary PathWhy we are the right path for you  To create new brand positioning that will establish AAA as the company that encompasses all of your individual and family needs in one.  We will give AAA the opportunity to build their brand equity. To place AAA as a competitor that provides more than road side assistance service.
  6. 6. 8:09 am – 8:10 amItinerary PositioningCurrent Brand Positioning  Most trusted automobile club in America  More than just roadside assistance  We are a large company. We have been around a long time. We are still here to help.Relevant or Right?  Yes, both. But not the right communication strategy we are looking for.  Too rational and not enough emotion to connect with the consumer.
  7. 7. 8:10 am – 8:11 amItinerary CategoryPositioning within category  Category: AAA is a brand that offers travel, home insurance, financial services, and discounts, but is mostly recognized for it auto insurance and roadside assistance in the United States and Canada.  Failure? AAA can be poise for failure if they fail to re-position the brand. All competitors are currently making a great marketing effort in order to get their brand noticed amongst the audienceHow we will succeed within the category  AAA needs to embark with new marketing and communication strategies that promise to re-position the AAA brand as to create a brand identity that will place AAA as the company that encompasses all travel, financial, discounts, and insurance services.
  8. 8. 8:11 am – 8:12 amItinerary Competitors
  9. 9. 8:12 am – 8:13 amItinerary GrouponOutside The Category: Groupon  Strengths:  Groupon has total of 35 million registered users.  It serves 45 countries and soon beyond  .It is very popular.  It offers deep discounts.  Deals are divided up by ZIP code ( local services).  Deals are personified based on voluntary disclosure of preferences.  Weaknesses:  Forrester Research group declared the Groupon’s business model to be a disaster.  Lack of network effect Scaling is expensive.  High cost of customer acquisition.  Opportunities:  Groupon can expand their target audience by concentrating in specific markets.  Mobile application is widely used amongst costumers.  Threats:  There is a lot of competition in this business category. An unstable business model can cause customer dissatisfaction.
  10. 10. Picture 7 8:13 am – 8:14 am Itinerary Target Segmentation and Insight Dave’s Life Core Consumer (Primary)   Demographics:    Age: 35-50 male and female.  Income: Upper middle class Stacie’s life.
  11. 11. Picture 4 8:14 am – 8:15 am Itinerary Target Segmentation and Insight Core Consumer (Secondary) Demographics:  Age: 26-35; Urban independent. Urban Independent  Income: low to middle
  12. 12. 8:14 am – 8:16 amItinerary Brand Positioning  USP: They are a established and well trusted insurance company. They are auto care, discounts, travel, and insurance.  Positioning Statement: “AAA is your itinerary for life”  What we stand for:   AAA constantly is trying to find the best services and deals through new media outlets that involve and benefit the consumer target segments. Single most important idea?  AAA eases the pressures of family life by providing all inclusive services that families need the most. It’s your itinerary for life. It’s not insurance, it’s assurance.  
  13. 13. 8:14 am – 8:17 amItinerary Target Segment Messaging  We want to have a niche in the consumer mind by connecting the target segments to AAA. We want to create a message strategy that fits the target segments benefits, lifestyle, and RTB’s.Primary: Mom: AAA provides you with the opportunity to lessen your financial burdens and encourage quality family time through discounts to your favorite stores, restaurants, and vacation spots.  Dad: AAA is the ultimate provider of services that help keep your family satisfied, entertained, and safe while saving you time and money.Secondary: Urban Independent: AAA is a valuable tool in helping you progress in the next stages of life. It serves as a cost efficient method for maintaining a safe, secure, and enjoyable lifestyle.
  14. 14. Picture 4 8:17 am – 8:18 am Itinerary Tactics Mom:  Magazines: Better Homes and Gardens, Womens Health, and O Magazine.  TV: Lifetime, ABC Family, and Food Network  Digital: Amazon,, and Yahoo   Dad:   Magazines: Newsweek, Money Magazine, and Time  TV: ESPN and CNN  Digital: ESPN, CNN,, and AOL   Urban Independent:  Magazines: People, and Us  TV: ABC, Bravo, and E!  Digital: Facebook and YouTube
  15. 15. 8:18 am – 8:19 amTime lineItinerary for AAA’s journey with us…  This is where we are going to take you:  Step 1: Build an integrated IMC plan and launch campaign.  Step 2: 3 months after the launch of the campaign conduct a follow up and look for changes in brand awareness and perception. Step 3: Use tracking methods to see the effectiveness of the messaging strategies for each target segment. Step 4: Maintain current position or reposition according depending on what we achieve from step 3.
  16. 16. 8:19 am – 8:20 amBrand Manifesto We thought about our customers. We know you like to travel. We know you like to explore. We know you like to have fun. We know you like to live. And we’re here to make that happen. We’re here to have your back. Whether it’s in Venice, On Mt. Kilimanjaro, The newest nightclub, Or just the parking lot of your grocery store. We thought about it, and we’ll be there. When it’s time for your children to experience the rite of passage known as Walt Disney World, we’ll help you do it right. When your daughter runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, we’ll find her. When your son locks his keys in the car for the fourth time, we’ll be there.... again. When the family vacation can no longer be confined to the Grand Canyon, we’ll help you take it to the Great Wall of China. And when life’s wrecks turn into real ones, we’ll have glue for the pieces. We don’t do these things because they make us look good. We do them because they make our customers feel good. We’re your itinerary for life, We’re not insurance, we’re assurance
  17. 17. agency1FORUWe look forward toworking with you