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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  1. 1. The importance of pdhpe<br />CORINNE PHILLIPS<br />
  2. 2. My Aims<br />As a teacher, I aim to educate children so they may make their own informed decisions about life and the choices they make.<br />My philosophy is to give children all the information they need to make their own decisions, rather than making them all for them.<br />Children need to figure things out for themselves in order to be independent, however they first need all the information they can get from teachers.<br />
  3. 3. Current issues<br />Issues pertaining to PDHPE;<br /><ul><li>Lifestyles – drugs, alcohol, relationships.
  4. 4. Health Issues – obesity, diabetes, skin cancer, asthma, allergies.
  5. 5. Sun Safety – Australia’s climate and sun are harsh and sun safety must be reinforced in children.
  6. 6. Healthy Food Choices – society is relying more on fast food and making unhealthy choices, children need to make informed decisions relating to health and food.</li></li></ul><li>Addressing pdhpe issues<br />As a teacher I aim to address the issues pertaining to PDHPE;<br /><ul><li>Allow to children to create healthy lifestyles and say no to drugs and alcohol
  7. 7. Inform children about health issues and how to prevent, treat and observe these
  8. 8. Slip, slop, slap, seek, slide and making children cautious of sun exposure
  9. 9. Explaining differences between unhealthy and healthy food and giving children all the information to make informed decisions about healthy eating</li></li></ul><li>Teaching pdhpe<br />Children must learn to make informed decisions about issues pertaining to PDHPE.<br />My main aim as a teacher is to increase physical activity in schools through sports and games. Today’s lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary and children need to be more active to combat many health issues.<br />PDH and PE are an essential part of schooling, but are often being left behind, and I aim to reinvent PDHPE in schools in order to modify the lifestyles of many children.<br />