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IBM Presentation at the Chief Data Officer Forum - Examining the role of the Chief Data Officer


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Welcome to Chief Data Officer in Europe Asia USA Australia New Zealand

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the appointments of Chief Data Officers (CDOs), in both the public and private sector. This is a result of data becoming an increasingly important strategic asset to businesses and public authorities. It is the CDO’s duty to manage this enterprise-wide data and ensure that it is utilised to drive revenue and new business opportunities and cut unnecessary costs. Essentially, to monetise data: to maximise efficiency, drive an increase in revenue and improve service to clients.

However, the position of the CDO is ill-defined, varied and even controversial. Although it is increasingly apparent that data-driven organisations outperform their competitors, the role of the CDO is still under development. The challenges and complexities faced by the new CDOs of this world are wide-ranging.

Not only is the CDO’s position within the C-Level chain of command varied per organisation and at times, ambiguous, they also face the difficulty of striking the balance between IT and business; technology and strategy. Moreover, CDOs are being readily challenged by the ability to keep data management costs low, whilst adhering to increasingly stringent regulatory demands. As well as producing results and analysis of value to their organisation, and getting their voices heard in the boardroom amid the web of C-Level executives and business politics.

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IBM Presentation at the Chief Data Officer Forum - Examining the role of the Chief Data Officer

  1. 1. Welcome to the IBM CDO Strategy Summit April 15-16 Join the conversation: #DataOfficer WIFI code: 17886
  2. 2. Share your insights We’ll share them back in June
  3. 3. Wednesday, April 15th Time Competitive Advantage in the Insight Economy IBM’s Beth Smith and Glenn Finch 1:10 – 1:45 CDO & CIOs Partnering for Success TD Ameritrade – Derek Strauss/ Charles Schwab – Andrew Salesky 1:45 – 2:30 Coffee, networking 2:30 – 3:00 How CDOs Make Watson Work for Their Organizations IBM’s Marc Teerlink 3:00 – 3:30 The CDO and Monetizing Big Data Wells Fargo – A. Charles Thomas 3:30 – 4:15 Three Breakouts: First 90 Days, Data-driven Marketing, Public Sector 4:30 – 5:15 Large-Scale Machine Learning With Applications To IoT, Verizon Wireless – Ashok Srivastava 5:15 – 6:00 Cocktail Reception, Dinner, Networking 6:00 - 10:00
  4. 4. A Hack-a-thon for the Business The Premise Many organizations now understand the opportunity of data science in the enterprise, but few know where to start, how to get started, and how to demonstrate the value of data science quickly. The Setup IBM Ambassadors establish a 1:1 relationship with a line of business owner to develop a data science plan to capture the business needs, data available, and define the expected outcome. The Hack-a-Thon -1 week: Prior to the event commencing the attendees are provided access to Spark-as-a-Service or sent instructions on how to launch a Spark environment on premise. See Joel Horwitz, Global Director of Marketing for more information. Tuesday: attendees arrive at noon to socialize, hear a quick presentation about the different projects and answer any last minute questions on the analytics platform setup. At 3pm, the teams are divided amongst the IBM Amabassadors and review the data science plan. At 6pm, dinner is served, the data is made available, and the data scientists get to work. Wednesday: attendees arrive at noon for lunch, have a quick status update, and go back to hacking with their teams guided by their IBM Ambassadors. We bring food, during this time, but the hacking continues uninterrupted for the rest of the day. Thursday: attendees arrive at noon for lunch, have a quick status update, and go back to hacking with their teams guided by their IBM Ambassadors. We bring food, during this time, but the hacking continues uninterrupted for the rest of the day. Friday: attendees arrive at noon for lunch, have a quick status update, and then the teams go into presentation mode to prepare their slides for the demonstration to the group.
  5. 5. THINK Data enables members to:  Connect at the event  Extend their in-person event experience after the event  Build connections and continue the conversation  Access the latest thinking on leadership and technology  Access special events and expertise THINK Data is part of THINK Leaders, a private program and community for c-suite and other senior leaders who are dedicated to transforming their businesses and their professions. THINK members are an elite group of more than 1,400 c-suite and other senior leaders* who share actionable advice with their peers. *Membership as of October 2014 THINK aims to equip c-suite and other senior leaders to excel in their rapidly changing professions
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  9. 9. Beth Smith General Manager, IBM Analytics Platform Competitive Advantage in the Insight Economy @BethTSmith Glenn Finch Global Leader, Big Data & Analytics IBM Global Business Solutions @gffinch
  10. 10. Data is the basis of competitive advantage
  11. 11. The Insight Economy
  12. 12. . . . across all industries, all geographies, organizations of all sizes Data is fueling analytics-based innovation Petrol Banking / FSS Client
  13. 13. Reimagining Analytics for the Insight Economy
  14. 14. We are helping clients accelerate from vision to value IBM expertise extends 40,000+ data and analytics engagements and 15,000 consultants to accelerate client business value Innovative technology drives real-time actionable insight with streaming, context and cognitive computing Enterprise-class integration, governance and security builds trust and confidence in all data Cloud enables clients to leverage all data and analytics with agility and security for competitive advantage Insights as a Service combines top data such as Twitter, ESRI, and The Weather Company with IBM’s cloud-based analytics and expertise Internet of Things integrates a fabric of devices, data, processes, and people in an open cloud-based platform for faster and better decisions
  15. 15. | Together, we are transforming the usability of data and content Glenn Finch Global Leader, Big Data & Analytics IBM Global Business Solutions @gffinch
  16. 16. IBM | Twitter partnership objectives 1 3 Data Access Twitter provides IBM all tweets, historical and on-going, including metadata, for use in client proof of concepts Data Analytics IBM uses Twitter data to solve client business problems using social analytics. Twitter works with IBM to certify and train 10,000 IBMer’s on best uses for Twitter data Data Insights Clients take action on newly developed insights. IBM can resell Twitter data feeds for use in extended client solutions, including direct feeds into IBM Software 2
  17. 17. Social Analytics Findings 17 1. Few are using Twitter/social data to drive value 2. Social listening ≠ strategy for business value 3. Business value = analytics + Twitter/social data
  18. 18. 18 Social Listening Internal & External Data Define external and internal data needed to solve business problem… think about it differently Apply analytics to uncover insights that intuition alone could never find Trends Predictions Linkages Causalities Be able to take specific actions based on new insight Pinpoint most valuable customers Reduce churn Target campaigns Update processes Move from Listening to Action I’ve never bought anything from D&G but I do have a pair of D&G sunglasses which I will throw out @carlyaquilino #BoycottDolce Gabbana IBM Analytics Actionable Insight =
  19. 19. Twitter Demographics Economics Weather Social Media 15,000 Menus Convenience Matters I like it Sweet Alter the Gene Pool Intuition says… “Change the sales force” Size Matters The Seed Case The data says…
  20. 20. Twitter Demographics Economics Social Media Know Me Listen to Me Engage with Me Intuition… “They just don’t want to shop here” …Me The Millenial Case Data…
  21. 21. Twitter Demographic Economic Weather Social Media Partner Engagement Promotion Activity Be cold when it’s hot Habla Española? Look at all the holidays Intuition says… “Change the merchandise” It’s the Barista The Coffee Case The data says…
  22. 22. Together, we will speed innovation and win in the Insight Economy
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