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  1. 1. ALA Annual Conference New Orleans 2011, Ananheim 2012, …..Chicago 2013?
  2. 2. A fost odată Conferinţa Naţională ANBPR Braşov 2010...
  3. 3. » În Poiana Braşov board-ul ANBPR şi Grupul Impact ( pe atunci ETF) lucrau la strategia de implementare a unei campanii de advocacy
  4. 4. » 20.126» participanț i
  5. 5. » Fayetteville, Arkansas
  6. 6. » Holul principal, acces general
  7. 7. » Centru calculatoare adulț i
  8. 8. 20.134 participanț i» IRRT PRECONFERENCE ANAHEIM 2012» China and the United States: Playing a leadership role in International Collaboration – Experiences from a Grant Project, presented by Shuyong Jiang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign» Kenya National Library Service and Marias Libraries: Notes from Kenya: testing innovative approaches and leapfrogging technologies through a network of libraries, for the social, political, and economic development of communities in resource-poor settings, presented by Ariel Schwartz, University of Texas at Austin; Eva Kaplan, Marias Libraries, Kenya» Nepal, India, Egypt, Guatemala and Tanzania and the United States: A Solution in Sight: A Global Partnership to Improve Access to Ophthalmic Information in Developing Countries, presented by Pamela Sieving, National Institutes of Health Library; Suzanne Gilbert, Seva Foundation; Bette Anton, University of California at Berkeley; Katherine Judson, Seva Foundation» Romania and the United States: Romanias Impact Group A Success Story: Evaluating IREXs Biblionet Program and Seeking Sustainability, presented by Constantin Mituca, Gorj County Public Library, Romania
  9. 9. International poster sessionIV - 16 IREX’s Impact Group: Developing the Sustainability of Romanian PublicLibraries at WorkConstantin Mituca, Gorj County Public Library, Tîrgu Jiu, Romania (, the Global Libraries Program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,implemented in Romania by the IREX Foundation, will end in 2014. The IREX’sinitiative is composed of 15 Biblionet County Coordinator volunteers. Their mission is tocreate viable conditions for future sustainability of public libraries after Biblionet iscompleted; they are therefore referred to as the Impact Group. The major objective ofthis group is to improve community life through the services of efficiently run publiclibraries. Some of their current actions include collecting computer usage statisticaldata, identifying the unique ways local communities utilize technology to resolve everyday issues, celebrating public libraries success stories about their impact within localcommunities, recognizing other unique uses the community might have for currenttechnology while minimizing replication, and creating library guides to train peerlibrarians on how to respond to users’ needs while staying within the current budgetaryguidelines during these uncertain economic times. It is important for Romanianlibrarians to present their libraries as places for everyone in which solutions for everydayissues can be found. The Impact Group works at marketing the Romanian public librariesand selecting the information to share with local public authorities to develop fundingand local support.
  10. 10. Centrul Vizitatorilor Internaţionali
  11. 11. REFORMA şi CALA
  12. 12. Recepţia bibliotecarilor internaţionali
  13. 13. Vă mulţumesc. Constantin Mitucă Biblioteca Judeţeană “ Christian Tell” Gorj