Final presentation mass media


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Final presentation mass media

  1. 1. FinalPresentation!Cori Neel
  2. 2. My Blog Banner For my blog, I chose to just use my name, I would have liked to put a quote from Charles Bukowski but its way too long! Choosing to use my name can seem very boring, but I think that for myself, its simple and I wanted the focus to be on posts not my blog banner The theme I chose for my blog is Spring Loaded. I originally had an all white theme but this one fit me better. Its happy like me!
  3. 3. My Actual Blog
  4. 4. Optimized Blog Posts “What are you worth to Facebook?” “Google+ vs. Facebook Pages” “YouTube Playlist” “LinkedIn Badge” “Widgets are Funnn!!!”
  5. 5. Students Blogs I posted to Rachel Hassmann-”Never Give Up” Michelle Penix-”StumbleUpon” Katrina Heilhecker-”Technology Addiction” Types Like A Girl-”Bathroom Etiquette” Callie Broughton-”Rockin Blog Titles”
  6. 6. Favorite Discussion My personal favorite discussion, was my post about the Digg article I found. I was outraged by what this guy said! My other favorite post were embedding the YouTube playlists and the YouTube video. I love showing people new music and any time I can I will!
  7. 7. Facebook Page You can access my Facebook page from my blog, this is my normal Facebook page because keeping up with two different ones doesn’t make sense. In my opinion I think this would be a professional page. There isn’t anything inappropriate on here and there has never been, I have always kept in my mind about future employers.
  8. 8. Twitter Along with my Facebook page you can also access my Twitter account from my blog. I love the background on my Twitter and actually never got on Twitter using a computer until this class. My tweets are usually positive, unless I just need to rant, and like my Facebook my Twitter isn’t inappropriate either.
  9. 9. LinkedIn Account This profile can also be accessed through my blog. This was my least favorite assignment. I don’t think that I will ever use this site and it will probably get deleted after this course. Plus, the only work experience I have is bartending/waiting at On The Border. Anything that pops up on my LinkedIn account is restaurant related and that’s not the only thing my future holds. On the plus side to that, it shows that I can hold a job down and I have great people skills because to be a good bartender you have to be able to hold a conversation and don’t shy easily.
  10. 10. YouTube/Flickr Accounts YouTube Flickr-accessed through blog