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Top 5 tweets week of 7.2


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Corgentum Consulting's Top Five Tweets of the Week of July 2nd

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Top 5 tweets week of 7.2

  1. 1. Corgentum’s Top Five Tweets of the Week ofJuly 2nd, 2012These are Corgentum Consulting’s top five tweets for the week of July 2nd, 2012.1) In Caymans, Its Simple to Fill A #HedgeFund Board: Philip Falcone, Manager at Harbinger Capital, Charged by SEC: How a #HedgeFund Bust Relates to Kleiner Perkins suit Hedge Funds: Ripping Off Millionaires and Pensions Alike: GlaxoSmithKline Settles #Fraud Case for $3 Billion: sure to follow Corgentum Consulting on Twitter @Corgentum for the latest news onoperational due diligence, hedge funds, private equity, fraud and the alternative investmentindustry.For More info@corgentum.comInformation | Blog | Twitter Feed Tel. 201-360-2430© 2011 Corgentum Consulting, LLC