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Dealite me Slide Show


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Dealite me Slide Show

  1. 2. Local retailers want more customers and want them to be loyal. The problem: They need a better way to gain exposure to the people who live nearby, convert them to customers and make them loyal.
  2. 3. The people who live nearby visit other businesses near the retailer. The DealiteMe solution: Our technology enables businesses to partner with each other and gain exposure to each other’s customers in an intelligent and seamless way.
  3. 4. We all know that businesses already leave fliers, business cards and offers at other local and like-minded businesses to get new customers. New approach to a proven strategy: DealiteMe simply utilizes technology to make it work more efficiently. It also takes the strategy to a higher level by incorporating a built-in rewards program.
  4. 5. The app will save the consumer money, and because of its exclusive discovery concept, will have a treasure hunt appeal to the social, entertainment-driven shopper. New approach to a proven strategy: The application provides the new customer consistent incentives to remain loyal and make repeat purchases. This makes DealiteMe the anti-Groupon.
  5. 6. The size of the marketplace is enormous and our patent pending model is different than any other deal app. Why could this be a big opportunity? Every local merchant in the world is a prospect, as they all desire new customers and customer loyalty.
  6. 7. Internet coupon distribution was up 92% and consumer redemption of these coupons was up over 360% in 2010 alone. Why could this be a big opportunity? 74% of US consumers now participate in rewards programs.
  7. 8. The app will also serve as the merchant’s intelligent loyalty program. The merchants introduce our app to their customers instead of handing them punch cards. Built-in loyalty program: Can bring DelightMe another user with every customer they serve.
  8. 9. Thus, our merchant network becomes an efficient app distribution and branding channel. Built-in loyalty program: Most merchants want a loyalty program but don't know where to start. DelightMe makes it easy!
  9. 10. Built-in loyalty program: Merchants we have spoken with want our solution because there are zero upfront costs and they will do just about anything to bring in new customers.
  10. 11. One of the more unique characteristics of this app is that it has an opportunity to grow virally among the merchants as well as the customers. Viral drivers: The app could spread very quickly as the merchants invite other merchants to join their circles so that their deals can be seen by more people.
  11. 12. These are real time deals! Advertisers want to get in front of people right when they are in the area. Right person, right time, right place! Businesses spend tons of money to reach people while they are sitting in their living room. Wouldn't they rather be getting deals in front of people right when they are next door?
  12. 13. Monetization: DelightMe collects a percentage of the money that is spent by the consumer to purchase the deal, similar to the Groupon revenue model.
  13. 14. Competition: Our model is different than any other competitor. However, the primary competitors in the local deal app space are Foursquare, Yelp, Levelup, Groupon and Shopkick.
  14. 15. Competition: The deal app space is very hot. As a young company, FourSquare already has a 600 million dollar evaluation and Yelp’s evaluation is now over 100 Million. We believe our intelligent business model has the potential to surpass both. 
  15. 16. It is hyper local, relevant, loyalty driven, cross-marketing that every local business dreams of. We’re better because: DealiteMe enables businesses to get deals to their specific target audience, who are in their area, who are interested in their types of products and fit their target demographic.
  16. 17. We are able to track the effectiveness of a campaign or a partnership and the merchant can change it anytime. We’re better because: We leverage partnerships and social recommendations within closed circles.
  17. 18. Our team is comprised of a former Google engineer, tech startup pros, experienced entrepreneurs and several high level advisors. Our team:
  18. 19. Local retailers need a better way to gain exposure to the people who live nearby, convert them to customers and make them loyal. Summary: Our unique model motivates people who live nearby to try a business and be more loyal.
  19. 20. Summary: Thus, DealiteMe is a centralized loyalty program that also serves as a cross-marketing platform that drives customers to local retailers.