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CoreTrek English


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Presentation of CoreTrek and CorePublish CMS

Published in: Technology, Design
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CoreTrek English

  1. 1. WEB SOLUTIONSUpdated, attractive and accessible online
  2. 2. AboutCoreTrekEstablished in 200023 employeesOffices in Sandefjord and SandnesDeveloped our own Content Management System,CorePublish CMSWe deliver everything from design to complete websolutions2
  3. 3. Our visionWe help our customers to beupdated, attractive andaccessible online3
  4. 4. CoreTrekWhat do we do?4•Consulting•CorePhases• Web design•Development• Integration• Bespokedevelopment• Web hotel•Remote IT management•Phone support• Support system• Support agrements•CorePublishcourses• Individualcources•Web site audits• Search Engine Optimization• User reviews
  5. 5. Among Norway’s most used CMS:UsabilityGood structureMany featuresFlexibleOur own solutionMeets standards for web accessibility guidelinesMulti channel publishing5
  6. 6. 6CPNewletterFormDictionaryAdvancedlanguageURL aliasMobilephoneExternalUserDirectoryIntra/ExtranetRSSTagsRealationCommentVideolabStatisticsCorePublish
  7. 7. Mobile websiteWhich solution meets yourrequests?
  8. 8. BackgroundMobile phone, tablet and TV becomes the newPCMobile browsing increasesUsers expect websites with good usability nomatter what device the useUsers want to have access to all content8
  9. 9. Earlier days…9InternetWeb solutionPC/Mac
  10. 10. Mobile phonearrives…10Web solutionMobile PhonePC/Mac
  11. 11. Multichannel11Web solutionTabletMobile PhonePC/Mac
  12. 12. Multichannel inCMSSame content to variouschannelsAutomated editing ofsame content to variouschannelsDeviations is possible ifdesiredTemplates per channel12
  13. 13. VarioustechniquesThe two most commonare:Responsive Web Design (RWD)Responsive Web Design + Server-side (RESS)13
  14. 14. Responsive Web Design - RWD14A, C, G andHare notincluded in themobile view,buttheyare stilluploaded.LogoA CF G HToppD EBD1E1LogoF1Bskalert
  15. 15. RWD15
  16. 16. SendoptimizedcontentChoosetemplateCapabilitiesand featuresDeviceinformationWURFLResponsive Web Design + Server-side (RESS)16URL call
  17. 17. RESS17
  18. 18. 600 KBFull website+ large photos60 KBSmallwebsitee+smallphotos300 KBMediumwebsite+ mediumphotosRWD RESS600 KBFull website+ large photos18CSS andJavascriptPHP +templates+ WURFL
  19. 19. ReferencesCustomers and cases
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Norsk Petroleumsforening21
  22. 22. Bodø kommune RWD and RESS22
  23. 23. Bodøsjøen Barnehage Bodø kommune RWD23
  24. 24. LO Stat24
  25. 25. Pronova Biopharma ASA25
  26. 26. Karrieresenteret Vestfold RESS26
  27. 27. Localcustomers (Rogaland)ByfjordparkenGMCLyseMedox/MedpalletPetroleumstilsynetDet Norske MisjonsselskapBorealUniversitetet i StavangerNorges Naturvernforbund27Add EnergyFelleskjøpet Rogaland AgderEidesvikNPFHjertelagetRoxarNorturaSandnes Sparebank
  28. 28. ByfjordparkenRWD and RESS28
  29. 29. Sandnes Sparebank RESS29
  30. 30. Medox30
  31. 31. UiSRWD withreplacement og photos31
  32. 32. HaugalandKraft RWD32
  33. 33. CorePhases
  34. 34. What is CorePhases?A study to define a new websiteProvides an overview of the work to be performedThe goal is to deliver web solutions according tospecification, at the right price and at scheduleCorePhases results in a complete project planincluding wireframes and scheduleCorePhases is suitable for inter- and intranet34
  35. 35. GoalWhat is your objectives for the website?What is the expected ROI?35
  36. 36. AnalysisWhich target groups are you looking for?What is the target group looking for?How will your visitors find the website?Why would they look you up and what will they doon your website?What have they achieved when they leave thewebsite?36
  37. 37. ContentThe content must be customized to the targetsgroup’s needsWhat should the content of the website be?The analysis results in definition of how to prioritizethe content of the website.37
  38. 38. StructureContent is structured inthree structureClassification is logical,similar to the foldestructure on your PCThe result is a structuredmap of all content on yourwebsite38NettstedProdukterTjenesterKunderOm ossProgramvareKonsulentRådgivningKursHiVeStabenfeldtAnsatteKontaktossKontorer
  39. 39. Wireframes and functionalityInteraction designLocation of contentand interactionsThe result iswireframes of allpages and descriptionof the functionality39
  40. 40. Thankyou foryourattention!24. May 2013