The 10 Most Empowering Things About Corepoint Integration Engine


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Corepoint Integration Engine was designed to empower you to take control of your healthcare interfacing projects. To schedule a demonstration, email

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The 10 Most Empowering Things About Corepoint Integration Engine

  1. 1. The 10 Most Empowering Things aboutCorepoint Integration EngineG UR E Rx DE FI PL O N Y CO EHR ED Q U UI YO CK AS LY ST TE HIS External Providers Corepoint Integration Engine E LY EMR Other Systems TIV M NA AN – AG Y IT E N LIS RIS IL B A YW LA HE AI RE Critical Care AV RE SU“It’s one thing to call support whenNwe are stumped and need help. Every vendor provides Ethat. But actively working to empower customers is very different, and that is the kind ofknowledge transfer and support Corepoint Health provides.”DAVID MARICHAL, ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE OFFICER AT RADIOLOGY & IMAGING SPECIALISTS
  2. 2. Ease of UseIf you ask any Corepoint Health customer how they find Corepoint “Prior to Corepoint Health, more programmingIntegration Engine empowering, they will tell you that it all starts with knowledge was needed to develop and maintain thethe product being easy to use. interfaces. Corepoint is easy to use and it is intuitive.1From many years of hands-on interfacing experience, Corepoint Even when I don’t know how to do something, I canIntegration Engine was designed to balance robust processing with intuitively figure it out.”intuitive features: KELLEY MCFARL AND, INTERFACE ANALYST, NORTH K ANSAS CIT Y HOSPITAL ■■ Complete complex interfaces in a simple, confident way; no programming required. ■■ Build simple interfaces with a quick drag-and-drop approach.■■  Implement data parsing rules in minutes instead of hours, using simple test and conformance checking along the way. ■■ Reduce the learning curve for new or existing team members to work on new interfacing projects.Corepoint Integration Engine was designed toempower you to take control of your time and projectswith greater confidence and capabilities. 1
  3. 3. Consolidated Monitoring, Alerting and LoggingWe understand that effective integrated facilities monitor their interface “The enhanced monitoring capabilities in Corepointenvironment and consider information trends, alerts and log files as an Integration Engine ensures we are proactive in ourinfluential part of their integration strategy. service levels. The comprehensive log management2Take control of your integrated application environment with Corepoint capabilities ensure that we have detailed backups asIntegration Engine by using our web-based console to unite the moni- well as the ability to easily resend messages if needed.”toring, alerting, and logging features, including: SCOT T PERRY, OPER ATIONS MANAGER, ARNOT OGDEN MEDICAL CENTER ■■ Tailored alerting and monitoring that makes you aware of problems before they disrupt your workflow and operations. ■■  Search tools let you track, review, and filter to an individual message, group of messages, or messages with a shared characteristic such as a patient ID. ■■ Configurable user profiles provide you with customizable views and permissions for individual users, depending on which connections are most relevant. 2
  4. 4. Implementation ConfidenceWe understand that you need absolute confidence in your integration “The implementation process was so smooth thatengine so that you can focus time and energy on your most important none of the internal staff or other application vendorsprojects. With end-to-end testing and other ease-of-use features, recognized the transition to Corepoint IntegrationCorepoint Integration Engine empowers you to quickly implement3connections and deliver completed interfaces. Engine running in the middle. It was completely seamless.” ■■ Know where to focus your efforts with testing capability available THERESA PAL ASOTA, SR. PROGR AMMER ANALYST, at every iterative modification. GEORGETOWN HOSPITAL SYSTEM ■■ Compare inbound and outbound messages with highlighted differences in the message structure. ■■ Analyze mapping logic to identify which elements are consuming the most processing time to fine-tune performance. 3
  5. 5. Dedicated and Knowledgeable Support TeamCorepoint Health has a dedicated team of diverse and experienced “Corepoint Health’s customer support is personnel to ensure that you are not alone in solving any If I get stuck, I don’t have hours to spend figuringinterface challenge. something out. I know I make a call and get things4 ■■  Our customer service team is easily accessible by phone or email 24/7. resolved in just a few minutes. That kind of peace We are there to help when it matters to you the most. of mind is just wonderful.” ■■ Our position as #1 in KLAS ® for the last two consecutive years is R AMONA SKINNER, SYSTEM ANALYST, ANNE ARUNDEL MEDICAL CENTER another demonstration of our commitment to you and the healthcare IT industry. will listen closely when supporting you, and we will act on new■■ We requirements, translating them into new features or functionality for our product roadmap.Corepoint Health is exclusively focused on healthcare software, allowingus to concentrate on the issues that matter to you the most as a health ITprofessional. Our extensive expertise provides the foundation neededfor you to have confidence in our company, product and support. 4
  6. 6. Adaptability to StandardsWith the ever-changing landscape of healthcare standards, Corepoint “An important key element to both of these projectsIntegration Engine stays ahead of the curve, providing you the was getting the right data in the right format.features and functions necessary to adapt to the latest industry stan- Fortunately, once we selected Corepoint Integration5dards and government requirements. From GreenCDA to EHR ModularCertification, the Corepoint Health approach is to lead the industry, Engine, it simplified our ability to support workflowwhatever the latest standards. that required HL7; the tool was easy to work withA proof point is the fact that Corepoint Integration Engine is the first and implement.”integration engine to gain ONC certification as an EHR Module. TODD THOMAS, CIO, AUSTIN R ADIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONCorepoint Integration Engine seamlessly works with standards suchas: HL7 (Versions 2 and 3), HL7 CDA and CCD, CCR, X12, NCPDP, DICOM,XML, and delimited files, among others.When you need flexibility in connecting, Corepoint IntegrationEngine has you covered as well with support for Web Services, FTP,databases, file support, and others.By listening to you, we adapt our integration engine to accommodatethe demanding requirements of the healthcare technology industry; weinclude the features and functionality you need to make it work. 5
  7. 7. Configurable User ProfilesCorepoint Integration Engine enables you to distribute monitoring “We now can delegate interface monitoringcapabilities to other departments or specific users, empowering the responsibilities to specific individuals, particularlypeople closest to the application to be proactive on their interface alerts. in our lab and radiology units…our analysts know6 ■■ Customize and designate user privileges, including access to start/ exactly the status of the interface at all times.” stop and view message log files. AL RESPESS, INTERFACE ADMINISTR ATOR, WEST JEFFERSON MEDICAL CENTER ■■  Assign access rights to an individual or group of user profiles to monitor interface connections pertinent only to their relevant workflows. Operations Staff Lab User■■  Audit logs provide added security by tracking who has signed into the system and when.Configurable user profiles empower you to share the responsibility of Corepointbeing the first level of support. Integration HIS Engine LIS ADT ADT ORU ORU Interface Staff 6
  8. 8. Interface Version Control ManagementCorepoint Integration Engine includes native interface version “Corepoint Integration Engine delivers the type ofcontrol to empower your teams to easily manage the transitions between version control features we need… Corepoint Healthdevelopment, test, and production. understands our requirements and the7Through our version control functionality, you can track interface history, health IT market.”compare current interfaces to past interfaces, and roll back to previous DALE MULLINS, INTERFACE ENGINEER, CABELL HUNTINGTON HOSPITALversion of the interface engine in the event of an emergency. And, youdecide which version of the configured interfaces are running at any time.Multiple members of your team can work in parallel in the CorepointIntegration Engine environment. When the time comes to commitchanges, Corepoint Integration Engine provides an intuitive way foryou to resolve conflicts among multiple users. 7
  9. 9. Native High AvailabilityCorepoint Integration Engine provides a native high availability “Corepoint Integration Engine’s approach increasessolution, empowering you to gain increased confidence over the interface our confidence since their native high availabilityconnections and uptime of data processing. capabilities ensure all messages are persisted in the8With Corepoint Health’s native high availability solution, there is no backup server, guaranteeing no message is lost.”need for you to rely on a third party failover mechanism. Our Assured BR ANDON LEWIS, SYSTEMS ENGINEER, IVINSON MEMORIAL HOSPITALAvailability™ ensures: Message persistency.■■  Configuration persistency.■■ ■■  Automated monitoring of I/O status and network. ■■  Seamless integration with native alerts.If there is ever a problem with the primary server, the backup serverimmediately takes over and continues processing. 8
  10. 10. User Help and DocumentationCorepoint Integration Engine provides you with extensive documen- “I have found the documentation is incredibly extensive.tation on how to use the product most effectively. I always remind myself, ‘just hit the F1 key,’ and I can ■■ Cookbook examples guide you through the implementation of the always find what I need!”9 solution within the context of common workflow scenarios. JULIE PR AT T, INTEGR ATION ANALYST, W YOMING MEDICAL CENTER ■■ Context-sensitive help directs you to the documentation specifically related to the object being used at that time. ■■ Self-documenting features provide you with valuable interface docu- mentation for future projects. 9
  11. 11. Metrics Reporting Corepoint Integration Engine metrics provide you with a historical “The greatest impact Corepoint Integration Engine has view of connections and system information. Using the metric informa- had on our environment is that it takes less time to tion, you can quickly determine what events may be influencing the manage our interface environment on a regular basis,10 performance and effectiveness of the integration engine. Common events include an increase in message volume or increase in number and has made maintaining the environment a proactive of connections. process instead of a reactive one.” DARON JOHNSTON, APPLICATIONS PROGR AMMER, WOMAN’S HOSPITAL The detailed metric information also provides the ability to look at trending to proactively: ■■ Customize and trend server metrics that are important to you for planning purposes. ■■  Troubleshoot server issues by pinpointing CPU usage, memory usage, and other metrics at the specific time of concern. ■■ Combine metrics data with repository history and log files in order to debug a single interface or the enterprise. Sample Reports Message Counts ■■  Disk Space Free ■■  Queue Depths ■■  Disk Queue Length ■■  CPU Usage ■■  Msg Cnts and CPU Usage ■■  Memory Usage ■■  Msg Cnts and Disk Queues ■■  ADT and ORM counts ■■  NISvc CPU vs. Memory ■■  10
  12. 12. Discover More■■  Customer Perspectives –■■  hite Papers – W■■  HL7 and Health IT Insights –“Corepoint Health is my security blanket in the big, complex world of healthcare integration.”WILLIAM SMITH, APPLICATION MANAGER, ATLANTIC GENERAL HOSPITALTo schedule a demonstration, email US AT: