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SAP Inside Track 2017: NON-SAP Cloud Solutions


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Introducing other Cloud Providers and Possibilities for SAP Customers and Partners.
Customers and Partners can use Cloud Platforms and only pay for what they use.

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SAP Inside Track 2017: NON-SAP Cloud Solutions

  1. 1. sit
  2. 2. Our Cloud Partnerships
  3. 3. Agenda o Why Cloud o Cloud Players o Cloud Models o Use Cases for IaaS o Use Cases for PaaS o SAP Leonardo o SAP CAL o Key Takeways
  4. 4. Lower the time spent on infrastructure Dedicate more resources to innovation Concentrate on new business initiatives Focus on differentiation and reduce technical debt
  5. 5. Cloud Players Worldwide Public Cloud Services Forecast (Millions of Dollars) 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS) 40,812 43,772 47,556 51,652 56,176 Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS) 7,169 8,851 10,616 12,580 14,798 Cloud Application Services (SaaS) 38,567 46,331 55,143 64,870 75,734 Cloud Management and Security Services 7,150 8,768 10,427 12,159 14,004 Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) 25,290 34,603 45,559 57,897 71,552 Cloud Advertising 90,257 104,516 118,520 133,566 151,091 Total Market 209,244 246,841 287,820 332,723 383,355
  6. 6. Cloud Models ManagedbyCloudProvider ManagedbyCloudProvider
  7. 7. A Continuous Offering From Private to Public Cloud
  8. 8. Use Cases for Partners – IaaS Consultants Demo System Development Systems Other Solutions SAP CAL PCoE Systems ▪ Run Solution Manager 7.2 on Cloud for high availability ▪ Install PCoE test systems Cloud and run only during PCoE Audit Process ▪ Development Partners can deploy their development systems on Cloud with predeployed images. ▪ Discovery Systems for most recent SAP Solutions ▪ SAP CAL Evaluation Systems ▪ Other Solutions (e.g. Like Custom Code Inspector, System Monitoring)
  9. 9. Use Cases for Customers – IaaS ▪ Backup as as Service ▪ Disaster as a Service HPC Workloads Non-productive Systems SAP CAL Productive Systems ▪ Move Non-Productive workload to Cloud ▪ Move Non-static workloads to Cloud ▪ Run all SAP workload on Cloud ▪ Lift and Shift exiting workload ▪ Migrate to HANA platform on Cloud
  10. 10. IaaS and PaaS – Better Together
  11. 11. •Infrastructure as Code is a practice by where traditional infrastructure management techniques are supplemented and often replaced by using code based tools and software development techniques.
  12. 12. Account Support Support Managed Services Professional Services Partner Ecosystem Training & Certification Solution Architects Account Management Security & Pricing Reports Technical Acct. Management Marketplace Business Applications DevOps Tools Business Intelligence Security Networking Database & Storage SaaS Subscriptions Operating Systems Mobile Build, Test, Monitor Apps Push Notifications Build, Deploy, Manage APIs Device Testing Identity Enterprise Applications Document Sharing Email & Calendaring Hosted Desktops Application Streaming Backup Game Development 3D Game Engine Multi-player Backends Mgmt. Tools Monitoring Auditing Service Catalog Server Management Configuration Tracking Optimization Resource Templates Automation Analytics Query Large Data Sets Elasticsearch Business Analytics Hadoop/Spark Real-time Data Streaming Orchestration Workflows Managed Search Managed ETL Artificial Intelligence Voice & Text Chatbots Machine Learning Text-to-Speech Image Analysis IoT Rules Engine Local Compute and Sync Device Shadows Device Gateway Registry Hybrid Devices & Edge Systems Data Integration Integrated Networking Resource Management VMware on AWS Identity Federation Migration Application Discovery Application Migration Database Migration Server Migration Data Migration Infrastructure Regions Availability Zones Points of Presence Compute Containers Event-driven Computing Virtual Machines Simple Servers Auto Scaling Batch Web Applications Storage Object Storage Archive Block Storage Managed File Storage Exabyte-scale Data Transport Database MariaDB Data Warehousing NoSQLAurora MySQL Oracle SQL ServerPostgreSQL Application Services Transcoding Step Functions Messaging Security Certificate Management Web App. Firewall Identity & Access Key Storage & Management DDoS Protection Application Analysis Active Directory Dev Tools Private Git Repositories Continuous Delivery Build, Test, and Debug Deployment Networking Isolated Resources Dedicated Connections Load Balancing Scalable DNSGlobal CDN The AWS Platform
  13. 13. Capture, store, and analyze streaming data Build custom applications that process or analyze streaming data such as real-time content recommendations. Quickly load TBs per hour of streaming data into the cloud for applications such as social media analysis or IoT. Act on information as it happens
  14. 14. Lambda Amazon EC2CloudWatch Amazon SNS email notification AdminLambda Rules StartC2ETerminalServers > everyday at 5am GMT StopC2ETerminalServers > everyday at 11pm GMT Functions StartC2EInstances StopC2EInstances Functions SendAWSNotifications4Start SendAWSNotifications4Stop Example: Lower TCO
  15. 15. Simplified SAP provisioning in the cloud o Log on to management console with your favorite web browser o Pick and deploy from a variety of SAP solutions based on your business need. Choose among • Preconfigured RDS solutions (ready-to-active, fully-activated, …) • SAP Technology Solutions (HANA incl. XS Engine, …) • SAP Developer Editions (ABAP on HANA) • HEC Trials for Suite on HANA (ERP, CRM, BW) • Systems for Trainings (IDES, openSAP) o Access the solution Typical cloud scenarios o Build your own test or demo lab in the cloud o Test and evaluations, POCs o Do custom development activities o Run trainings in the cloud o ... or go production SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)
  16. 16. Litmus Paper 4 SAP Customers & Partners