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Industrial Marketing 2014: International Survey of Manufacturers


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Marketing technology continues to advance as rapidly as production technology, and we here at CoreElement were interested in knowing whether or not industrial manufacturers have been keeping up with the times.

Do more with less isn’t optional. Marketing is no exception. The latest tools offer intriguing possibilities when paired with new media. The question is whether manufacturers are adopting and adapting to this new world.

So we decided to ask - from presidents to CEOs to VPs to sales managers - industrial manufacturers all about their marketing strengths, weaknesses, strategy and tactics.

Here are some of the findings. For full survey results go to

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Industrial Marketing 2014: International Survey of Manufacturers

  1. 1. Industrial Marketing 2014: International Survey of Manufacturers A CoreElement Special Report
  2. 2. Survey Purpose: Answer This Question 1 How are Industrial Manufacturers Adapting to the New World? For full survey results visit
  3. 3. 380 responses: The Questions 2 Respondents answered 40 questions on 7 subjects: • Sales Techniques & Tactics • Marketing Strategy & Intelligence • Marketing Automation • Website Design & Function • Social Media Commitment • Social Media Usage • Optimization
  4. 4. 380 responses : Respondents 3 Sales managers, presidents, managing directors & CEOs from middle market industrial manufacturers that: • Span 4 continents • Have annual revenues ranging from less than $10 million to in excess of $500 million • Employ from fewer than 25 employees to over 10,000 Most are private, family held businesses and two-thirds have international reach.
  5. 5. Respondent Economic Outlooks: Company Confidence 4 Nearly 74% are “confident” or “very confident” in the outlook for their company. How confident are you in the outlook for your company? 1% 7% 18% 44% We will have our share of problems 30% Worried
  6. 6. Respondent Economic Outlooks: Economic Concerns 5 Manufacturers remain uneasy about the slow economic recovery in the U.S. What are your current economic concerns?
  7. 7. Sales Techniques & Tactics: New Customer Sources 6 The chosen sales and marketing strategy of most industrial manufacturers remains predictably “old-school.” Which of the following are sources of new customers for your company?
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy & Intelligence: Marketing as a Budgeted Activity 7 Is marketing a budgeted activity for your company? 2% 1% 23% 43% 31% 31% Nearly a third of industrial manufacturers do not treat marketing as a budgeted item.
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy & Intelligence: Marketing Management 8 84% of manufacturers are doing all marketing in-house. Marketing departments may be undermanned and overworked.
  10. 10. Marketing Automation: Lead Conversion Satisfaction 9 60% A majority are unhappy with their lead conversion rate. Yet...
  11. 11. Marketing Automation: Awareness 10 ...45% are unaware of marketing automation.
  12. 12. Website Design & Function: Opinion of Current Site 11 Which most closely matches your opinion of your company’s current website? 10% 4% 20% 40% 26% 66% Roughly two-thirds use their website as lead generator or sales tool, yet many are outdated and lack mobile capability. Q: Biggest website frustration? “Too little actual lead generation.” - T.S., USA
  13. 13. Social Media Commitment: Staffing 30% About 12 reported making a real commitment to social media from a staffing perspective by using full-time staff, an external firm or a freelancer / subcontractor. How is your company managing your social media program? Committed to Social Media
  14. 14. Social Media Commitment: Attitude 13 What is your general attitude toward social media for industry? 9% 3% 37% 14% 15% 22% Worth considering Currently testing Positive results May work for some, not us Not for industrial companies Should have started sooner 23% believe social media is either not for them (or for industrial companies). The majority don’t have social media programs or aren’t tracking results.
  15. 15. Social Media Usage in Industrial Marketing: Platform 46% 14 nearly half, are sharing content via Twitter. Which social media platforms are your company currently using?
  16. 16. Search Engine Optimization: Analysis 15 How would you grade the quality of your company’s SEO analysis? 6% 6% 32% 25% 31% We don't perform analysis Good, it provides useful information Fair, it's interesting, but we're not sure how to use the data Excellent, it contributes to our decision process Poor, the analysis is useless 62% state search engine optimization (“SEO”) is critical to companies’ overall marketing strategies.
  17. 17. Key Findings 16 1 2 3 Industrial manufacturers are unaware of, or have not embraced, marketing automation, nor new strategies, including content marketing. They remain rather “old-school” with their tactics, relying heavily on trade shows and cold-calling as new customer sources. Industrial manufacturers are not dedicating the time, money or manpower necessary for finding marketing success, particularly in the area of social media.
  18. 18. 17 Marketing Strategy & Planning CRM Implementation & Administration Marketing Automation Lead Generation / In-bound Marketing Content Creation Social Media Website Design Search Optimization Email Marketing Campaigns Tracking: Statistics & Analysis CoreElement creates and implements effective industrial marketing programs for manufacturers that leverage the power and intelligence of the internet.
  19. 19. For full survey results visit Call: 216-400-8201 Cleveland, OH USA 44119 © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.