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Nowadays, communication has been essential to people's daily life, business and etc. It spreads all over the world. As demanded, many softwares were introduced to enable communication easier and more convenience, such as Live Messenger, Skype.

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Skype u3022901

  1. 1. The leader ofVoIPThe leader ofVoIP -Skype-Skype U3022901 CHANG KONG T2 Tutor: Phil Cullen
  2. 2. overviewoverview  The history of Skype  The advantage of Skype  The features of Skype  Compare with other communication technologies  The impact of Skype to communication  The future expect &recommendation
  3. 3. The history of SkypeThe history of Skype Skype-is voice software that enables the world’s conversation.
  4. 4. 2005 eBay spent 2.6 billion to purchase Skype 2006 Voice Conferencing had been introduced 2008 Skype released various updates include Mobile Skype 2009 eBay sold 70 percent stake to an investor group 2010 Skype 5.0 BETA and Skype for Apple’s iPhone app are released
  5. 5. The advantages of SkypeThe advantages of Skype  Cheap rate- The software is free, as is calling to other Skype users; We can buy credits to make calls on pay-as-you-go system: Domestic -Australia $0.03/min International-Germany $0.03/min -India $0.11/min - South Africa $0.093/min Monthly plan- U.S $7.99/month -China $11.99/month -Unlimited world $15.99/month
  6. 6.  Great call quality -It has its own SIP and P2P standard -Research and development: brand-new Skype 4.2 with better call quality
  7. 7.  Remarkable statistic
  8. 8. The features of SkypeThe features of Skype  SkypeOut -call a real phone number from Skype  SkypeIn -able to call your Skype account from a phone  Video calls -make video calls for free using Skype  Conference calls -makes having group discussions with staff that are located in various parts of the world much easier  File Sharing  Instant messaging  Text messaging -Skype to send text messages to any cell phone in the world  Voicemail
  9. 9. Compare with otherCompare with other communication technologiescommunication technologies  Skype can call all over the world  Cheaper than calling by a phone
  10. 10. The impact of SkypeThe impact of Skype  Skype tops all in international calls  Skype with a user base of 521 million users  Skype Holds 8% market share, become world’s largest provider of long distance communication
  11. 11. The future expect &The future expect & recommendationrecommendation  Regulation restrict –remains concern with its “free”, conflict with the other phone companies.  Invest more to the R&D for new features and related products .  Enable multiple users on one PC.
  12. 12. ConclusionConclusion  Topic covered 1. The history of Skype 2. The advantages of Skype 3. The features of Skype 4. Compare with other communication technologies 5. The impact of Skype to communication 6. The future expect &recommendation
  13. 13.  Reference becomes.html of-international-calls/
  14. 14. Thanks for watching