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Coralie’s fun facts english


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Some little funny facts about me.
Enjoy and share, please.

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Coralie’s fun facts english

  1. 1. Coralie’s Fun Facts 1. Love making faces on pictures. 2. Always change recipes. 3. Can do a Deutsch braid without a look in the mirror. 4. Nicknamed « Rosalie » by a friend who mixed up my name with an other. 5. Learn German alone. 6. Dream to drive as in « Alarm für Cobra 11 » and do car races on ice. 7. Write children’s stories. 8. Went to New York and did not say « Taxi! ». 9. Always have chance, surprises and good deals during shopping. 10. Went to the « Commencement Day » at Cornell University in May 2004 and had the surprise to listen to Bill Clinton’s speech.