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Kent Digital Meetup Ashford - The Art of Using Social Media to Build a Community


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Find out how using social media alongside traditional marketing strategies can help you create sustainable online communities. Perfect when you have a limited budget.

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Kent Digital Meetup Ashford - The Art of Using Social Media to Build a Community

  1. 1. Communi-cial The Art of Using Social Media to Build a Community
  2. 2. Who we are and what we do • Award-winning creative and digital content agency that has worked with clients across Kent and the South East since 1993; • Deliver strategic success for their project, business or organisation; • This is what we’ve done with our “Hello Herne Bay” Campaign. Lee Winter Head of Content Pillory Barn Coralie Pilté Digital Services Executive
  3. 3. The brief Put Herne Bay on the map • Stand out from other seaside towns and share the town’s USPs • Make Herne Bay a place to visit for everyone within a 20 mile radius looking for a coastal trip (Kent and London).
  4. 4. The objective Awareness: I’ve been hearing a lot about Herne Bay Interest: I’m intrigued, someone said they visited the other day Desire: I want to go, don’t want to miss out – on the list! Action: A great day out at Herne Bay Advocacy - Added Benefit: Creating a strong community around Herne Bay thanks to an integrated marketing approach
  5. 5. What did PB do? Went to find Herne Bay and discover what was unique about the town. W E L L W O R T H D I S C O V E R I N G
  6. 6. What did PB do? Got to know the audience and the community Personas: families, foodies, nature lovers, dog walkers, romance and retro, culture vultures W E L L W O R T H D I S C O V E R I N G `
  7. 7. What did PB do? Created a brand identity for the town that could be owned by all W E L L W O R T H D I S C O V E R I N G
  8. 8. What did PB do? Shouted about Herne Bay: targeted messaging, PR, social, advertising W E L L W O R T H D I S C O V E R I N G
  9. 9. Why an integrated approach? • Reach the maximum amount of people on a small budget; • Reinforce the message across different channels; • Encourage community ownership to sustain the campaign, extend reach and lifespan of the campaign.
  10. 10. Our approach? Online: Use social media to reach out to the target audience and build a following. Create content that resonates with our different target audiences
  11. 11. Online: Include user-generated and stakeholder content. Cost effective method to create ownership and sense of belonging, as well as authentic message and engagement
  12. 12. Online Respond to messages from people living in or visiting Herne Bay Create a conversation Better engagement and more people returning.
  13. 13. Offline: Using Stakeholders Engage with stakeholders and create advocacy from people in Herne Bay Organise stakeholder event to introduce the campaign Create ownership of the brand in the local community
  14. 14. Offline: Using Stakeholders Include stakeholders in our content strategy Share their news and events on our platforms, which in turns incites them to share our posts with their audience Stronger reach, stronger community
  15. 15. Kent Life, Coast Magazine, Café Life Make sure we catch our audiences wherever they are and whenever they are available Promote stakeholders, make sure they feel engaged Offline: PR Target relevant publications for our target audience
  16. 16. Bus & Radio adverts: Reach people when they’re available on their way to work, whenever they’re in their car or at home Strengthen the message, encourage them to visit and share their experience on social media Reinforce the community. Offline: Advertising
  17. 17. The Results Awareness: Measured with Reach & Video views 220% 19,879 Increased video views on YouTube by 220% (8,226 views at the end of the campaign) Unique Views on Facebook. Views Reach: Social Media 939,318 People Reach: PR Campaigns 1,378,987 People Reach: Advertising 876,520 People 3,194,825Total Reach Both London (17%) and Kent (57%)
  18. 18. The Results Interest & Desire and Action: Measured with engagement, perceived value 2,359 800 Engaged users per month on Facebook Uses of the #HelloHerneBay on Twitter Engagement Perceived value of PR Campaign £211,716 (50k Initial Target) People share their interest, the fact they want to visit as well as memories Stakeholder involvement • Positive perception on social media both from visitors and local • People have visited, taken part and shared positive feedback
  19. 19. Added Benefit à Create a community around the town that used to be perceived negatively by residents • We grew their social community by 212% (Initial objective of 20%) • People comment, share and post on the page. They use the #HelloHerneBay or #HerneBay to promote the town. • Our online activity, supported by clear PR and advertising messages, has created an online community of people who are interested in Herne Bay, as well as an offline community including residents, stakeholders and visitors. The Results A sustainable community that can carry the campaign forward.
  20. 20. Key Takeaways Make sure you know your audience, what content will benefit them and where you can reach out to them. • Create relevant content on your platform of choice. • Start a conversation • User-generated content is key: • Share positive content from consumers • Engage with stakeholders and use their content to promote your own objectives • Sponsor and boost where necessary to reach out to more people • Engage with people in real life and make sure they buy into your message
  21. 21. Questions?