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Indirect Taxes


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Indirect Taxes

  1. 1. Enterprise Software for Indirect TaxesBuilt on CORALerp platform
  2. 2. Coral Soffwares2006 - CORAL erp - Enterprise Software for Indian Business launchedProduct-focussed company1988 - Incorporated at Kolkata1990 - ACE - Business Accounting Software launched1991 - OMEGA - Personal Information management System launched1996 - X-ise - Indias first Central Excise Software launched
  3. 3. What is InDyrekt?
  4. 4. • Central Excise (Registered Dealers)• Central Excise (Manufacturer)• Service Tax• VAT• Upcoming GSTWhat isInDyrekt?
  5. 5. Central Excise(Registered Dealers)
  6. 6. Central Excise(Registered Dealer)Entry ScreensFor Purchases from 1st / 2nd Stage dealer, captures particulars ofManufacturer / Importer and its Invoice / Bill of Entry along suchas Invoice / BOE No, Assessable Value & Duties involved• Purchase InvoiceWith facility to pass respective duties charged at the time ofprocurement whether imported or locally procured• Sales Invoice• Stock Transfer
  7. 7. Central Excise(Registered Dealer)Document PrintingWith details of Manufacturer / Importer, their Invoice / BOE,Assessable value & Duties involvedWith details of Manufacturer / Importer, their Invoice / BOE,Assessable value & Duties involvedClick on the reports to view them• Purchase Invoice (Voucher)• Excise Invoice• Commercial Invoice
  8. 8. Central Excise(Registered Dealer)Reports• Details of Duties passed during a period - date wise (akinto RG23D register)• Quarterly Return - Form 2• Quarterly Return - e-filing• Defacement Report• Statement of Removals - Date-wise• Statement of Removals - Party-wise• Inward Register• Purchase Register - Date-wise• Purchase Register in .xls format for VAT relatedcomplianceContd..Click on the reports to view them
  9. 9. Central Excise(Registered Dealer)Reports• Outward Register• Sales Register - Date-wise• Sales Register in .xls format for VAT related compliance• Summary Sales Register - Customer-wise• Stock Ledger• Stock Summary
  10. 10. VAT & Service Tax
  11. 11. VAT & Service Tax• Purchase/Sales Registers in various formats• Other Reports to facilitate filing of statutory returns
  12. 12. AdvantageCoral & CORALerp
  13. 13. AdvantageCoral & CORALerp• InDyrekt uses RDBMS database (MS SQL server) asback-end and also manage huge number of Part masters(Products)• InDyrekt has been built on CORALerp platform whichprovides these advantages enormous flexibility for customisation smooth integration with any other Enterprisesolution technology based solutions like SMS, auto-emailing, weighbridge integration etc critical security features such as Access Rightsallocation and Audit TrailContd..
  14. 14. AdvantageCoral & CORALerp• As far as Indian Indirect Taxation is concerned, Coral iscredited to have come up with first ever off-the-shelfCentral Excise software: X-ise, way back in 1996 underthe guidance of Late Shri D V Shidhaye and Shri V SDatey
  15. 15. EsteemedCustomers
  16. 16. EsteemedCustomers
  17. 17. THANK YOU! | www.coral.inCoral Soffwares LtdA307 # Deluxe Centre 157c Lenin Sarani Kolkata 700 013 INDIA