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Fruit 4.0: Towards data-driven fruit production


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Introduction of the Fruit 4.0 project and data management for operational monitoring and control of fruit orchard management.

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Fruit 4.0: Towards data-driven fruit production

  1. 1. Fruit 4.0: Towards data- driven fruit production Cor Verdouw, Jan Willem Kruize, Nico Bondt, Peter Frans de Jong, Jan van der Zande
  2. 2. Problem Context Fruit sector: need for reliable, accurate and timely information
  3. 3. Fruit 4.0: data-driven fruit production  Better fruit quality, sustainability and efficiency by better orchard and management information  Focus on a high technology readiness level and solutions that are affordable for small family orchards  Combination use cases (‘low hanging fruit’) and common data management approach (‘orchard of the future’)  2017-2020, part of Programme Precision Horticulture 3 Project Partners:
  4. 4. Fruit 4.0 Use Cases  Case 1: Fruit growth sensing and yield/quality prediction  Case 2 Blossom monitoriing and precision thinning  Case 3 Grading information for orchard management optimiztion 4
  5. 5. Highlight case 1: segmentation blossom 5
  6. 6. Highlight case 2: RGB segmentation fruits 6
  7. 7. Highlight case 3 Pluk-o-Trak harvest data 7 Yield volume (kg/m) Average size (mm) Defect on skin (0-100)
  8. 8. Research objective 8 To what extent do existing data management systems meet the information needs of the Dutch fruit production domain?
  9. 9. Methodology 9 User requirements - 12 interviews - 1 Workshop - desk research Investigation existing systems - 10 interviews - 1 workshop - desk research Long list (n=75) Shortlist (n=21) Analysis & reporting Advice pilots data management Design To Be architecture
  10. 10. High Level Information Architecture Decision Support/ Intelligence Operational Management Sensing & detection Actuation & Robotics Sensing & Control Platform Precision Pesticide Spraying module Weather app Yield Prediction Service Supply Chain Systems Fertilization Advice Enterprise Management Irrigation Advice Orchard Management System ......
  11. 11. Current Systems – Shortlist Fruit & Related Agri Sectors FRUIT Market Target Group Organisational Name NL EUR INT Fruit Open field Green- house Other Phase # users # employee s Openness RegPro X - - X X - - Mature product > 500 unknown closed EVA X - - X - - - Young product unknown unknown unknown ISAgri X X - X X - - Mature product unknown 1-10 closed TraceMasters X - - X - - - Young product unknown unknown unknown AgriPlace X - - X X - X Mature product > 500 11-25 closed Greenery SAP Portal X - - X - - - Young product > 500 > 150 closed AgriMORE X - - X - - X Mature product unknown 1-10 closed gQretail, gQmilieu, gQinkoop X - - X X X - Mature product unknown 1-10 semi-open 11 RELATED AGRI SECTORS (especially arable farming) Market Target Group Organisational Name NL EUR INT Fruit Open field Green house other Phase # users # employees Openness of the system FieldView - - X - X - - Mature product unknown unknown unknown FBN Analytics - - X - X - - Mature product > 500 26-50 onbekend Akkerweb X - - - X - - Young product > 500 1-10 semi-open FarmWorks X X X - X - - Mature product > 500 51-150 semi-open FarmNet - X - - X - - Mature product > 500 26-50 semi-open CropVision X - - - X - - Mature product onbekend 51-150 semi-open
  12. 12. Current Systems - IoT platforms 12 Adapted from UNIFY-IoT 2016 Multination corporations Commercial Cloud centric Microsoft Azure IoT IBM Watson IoT Amazon AWS IoT Google IoT Cloud centric Industry centric PTC ThingWorx Bosch SW Inno Suite GE Predix Industry centric Comms centric PTC Axeda CISCO/Jasper Ayala Networks Aeris IoT Comms centric Device centric Intel IoT ARM mbed Device centric SME Platforms ThingSpeak Xively Carriots EvryThng SensorCloud Losant SME platforms Open source Kaa Nimbits Eclipse IoT Open Remote FIWARE OpenIoT sensiNact Open source Over 360 IoT platforms in total!
  13. 13. Current situation Several FMIS systems for fruit production (although not always very advanced...) Several Supply Chain Information Systems MAIN GAP Sensing and control platform is lacking for fruit production!
  14. 14. Sensing & Control Platform Need for a good Sensing & Control platform! 14 Supply Chain Systems Orchard Management System External interfaces Analytics Additional tools Data visualization Data processing and action management Device management Connectivity and normalisation Datastorage Securityandprivacy
  15. 15. How to bridge this gap? A. Extend existing orchard management systems with a Sensing & Control layer B. Adapt platforms from adjacent sectors (especially arable farming) to fruit-specific requirements C. Implement a generic IoT Sensing & Control platform in the fruit domain 15
  16. 16. A. Extend existing orchard mgt system 16 Advantages •Proven practical usability in the fruit domain •No change of software vendor necesarry •Long term commitment of the vendor to the fruit sector •Domain knowledge available at the vendors Disadvantages •Knowledge of other sectors not (always) reused •Technology of existing systems not appropriate for IoT •Small customer base (only the sector)
  17. 17. B. Adapt platforms from other agri sectors 17 Advantages • Platform already developed and used • Reuse implementation experiences related agri sectors • Larger customer base • Sector knowledge open fields Disadvantages • Limited experience of platform in the fruit sector • Focus and priorities might shift in case of short term disappointments • Fruit growers have to switch to another software vendor
  18. 18. C. Implement a generic IoT Sensing & Control platform in the fruit domain 18 Advantages • Advanced toolbox directly available • Robust technology, e.g. concerning security, privacy, data volume, connectivity, etc. • Future proof due to the development power of big tech companies Disadvantages • No sector specific functionalities, limited practical implementations in agriculture • Limited domain knowledge platform vendors • Complexity en multitude of tools
  19. 19. Recomendations data management pilots 19 1. Pilot strategy B ● Strategy B: Apply platforms adjacent sectors to fruit orchards 2. Pilot combi strategies A & C ● Extend existing fruit orchard systems (strategy A) based on a generic IoT platform (strategy C) 3. Pilot ‘Secure Data Sharing’ ● Sharing authorised data between different platforms/systems ● E.g. JoinData based on standards Frugicom NO ONE-SIZE- FITS ALL!
  20. 20. Fruit 4.0: Towards data- driven fruit production Contact info: