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2014.11.13-14 Finish Slide Show FIWARE Bootcamp Utrecht

  2. FInish is one of the 16 FIWARE Accelerator projects
  3. Focus of FInish Perishable Food and Flowers
  4. Our Goal: Improving Business Collaboration in the Food & Flowers Chain
  5. What is funded? Developing an App relevant for a Business Sector Food & Flower Supply Chain Retail/ Consumers Farming Logistic & Transport Services Food Manufacturing
  6. Our Goal: Boost the usage of the FIspace platform & FIWARE Enablers
  7. FIspace Business Collaboration Platform Internet of Tings Wireless Sensor Networks Location-based services Consultants Forwarder Production Plants Carriers Ports Customs Banks Insurances Authorities Consumers Future Internet Features Social Media Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics: • EU turnover: 1,500 billion € • Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings • Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissions FIspace will facilitate: ■ … seamless cross-organizational collaboration (information exchange, communication, coordination of activities) ■ …unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes (using Internet-connected sensors and IoT devices) ■ …rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions (apps and services) ■ …agile formation of business networks and ecosystems (social networks and app/service markets) Privacy & Security Internet of Services Cloud Computing Linked Open Data, Big Data
  8. High Level Architecture Front-End FIspace Store Real-time B2B Collaboration Core System & Data Integration Security, Privacy, and Trust Management Operating Environment Development Toolkit Base Technologies GENERIC ENABLERS I2ND IoT IoC IoS S&T DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Validation
  9. FIspace approach: Software Mass Customisation FIspace App Store My FIspace (BCM) Develop Apps Pre-configure User Systems Customize & Use Systems FIspace Platform Single App Configuration App developer Biz Architect User
  10. What’s in it for you? • Reduce your development efforts – by reusing FIWARE / FIspace tools • Benefit from features of other apps • Open new markets for your application • Minimise your financial risk by receiving funding –while remaining your Intellectual Property
  11. Project Partners
  12. Application Areas Food Intelligence Foodweb Connectivity Real-time Virtualisation
  13. We do not predefine Apps!! We are asking for great ideas With business need/interest In the Food & Flower Chains domain
  14. What and When? 2 Calls for App Development (2014 & 2015) approx. 50 projects – max. 150 kEUR funding 2 Competitions (2015 & 2016) Various prizes and trade fare event Hackathons (2015) Final Awards (2016)
  15. What do you need? Good idea Business partner Motivation!
  16. Our Support! Information Matchmaking Training
  18. How to contact us?

Editor's Notes

  1. These sectors together have a huge potential impact on the European economy and society. EU turnover: 1,500 billion € Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissions Here you see a picture of the business network we are dealing with (farmers, carriers, retail, customs, etc.) They are challenged by all kind of ICT-related developments, such as: High-quality customer applications, end2end visibility, M2M communication, etc. But there are currently still quite some bottlenecks to be solved, such as: Interoperability between current inter-enterprise information systems (still use of paper, fax, phone, etc.) Tracking and tracing possibilities are still limited (especially e.g. if you want to know what happened to your food between production and consumption) Especially for SMEs, software is relatively expensive, while the need for flexible, customized solutions has increased These bottlenecks are the reason for current limited and rather fixed business collaboration networks, hampering innovation in general Through conceptual prototypes in phase 1 we have made it plausible that FI will significantly contribute to overcoming these bottlenecks by facilitating: ...seamless cross-organizational collaboration …unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes …rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions …agile formation of business networks and ecosystems
  2. This will be achieved by the FIspace platform, which is a cloud-based solution for business collaboration. This platform is represented by the big rectangle in the middle, consisting of several components: FIspace store (similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play), which offers a range of apps and services supporting B2B collaboration Because apps are characterized by simple, lightweight functionalities, this collaboration is supported by a B2B collaboration core that handles object states, event handling, (re-)planning processes, etc. Further embedding and integration is supported by the other layers: System & Data Integration Security, Privacy and Trust management And an operating environment to make it running The apps are planned to be developed through the open call in Phase 2 and large scale expansion in Phase 3. Therefore we develop and offer a Software development toolkit Finally, the whole platform is approachable through front-ends, which are typically cockpit-type of web browser applications All these components will use, and therewith validate, several GEs from FI-Ware and - at the other side – eight trials will validate and demonstrate the FIspace platform
  3. FInish has distinguished three key functional areas of the apps to be developed for Intelligence and Information Sharing in Food Supply Chain Networks.: Real-time Virtualization: sensing of physical objects on different levels of aggregation (e.g. product, box, pallet, container, truck) and creating rich and globally accessible virtual representations of these geographically dispersed physical objects. Leveraging the FIspace platform and the underlying Generic Enablers (especially the IoT services enablers), apps in this category will add specific services and applications for perishable supply chain networks. Examples could be applications for advanced visioning (including high-speed/low-cost solutions, 3D, and internal features such as ripeness), for quality inspection of food and flowers based on (mobile) augmented reality, etc. Foodweb Connectivity: the timely, error free exchange and secure communication of information in highly dynamic supply chain networks to enable adequate response based on up-to-date and reliable virtual representations. This apps category will add specific apps for the food and flowers industry, such as applications for exchange of sector-specific master data (in particular product information) and mapping services for sector-specific standards (e.g. concerning food safety regulation and sustainability labels). Food Intelligence: usage of the virtualization data for intelligent decision support. This category is the main focus of the project and will provide functionalities for different levels of intelligence, including interaction, monitoring, problem notification, deviation management, planning and optimisation. Examples of food-specific intelligence functionalities are apps for early warning in case of food incidents or unexpected quality deviations (e.g. temperature or humidity changes), advanced forecasting about consequences of detected changes by the time the product reaches destination, e.g. dynamic simulation of best-before dates.