Copernica DM Summit 2012: Jeroen Ederveen - Online marketing in an international environment


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Hoe zet je gecentraliseerd online marketing programma's op in een internationale omgeving? Van awareness via engagement naar uiteindelijke conversie. Wat is de rol van e-mailmarketing in dit geheel? In zijn presentatie licht Jeroen aan de hand van een praktijkcase zijn visie toe.

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  • Good afternoon everybodyIt’s a huge pleasure and I feel honoured to present at today’s Copernica DM SummitMy name is Jeroen Ederveen.I work as a Senior Online Marketing Specialist for Exact software. As some of you might not know Exact, let me introduce us.
  • As you can see on this slide, Exact’s structure is divided into three regions: Americas, Benelux and International. Within the International, Exact has offices in the UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, France, Mexico, Caribbean, China, Australia and a HUB in the Czech Republic where we serve multiple countries like Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Hungary and of course the Czech Republic. Another Hub is South East Asia: from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, we also serve local markets in Singapore and Thailand.For now, each office has their own marketing department and staff. The size of all the different offices vary a lot; from 10 to over a 100 employees each.
  • As mentioned before, I work as a Senior Online Marketing Specialist for the International region. Within the International marketing team, based in our headquarters in Delft, I manage digital infrastructure and projects and I advise on online campaigns. My key focus areas are Content Marketing, Website optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Email marketing, Social Media marketing and – last but not least – lead generation. Please feel free to contact me after this event by phone or email, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Today I will tell you about how Exact runs international campaigns, the processes we defined in order to run them as smooth as possible and our learnings.I’ll also show two business cases:The first one is called Expect More. An online program for our International customers.The second one is an email marketing program for our Dutch product Exact Online. This business case will explain how we try to optimize conversion of trial subscriptions into paid customers.At the end I would like to summarize by sharing some of my learnings and if you have any questions, please hold on to them till the end. I’d be happy to answer them.
  • Executing a succesful international online campaign is not that easy. Unfortunately we can’t just copy-paste a campaign.Next to different languages, you have to deal with differences in target markets although they are generic the same. In order to roll out an international campaign, you should have cultural competence. Cultural competence is the ability to interact with people of different cultures. Therefor you need to have the awareness, the right attitude towards those cultures, particular knowledge of the cultures and of course the skills to handle them.
  • There are a lot of examples available of companies who lacked the cross-cultural competence. This video shows a ‘top 10’ of international marketing blunders.
  • So, how does Exact tries to avoid mistakes like you just saw?Marketing plans, campaigns and marketing materials are setup by the International marketing team, presented to our local marketers. All feedback is reviewed and used if applicable.The local marketers then translate all material needed and the campaign is executed centrally.
  • With Exact, I work with an integrated marketing strategy. This is quite a challenge as we tend to choose for best-of-breed solutions, technical integration is difficult. Our customers are our top priority. This is well known but rarely executed; a lot of companies invest in aquisition because it means growth, but in most cases the long lasting revenue comes from loyal customers. Contrary to popular opinion, good communication between departments isn’t enough to make integrated marketing work well. Departments have to work together. Communication is important but the commitment to do whatever it takes to resolve issues is vital.In the next slides, I will highlight some of our online channels within this integrated strategy.
  • In our international organization, we deal with various websites. On this slide you see the variety.As every local marketer is responsible for their website, Exact HQ provides as much knowledge as possible, as well as the technical infrastructure to make sure it’s in line with our corporate standards and goals.Imagine a local marketer without any awareness, knowledge or skills on online marketing, being responsible for their own website. You’ll agree with me that this is not an optimal scenario.
  • Therefor Exact defined a process in which there is only 1 infrastructure. We make use of the Open Source CMS Joomla. Quality of the CMS is guaranteed through a specialized Corporate Webteam, who make sure that all installations are up-to-date, that all websites pass tough security audits, etc.Next to the maintenace, the International marketing team in Delft centrally organises the content marketing strategy. We are about to launch a centralized content platform on which we offer relevant content to our target market.Because of the uniform global infrastructure, we can easily report on KPI’s accross all websites. The same goes for optimization; once we optimized a website, we can easily test it on other domains. This already gave us some valuable insights which we upscaled to all websites. A quick win on website A could mean a lot of wins on all others.
  • When I started working at Exact, there was no such thing as a global Email Marketing Strategy. All countries, and even departments (!) were handling the shotgun approach: the more people we could hit with one single shot was the best. To optimize channels like email marketing, you must set clear goals, defined in a strategy. Create guidelines and rules, train people to make use of the channel in the best way.In october 2010, I wrote a Global Email Marketing Strategy. No rocket science for (email) marketers like you, but only stating the goals, accompanied with some guidelines and rules. Then I started implementing Copernica accross our countries and regions. I explained the broad capabilities of email marketing itself, trained the local marketers on how to set up their own campaigns, gain insights on their customer and prospect database and use those insights for lead generation.
  • Because of the fact that all local offices differ in company size, marketing staff and personal affection/knowledge/skills; I proposed two scenario’s to each country/region.Do It Yourself: HQ provides the infrastructure, we take care of training your staff, setup of templates, support and out-of-the-box automated programs. Local marketers can setup their own campaigns and execute them locally. Of course, KPI reporting is done by our email marketer in Delft. Marjon, where are you?Fully serviced:A country/region can outsource all their email activities to HQ. The only thing we need is a clear briefing and we take care of the execution.
  • Social Media marketing is essential for our international business. We make use of centralized platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to create brand and proposition awareness, engage with our customers and prospects, activate them and generate leads.Again; main platforms like these are organized centrally. It’s quite easy for a local marketer to setup their own page, twitter account or LinkedIn company page or Group, but it will lack the benefit of combined knowledge.
  • Our Twitter account @exactsoftware is mainly used by our Dutch division. They use the channel for content sharing, some webcare (especially Exact Online) and Public Relations.
  • Exact just recently launched a Facebook page on which we share content (through RSS feeds), connect with (former) employees by posting Boarding Programm class photo’s. The Boarding Program is aimed at new Exact employees worldwide and will introduce new employees to our company and its products. As part of this introduction, the Exademy has created a three week training program.
  • LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network. It contains over 175 million professional, self maintained, profiles. For me - as a B2B marketer - this is a true Goldmine.One of my biggest challenges in online campaigns is to identify and find my international target audience. On LinkedIn it is quite easy to find them, based upon variables like geography, industry, seniority, job title and more.Internationally, Exact has a low brand and proposition awareness in our vertical targetmarkets. This year I started a campaign in which I segmented 500,000 profiles who fitted the defined profile in our targetmarket based upon the variables mentioned before. These selected profiles were shown a sponsored poll question on the homepage when they logged in. The poll question was related to their business and their business pains. A first step to brand and proposition awareness was made. Relevance is the key.For the remainder of the year, I will continue to engage with these 500,000 profiles and activate them through relevant communications.
  • An example of an integrated flow is shown on this slide. This process was defined for our – soon to be launched – content marketing platform.It shows the integration of various online channels.
  • To boost satisfaction, we must reassure customers that their success is our primary consideration. Designed to refresh and strengthen our relationship with them, Expect more is a key part of our ambition to create regular, quality contact across the existing customer base.
  • The campaign is built around four themes - knowledge, solutions, innovation and support. In a monthly magazine-style e-mailing, wefocus specifically on what we can do more to help our customers exceed their goals. In addition to giving them access to external experts in their fields, webuild our own reputation for expertise and thought leadership through seminars and white papers. Although wealso expose our best fit solutions, it’s a relatively soft approach. The aim is to showcase our understanding of their needs and challenges and encourage interaction, in addition to highlighting how our business line solutions can help.
  • The initial contact after the first introductory mailing was a series of thought leadership webinars hosted by SMEs from all the business lines. The idea was really to give our customers 'something for nothing', non-sales oriented content reaffirming our focus on their success and aim to help them as a partner rather than a vendor. 
  • For each vertical market, we organise relevant webinar sessions. Our customers are invited to join these webinars for free. In july, I presented a webinar on how to use LinkedIn as a B2B marketing tool. I shared the four main, simple steps to giving any business greater exposure and more online interaction. Again, the presentation fits within the partnership strategy, sharing our knowledge in a way that can help our customers.
  • Copernica DM Summit 2012: Jeroen Ederveen - Online marketing in an international environment

    1. 1. InternationalOnline MarketingJeroen Ederveen, Exact EMEA B.V.
    2. 2. About Exact Established in 1984, Delft, The Netherlands 1.800 Employees, offices in 16 countries Worldwide supplier of business software Over 100,000 customers, in 125 countries On premise and SaaS solutions for manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, professional services, small business and accountancy. For more information, visit our corporate website or
    3. 3. Americas Netherlands Benelux Belgium UKDelft (HQ) Spain Germany Poland France Czech Republic Mexico Hungary CEE Russia International Romania Slovakia Malaysia SEA Singapore China Thailand Australia Caribbean
    4. 4. About meJeroen EderveenSenior Online Marketing SpecialistExact EMEA B.V.o +31(0)6 – 20 333121o jeroen.ederveen@exact.como
    5. 5. AgendaInternational online campaignsHow Exact executes international (online) campaignsBusiness cases1. Exact Expect More: online international customer program2. Exact Online Trial programSummary and Q&A
    6. 6. International onlinecampaignsHow Exact executes international onlinecampaigns
    7. 7. Bad examples...
    8. 8. International campaigns• Campaigns are setup and rolled out from HQ in Delft• All digital media like websites and online channels are developed and maintained in Delft by the International marketing team• Campaign materials are reviewed, edited if necessary and translated by local marketers• Centralized and/or local execution of marketing campaigns
    9. 9. Integrated marketing strategy Email marketing Websites Video SEA Blogs Customers & prospects SEO Mobile Print PR Social Media
    10. 10. Multiple websites Corporate International Countries Netherlands United Kingdom Germany Spain France Poland China Australia Regions CEE SEA Caribbean
    11. 11. Websites• One global infrastructure• Maintenance through HQ• Centralized content marketing• Centralized reporting on KPI’s• Centralized optimization (traffic & conversion)
    12. 12. Email marketing• One global infrastructure (Copernica)• One global email strategy• Centralized processes and measurements• Centralized and/or local execution• Standardized templates and set-up of campaigns
    13. 13. Email marketing: scenariosDIY Fully Serviced Copernica is provided by HQ  Copernica is provided by HQ Local offices are trained and receive instruction  Local offices outsource their email activities to/ via HQ Email is executed locally  HQ is briefed on campaigns and activities Basic set-up is included with fixed templates  Local office creates content and set-up of the email HQ online marketing department offers support on usage of  Reduced manual workload at local office, time to market the new system slightly increased Automated programs are set-up based on new strategy  Automated programs are set-up based on new strategy HQ online marketing department is available for sparring  HQ is available for sparring and regular updates and regular updates
    14. 14. Social Media marketingCentralized use of global social media platforms like:• Twitter (@exactsoftware)• Facebook (ExactWorld)• LinkedIn (Exact)Used for creating (proposition and brand)awareness, engagement, activation and lead generation.
    15. 15. Twitter• Mainly used by NL• Content sharing• Webcare• PR
    16. 16. Facebook• Content sharing• Employer branding• Engagement
    17. 17. LinkedIn• Targeted(!) content sharing• Employer branding• Engagement• Recruitment tool• Lead generation
    18. 18. Example integrated flow
    19. 19. Business Case 1Exact Expect MoreCreate more value for our customers
    20. 20. Facts & Figures• Objective Focus on our customer needs and challenges, and on empowering them to succeed by really developing our relationship.• Figures Each month over 70 emails are sent to 50,000 customers in 15 countries, in 18 languages.
    21. 21. Business Case 2Exact Online conversion optimizationConvert Exact Online trials into paidsubscriptions.
    22. 22. Exact Online
    23. 23. Welcome 1 Welcome 2 Information subscription Information Information Information Information driven email driven email driven email driven email Sales Poll’s call Action driven Action driven Action driven Action driven email email email email Trigger End Trial Survey Profilepage / Survey / Tell-a-friend / Thank you Day 1 Day 2-5 Day 6-10 Day 11-15 Day 16-20 Day 21-25 Day 25-27 Day 27-30 Day 30-35 Day 35-40
    24. 24. Email 1: Welcome! • Tell us more about yourself • Opt-in for future communications • Did you already validate your email? • About your subscription • FAQ • Tell a Colleague
    25. 25. Email 2: Need help? • Did you already start using EOL? • How to contact us • Online workshops, demos and training • Necessary information for converting from other products (link) • Social channels • Mobile App • Profilepage and opt-in • Tell a Colleague
    26. 26. Email 3: your subscription • All features EOL • All modules within EOL • Relevant content • How to switch • Profilepage and opt-in • Tell a Colleague
    27. 27. Email 4: dynamic contents Contents based upon: • Profile • Behaviour previous emails • How to switch • Profilepage and opt-in • Tell a Colleague
    28. 28. Email 5: 14 days left • Your trial is about to end in 14 days • In case you didn’t decide yet, we would like to support you • How to switch • Profilepage and opt-in • Tell a Colleague
    29. 29. Email 6: 5 days left • Your trial is about to end in 5 days • In case you didn’t decide yet, we would like to support you • USP’s EOL • How to switch • Profilepage and opt-in • Tell a Colleague
    30. 30. Email 7: trial ended • Your trial ended • Please fill in our survey • USP’s EOL • Profilepage and opt-in • Tell a Colleague
    31. 31. Email 8: survey • Input used for insights and future campaigns (if opt-in)
    32. 32. 0 10 20 30 40 50 601 Welkom 1 Stats2 Welkom 23 Abonnement_info4 Info gedreven5 Trigger 14 dagen67 Trigger 5 dagen Einde Abonnement8 Enquete Click Rate Open Rate
    33. 33. Facts & Figures• Exact Online revenue grew by 48.1% in last half year.• Number of commercial administrations as at June 30, 2012 standing at 86,800• Conversion trial > paid: 20% (estimate).
    34. 34. Summary and Q&A
    35. 35. SummaryOnly 1 piece of the puzzle: Email marketing should always be part of an online strategy. Never consider it stand-alone. Let (your) email marketers be an essential part of the online team.Localization check Always involve your local colleagues or network in everything you write and send out internationally. Simply translating will not do the job.
    36. 36. SummaryLost in translation A translation agency is useful but never sufficient on its own. Always let your local colleagues or network review the materials.Stay in Control Sending email is not just pushing a button. Make sure your local colleagues are (very) well trained, and make sure that you’re always in control and available to deliver first-line support.
    37. 37. SummaryDelegate ownership Be clear on ownership. Strategy and content are centrally organized, implementation is local. Avoid the risk that local marketers operate without thinking.International Teamwork Don’t just dump mails on your international teams. It’s always a team effort. It’s important that they feel part of something bigger. Every country is always determined to position themselves as the exception – here it’s really different. Talk to your local teams regularly to evaluate, share plans and raise the general level of your emailing operation. Local input is incredibly valuable.