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Movie opening sequences

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Movie opening sequences

  1. 1. Movie opening sequences
  2. 2. Why are title sequences important?Title sequences are important because they tell you what the movie is about.Title sequences also tell you who is in the movie and who made the movie. The Title sequences also tells you what film you are watching.
  3. 3. Motion Graphics They use motion graphics in the Titlesequences so that the person that views the movie or TV programme, say to them self “this look good I think I’ll watch more.
  4. 4. Timeline Maurice Binder 1925 - 1991 Stephen Saul Bass Frankfurl 1920 - 1996 1993 - Current Danny YountPablo Ferro Kyle Copper 1965 - Current1935 - Current 1993 - Current
  5. 5. Mission Impossible 4• WDcHLEMission Impossible 4’s opening sequence as great animation, good graphics andgreat transitions between different shots.
  6. 6. Bourne Identity (Credits)• h6Y The Credits to the Bourne Identity credits has great graphic and animations.
  7. 7. True Blood• gAu8 True Bloods opening sequence is you made up of found film footage.
  8. 8. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo• rwGirl with the dragon tattoo’s title sequences has a great combination of animationand graphics.
  9. 9. James Bond Casino Royal• Di1MThe James Bond title sequences is a classic they used a great set ofanimation, graphics and typography.