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  1. 1. The Idents are importantbecause they show the logoof the brand of the TVchannel and the Ident alsoshows you the personality ofthe TV channel.
  2. 2. They use motion graphics inIdents to make it morememorable for the viewer.The compositing gives theviewer more information.
  3. 3. Colour is important in a Identbecause the colour combinationis more recognisable, like forexample if you would watch theE4 Ident with out the E4 logo youwould still recognise it as E4because colour combination ofpurple and white give the E4 Identits identity .
  4. 4. It’s important to have adifferent font for your logothan to any other logos. It isalso important to have thesame font for any otheradditional text to the Logosfont to tell they are apart ofthe other idents.
  5. 5. They us graphic in Idents tomake the Ident more excitingfor the viewers, which makethem remember the Identand brand more easily.
  6. 6. Movement is use to show theviewer all the differentaspects of the Ident and itshows the information inmore detail. Movement alsocan set the tone and speedof the TV programmes.
  7. 7. The visual effects makes theIdent more interesting andmore remember able. It alsomake the Ident more unique.
  8. 8. BBC One have used asimilar ident over theyears. BBC Ones ident ismade up of somethingmaking up a O toresemble the O in One.The BBC only changedthe way that the O wasformed.
  9. 9. BBC Two followed asimilar pattern to BBCOne as in the keep asimilar shape thought outthe years. BBC Twos identis made up by themshowing the number 2 ondifferent objects and indifferent shapes.
  10. 10. itv’s ident was prettybasic in 2003, it was justsome of the stares sittingor standing in a blue andyellow room will the TVchannels logo appearedon the screen. The new itvidents are not muchbetter it’s just somescenery shot wheresomething is paintedyellow will the logo is onthe screen.
  11. 11. E4’s ident was just thelogo appeared o0n thescreen while peoplewatched TV with a bandin the back ground or itwas just the logo indifferent angles andshots. E4’s ident now arequite different, the newE4 idents are filmed in anylocation where randomthings happen like forexample in a living roomgrass comes out of thefirer place while a sheepis in the living room. In amatter of fact the onlythin the idents have incommon are the logoand the colour. Each E4ident has the colourpurple in the video andthe logo is made ofdifferent things likecardboard boxes or spraypaint.