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Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry

Manuel Serrano Ortega as Speaker was sharing his vision and knowledge about Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry with the industry C-Level executives

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Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry

  1. 1. Manuel Serrano Ortega Digital Transformation Executive @manoloserrano DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY
  2. 2. A digital revolution has already started
  3. 3. Rockar Revolutionising the experience of buying a car, both online and in store # B u y & S t o r e
  4. 4. Moovel Mobility as a service. Book and pay public transport, car2go, mytaxi, Flinkster & train BRIDJ ZIRX# M o b i l i t y
  5. 5. Vroom Buy, Sell or Trade-In Used Vehicles Online Carfax BEEPI # 2 n d H a n d
  6. 6. Drive Clutch Drive the perfect car every day Flexdrive Flinkster Skurt App # R e n t i n g & L e a s i n g
  7. 7. Ford Ford Makes co-owning a vehicle possible # O w n e r s h i p
  8. 8. Audi at home At Home' Allow s People to Book a Luxury Car Via Smartphone # C a r S h a r i n g Respiro Car2Go BMW Drive Now Audi Unite
  9. 9. Uber Reinventing the taxi # C h a u f f e u r S e r v i c e MyTaxi Hailo
  10. 10. Lyft and GM Autonomous on-demand network # S e l f - d r i v i n g c a r s Google Volvo
  11. 11. GaragePointe r Rent your Garage or Store your Classic Car # P e e r - t o - p e e r Getaround Blablacar AirBnb
  12. 12. Insure the box Saving money with a telematics car insurer # C a r I n s u r a n c e Onsurance Embroker
  13. 13. Manuel Serrano Ortega Digital TransformationExecutive Tel. (+34) 609 527 850